These Are The Top 4 Online Sportsbooks That Pay Out The Fastest

Sportsbook Pay Methods

Sports bettors would love to see their winnings in their bank accounts as soon as possible. They have meticulously chosen the right betting site to ensure fast payment.

To avoid scam betting sites, you have to ask yourself questions like “How would I know if the site can transfer all of my winnings just as they have promised?” and “How can I avoid getting headaches caused by scam betting sites?”

Which online sportsbook pays the fastest? The most recommended site of all time 22Bet Sports, followed by Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline.

Learn about this article’s most recommended betting companies and why they are placed on the most suggested sites. Also, we will discuss how to know if the site is legit or not.

Top Betting Sites

Like in a casino setting, getting a site where you can be confident about your money is essential. With the right site selection, you won’t have any issues with money transfers when you win.

22Bet Sports

22Bet is a live betting site for sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, and many others. What made this site stand out from others is the satisfaction that customers get from the site. Their gambling experience wasn’t taken for granted, and they’re taking the gambling business seriously.

When customers are confused about the bets, they have a customer representative to assist them with their questions. Another factor bettors loved their service is the swift transfer of their winnings to their bank account.

Many people give this site a 5-star rating for its faster payment transaction. The games in 22Bet Sports are in demand and innovative; that’s why people are returning for more.


Bovada betting site also offers the same service as 22Bet Sports, and some casino games are available apart from sports events. They have a mobile app available for more accessible and more convenient use and faster transactions.

This site targets not only audiences from the US but also from some countries that legalize sports betting. This company ensures that they give their bettors the deserved winning amount to establish trust and commitment.


If you wish to up your gaming experience, signing up for MyBookie would be great. MyBookie betting site currently belongs to America’s most trusted sportsbook and online bets.

Its clients are from anywhere worldwide, as long as the country approves its legalities. It also provides the same service as Bovada and 22Bet Sports and is quick enough to give out the client’s payouts.


BetOnline is another betting site that brings out the best odd sports. Since its operation in 2004, BetOnline has been named one of the most prominent betting companies because of its innovative approaches.

They are partners with Visionary iGaming, a notorious online gaming operator for Live Dealer services. This company also wants to give its clients the best services by offering spectacular prizes and faster payouts.

How To Know A Legit Betting Site

Regarding betting, expect that what’s best for you may not be the best for others. However, before you can recommend some online betting sites, ensure that they’re legit enough so you won’t have any headaches. Here are some of the list as a basis if the betting site is legit:


The USA has the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, where betting can be illegal using wire communication. Although technology wasn’t developing around that time, this can still be applied using the internet.

A legit online site has to follow some actions to legalize its existence fully. At the same time, the customer has to ensure that the site is legit in their country. However, the bill was revised until some states allowed betting and wagering.

Payment Methods

Honestly, people would give in to an online site if the payment methods were fast and effective. The best online site has a competitive offer and a knowledgeable bookmaker who can go the extra mile to deposit and withdraw funds for their clients.

If the betting site’s goal is to provide excellent services, then they wouldn’t think to give their customers some headaches with payment methods and withdrawals.

A legit site has a manageable withdrawal that could surprise everyone with the rapidness of payment. One of the fastest methods they could use is to fund their account through Bitcoin, which can be easily facilitated even in the intermediary’s absence.

Customer Service

It’s normal to have questions, especially if it’s your first time entering the gaming site, so it would be even more convenient for the customer to speak to a live representative. Many top betting sites use this advantage to engage with their customers fully.

When problems arise, their customer service is ready to answer their queries and resolve them in most situations. Customers can chat with an agent if there’s no live representative available.

Stability And Mobile Adaptability

Betting can be time-sensitive, especially when you want to do things without hassle. These things are daily, but a quality betting site will give remedies, only keeping its downtime to the minimum.

Customers also should have the convenience of navigation and an adaptable environment. As long as there’s an internet connection, they can play the mobile app.

Customers would never want to experience inconvenience in any way possible. A tremendous and legit betting site would provide all the best things as per customers’ request, and as long as it benefits the company, they would gladly do so.


To conclude, never dare to waste your chances on any online sites because it might bring you false hope of winning. Before registering, you must also be aware of other customers’ responses.

Their customer satisfaction and the rating would even matter at the end of the day.

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