Which Online Slots Payout The Most?

Which Online Slots Payout The Most?

Online slots are considered the easiest games that players would love to play. Most would say the payouts of that online slot a lot. And most casino players play it in free mode to enhance their knowledge of how it works.

Which online slots payout the most? Two online slots pay the most based on the game’s Return To Player. These are the payout slots without jackpots and the payout slots with jackpots.

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Proceed below to learn the comparison of the two online slots. Dive in.

What Are Online Slots?

Online slots payouts as to what experts say are determined by the game’s Return To Player or RTP. Those slots have a corresponding RTP that is usually set to a maximum amount by the developer.

It is because they need to ensure that it generates enough profit compared to their costs. Typically, the RTP of a specified slot is being controlled by the online casino which is hosting the game.

You can find the advertised RTP of a slot game in the “info” pages. But usually, they won’t put it there at all, but there are online casinos that have the RTP lists. They prefer to hide it, and some are hard to find.

Best Payout Online Slots Without Jackpots

Online Slots without jackpots are expected to have a more representative of the advertised RTP. However, the gameplay and the wins can affect the overall RTP. Plus the RTP experience is lower or higher than advertised. Below are the lists that payout online slots without jackpots:

1. The 1942 Uncharted Seas – It is the most worth playing slots because it has an RTO of 98. 60 percent. Plus it has a top price of 67,000 coins. In this game, it has five reels,25 fixed pay lines and the wagers range from 10p to £100 per spin.

2. Blood Suckers – Since it was launched in 2009, this site has proved its service to customers. It has a whopping RTP of 98% alongside with bonus features.

The winning spins are formed with a combination of eerie symbols. Meanwhile, the vampire bride symbol is a scatter in the game and can give ten free spins if it appears three times or more.

Best Payout Slots With Jackpots

Though jackpots can affect the actual RTP, still, many slot players are just on it for the major jackpot. We understand that this is a life-changing amount of money, especially when won from a single spin. Here is the list of slots with jackpots that you can try:

1. Cosmic Fortune – The RTP is at 96.90 percent with a feature of five separate jackpots. It is the first NetEnt slot that features those separate jackpots.

The five reels and the 15 pay lines cost 30p to £75. Aside from the fact that this game has a unique feature that is called the Free Falls.

Wherein you can collect marbles as much as you can that there’s a possibility to hit the jackpot. 

2. Mega Fortune – With its RTP of 96.60 percent, this proves that they proved their reputation until now. They offer a whopping jackpot of £1,117,643 and have five reels and 25 lines. It also has a free spin round that features multipliers of 5x and a chance to win huge cash.


To conclude, not all don’t know the term online slots that can payout real money. Though we want to mention one online slot that payout the most, we can’t because it depends on two categories.

We know that this term is new to you, but if you try to learn and understand what it means, you will know that it is a game too.

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