Why Do I Never Win At The Casino?

Why Do I Never Win At The Casino?

The casino industry is one of the easiest ways to earn money just by playing games. It can be really fun to waste your night in games while losing a huge amount of money. Although fun can be an understatement, part of you is yearning to leave the place with winnings.

Why do I never win at the casino? It is because it is a game of luck and at the same time, you’re only sitting in one casino game the whole night. However, during games like Russian Roulette, you’re never winning because you’re betting on the same number many times in a row.

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In this article, you’ll learn why there was never a chance that you can win in a casino. Some tips for changing your principles to win will be discussed as well.

Why Gamblers Never Win

Winning in casinos is an uncertain thing because most of the games involved are based on luck. Aside from that, gamblers are making false assumptions about how they can overcome those games. Here is the list as to why players never win:

Casino Games Are A Game Of Luck

The games of chance include poker and slot machine games. These games have been around since olden days, where humans from whatever form of society loved to take risks. Since these games are based on your luck, there was never an assurance of winning. However, any skilled player can change their fate by involving their logical thinking.

Many are debating about “Luck vs Skills” for many years already. Although luck can be true to a lot of people, what they didn’t know is the mathematical sequence and advantages that they can use to win. Not all casino games depend on chances, such as Blackjack, because it requires to have a skill of counting cards which have already appeared.

Sitting In One Casino Game In One Night

Many amateur players are trying their luck out by just sitting in one game the whole night. If you’ve burned a few money in one sitting, then you’d probably lose the entire night. In the casino, they’re this error as the Sunk Cost Fallacy, which is interrelated to the Gambler’s Fallacy. The Sunk Cost Fallacy is a false presumption of only playing one slot machine can make you hit the jackpot.

A lot of people commits this fallacy every day when they’re supposed to roam around in all casino games. Never invest your money too much in one sitting because, at the end of the day, you will be losing money rather than gaining more.

Betting On The Same Number

Playing Russian Roulette required skills and methods that will allow you to win the game consistently and at the same time, beat the house advantage.

Some are using the Martingale System, where the player has to bet $1.00 on red, but if he loses, then he’ll have to bet with a $2.00 on the next game. If you lose five times consecutively, then you can only lose $31.00, however, if you won on the sixth game, then your total earnings will be $32.00.

Even though this system can be advantageous, yet it has its share of losing a lot of money. When you don’t know how to risk by betting on different numbers, you’ll end up losing the night away. No casino won’t mind whatever technique or system you may have in betting, because some of them don’t work.

How To Win In Casino

You should psychoanalyze everything to win in casino games, such as your co-players and the mechanics of the games. Here are among the things that you should learn to win in casinos:

Identify Your Clumsiest Co-Players

In one night, there are about 100 professional players, and playing against them would only give you a 1.5% advantage. However, to save yourself from losing, you have to be a great observant blackjack dealer who can accidentally flash their cards out. This method is called “Card Holing” which can give yourself a 9% advantage over your co-players.

Study The Casino’s Law Of Nature

One of the most predictable instruments in the casino is the roulette wheel. The wheel can become unbalanced when the wheel is torn enough, meaning the more it is used, the more it would suffer. Aside from that, you can easily predict specific numbers when it’s worn.

One of the most memorable roulette moments was in 1873 when Joseph Jagger bet on the biased numbers. It also happened that the roulette wheel was worn at that time, so by betting $400,000.00, he instantly won more than $7.8 million.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you play poker, always remember that the house advantage would always fall at 0.46%, although this can be negotiable in favor of the gambler.

Whatever the arrangement for the house advantage will always be posted at the paytable. In playing poker, you need to reach the expert level so you could cash out more money. In reality, casino management is making large profits on poker because most players are not skilled enough to win the game.

Never Invest Too Much Time

The phrase “Invest in a Nice Watch” could mean that you should watch out your time spent on the casino. What made casinos enjoyable is not just because of the people, music, and the games, but also because you literally can’t track time. Some casinos don’t allow their clients from wearing watches.

Since time is very important, you should know when to leave the floor. If you already own too much money, then it is time to go home even if some players don’t want you to.


The casino is a fun place to be, but you should know the mechanics or the system first before you play their games. Most people end up losing in casinos because they are irresponsible enough to stop themselves. If you have the drive to win casino games, study the law of nature of the games so you can overcome their system.

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