Why Is It Called Craps?

Why Is It Called Craps?

Craps is considered to be among the most popular dice games. It is very popular with a lot of gamers because it offers in-house casino experience or you can easily play it online. It also gives opportunities and more chances of winning whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Why is it called Craps? It is named from the French word, crapaud, which means toad. It is a reference to how the players squat down to shoot their dice on the streets when tables weren’t a thing.

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In this short read, you will have an understanding of Craps and some facts regarding this famous dice game.

An Old Historic Game

Craps come from an old game called Hazard, and it is a known fact that it was dated back to the Crusades era. It keeps on evolving, and later when French and British immigrants brought it to America, it became even more popular. It got its name from French crapaud, and it just means toad.

John H. Winn designed the layout and the modern craps table you see now in different in-house casinos and online casinos. He also created the betting styles, which are popular today and contributed to the success it gets in the 21st century.

Four People Managing Craps Table

You can easily spot a crap table because it is usually crowded with people. Some of them are playing, some of them just enjoying the playout. Aside from a lot of people are there, crap tables have a very distinct quality to them.

They require more dealers to manage them, and this is why there’s a limited craps table in a casino that any other table games.

There are a total of four people who operates the crap table. These four people are casino dealers. One person is responsible for taking note of the outcome of every roll and keeping an eye on the chips.

Two people place the bets on the table and push the chips. Then there is the stickman who gives the dice to the players and takes care of the proposition.

Brings More Money

Craps is considered one of the popular and top-earning casino games for quite some time now. Once you have learned how to play it, you can earn a lot of money after one lucky night of shooting dice.

A man named, Archie Karas, turned his $17million fortune into a $40million in several months playing on craps. He even bet a hundred grand in just one roll.

It only means that craps have been bringing in and out money to the casino business. It is not surprising because, with proper knowledge and tactics, you can earn a lot of money.


Overall, craps have a long history, and it remains to be one of the most popular games out there. Beginners may find it a little intimidating to try it out and experience it because of different bets you can place.

And it is a totally different language for you to learn to win. You can always look out for tutorials online that will help you understand the game better. Learn the fundamental skills such as different probabilities of rolling numbers, and you will be playing like a pro.

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