Why Is Craps The Best Casino Game?

Why Is Craps The Best Casino Game?

A crap game is one of the staple games that is found in most casinos around the world. Some players wouldn’t love this game but some players wouldn’t. But whatever their reasons are, we can’t remove the fact that a crap game made an impact in their lives.  

Why is craps the best casino game? A crap game is considered the best casino game because it has the simplest rules compared to others. It is also a fun game in which players don’t stress too much about how they will win because they’re having fun.

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As you read on, we will give you a short evolution to a crap game. And the reasons why the crap is the best casino game.  

The Evolution Of Craps In The 20th Century

It was only in the 20th century that the crap game became the prominent card game. It was first introduced in the American Lifestyle then branched out into two basic forms: the casino and street craps.

Since then, craps have remained the most popular and attractive casino games around the world.

The Father of Modern Day-Craps is John H. Winn, who is responsible for the now enjoyed betting system. Plus, he also improved the game’s layout and then implemented the Don’t Pass Bets area.

Reasons Why Crap Is The Best Casino Game

1. Rules Are Simple And Are Fun

One of the main reasons why players love crap games is because of its simple rules plus it’s a fun game. Simple to the extent that you only need to pick up the dice and start rolling it.

Casino players love action, and they think that crap is the perfect casino game. Plus the excitement that it brings to the players when they lose or win.

Sometimes most bettors would like to make a bet on the pass line, so they all win and lose together. How fun is it, right? And because of this, it creates a team atmosphere wherein everyone is rooting for the shooter to win.

You know the word teamwork, in craps it’s possible especially when you win with the others.

We know that it may be intimidating and awkward, especially for beginners, but know that you shouldn’t be. It may be because of the betting options, but remember that this shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to enjoy the fun it brings.

2. The Joy Of Throwing The Dice

One of the thrilling experiences that a crap player can experience is throwing the dice. Thrilling because it is a unique thing you can do in a casino.

Yes, it might get you a few throws to get used to it, but it’s normal. Even seasoned shooters make mistakes and throw one off the table from time to time.

Remember that the rule when throwing the dice is to use one hand only and make sure that you hit the table’s wall. So when you don’t get it right the first try, don’t be sad because most crap players experienced it too.

3. Everyone Can Play

Craps is a game that is designed for everyone. What I mean for everyone is that anyone present in the table can make a bet whether you’re a shooter or not.

That makes this game exciting and fun because it creates a wonderful group of people. Plus, the shooter is the point of attention for the whole table and in an instant can make a bond with the people on the table.

4. The Speed Of The Game

A crap game has the fastest turnaround time either in online or land-based casinos. Though this game may vary to the player’s preferred pace, still in this game, each round only lasts in seconds.

Plus the payoff is a blast of excitement with a little bit of disappointment too. Generally, this is an adrenaline rush type of casino game.

5. Good Odds

This game is also considered the fairest casino games ever. Because the house edge bet in the pass and the don’t pass bet are the most generous. These bets are at 1.36% and 1.40% chance of winning. And though there isn’t a 99% chance of winning, in a crap game, it’s still a generous one.

6. Plenty Of Betting Options

One of the most exciting reasons that bring a thrill to playing crap is its different betting options. Though there is plenty of it that you need to know, still it’s what makes the game more exciting.

But remember that if you can get the hang of these bets, surely you’ll love the craps more. Just know that every time you take a long shot, you’re giving the casino an edge against you.

Common Terms Used To Describe Dice Roles

  • Snake Eyes Aces- A roll of 1 and 1
  • Ace Deuce or Acey Ducey- A roll of 1 and 2
  • Five or Fever Five-Either a roll of 1 and 4, or 2 and 3
  • Easy Six- A roll of 1 and 5 or a roll of 2 and 4
  • Easy Eight- A roll of 1 and 6 or a roll of 3 and 5
  • Easy 10- A roll of 4 and 6
  • Hard Six- It’s a roll of 3 and 3
  • Hard Eight, Ozzie, and Harrie or Eighter from Decauter- A roll of 4 and 4
  • Yo or Yo-leven- A roll of 5 and 6
  • Boxcars or Midnight-is a roll of 6 and 6
  • Six Ace or The Devil or Big Red- is a roll of 1 and 6
  • Hard Eight, Ozzie, and Harrie or Eighter from Decauter- A roll of 4 and 4
  • Boxcars – it’s a roll of 6 and 6
  • Six Ace or The Devil or Big Red- A roll of 1 and 6
  • Jesse James or Railroad Nine-A role of 4 and 5


In general, crap is the best casino game compared to others because of those mentioned reasons. Plus a crap game can be played with anyone who would want to play it because it’s a simple game only.

Though it gives you an awkward feeling at first, still, it shouldn’t be a hindrance to enjoy this game. And remember this game is just a game, that’s why you need to enjoy this game as much as possible.

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