Which Is Better, FanDuel Or DraftKings?

Which Is Better, FanDuel Or DraftKings?

FanDuel and DraftKings are two of the most popular daily fantasy sports, and deciding which one is better would depend on your preference. Both of these sports are fun, and many people are taking many benefits from them. So, when it comes to choosing which one is better, there are pros and cons that you need to reconsider.

Which is better, FanDuel or DraftKings? This would depend on your preference. FanDuel is advantageous when it comes to welcome bonuses and tenureship, whereas DraftKing is better in scoring matches and cash prizes in return.

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In this article, you will learn about having the advantages to use each DFS and the effects they individually have on players.

Advantages Of FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the many DFS that’s been dominating the industry for so many years. It’s no wonder that many players are putting their trust in this game.

FanDuel Had Reached Its Milestone

One of the good things about FanDuel is the trust they have established in many years. FanDuel has been an innovator in the DFS World before DraftKing took over, that’s why a lot of people trusted this company to be legit.

One of the largest games FanDuel has is the World Fantasy Championship, which is visited by around 80 competitors in Puerto Rico. The pool prize reached about $2.5 million.

Smart Welcome Bonuses

Once you sign up for the FanDuel, you’ll receive a bonus of 100% of your first deposit, which is already convincing enough for you to continue.

The bonus that you received will be unlocked, and 4% of it will go into your account, where you can use it on the later games. One good thing about deposit bonuses is that they never expire so that you can unlock them anytime you want.

Easy Progress Trackers

It’s easy to track your winnings and progress in FanDuel using RotoGrinders apps. Since it’s also easy to gain influence among players, you have the chance not to play for money with its free leagues.

So when you access free leagues, then you can check your progress and profits at the RotoGrinders apps. With this, you can instantly visualize your areas of improvement and make more strategic actions to become a long-term winner.

Advantages Of DraftKing

DraftKing is the most popular DFS worldwide because it’s creative and innovative than other DFS companies. While consistently giving out the best pool prizes for their players, they also maintained outstanding competitive games.

DraftKings Takes Higher Stakes

When it comes to stakes, DraftKing is undoubtedly giving out a bigger prize, because of the large number of participants. In regards to winning big time, you have to check their VIP program because it might have some special opportunities in private contests.

When this happens, the player might experience winning a larger amount of money while exploring many options to play the league.

Better Cash Prizes

During the DraftKings World Fantasy Football Championship, the prize pool reached at around $10 million, which is four times bigger than the prize in FanDuel.

Even in small competitions and head-to-head matchups, DraftKing is giving out a more generous amount of money.

The strategic approach in the point system is also twice better than the FanDuel because DraftKing considered awarding scoring bonuses, where FanDuel doesn’t.

Free Games

What’s more appealing in DraftKing is the free games that they will reward you, and this will only happen when you are spending a huge amount of money.

It will also level up your popularity and influence over time. If you are focusing on two more sports, then DraftKings will open a new opportunity for you to play more tournaments. It only proves how huge the influence DraftKing are doing for their players.

How To Decide Which Is The Better DFS

There are too many considerations in choosing DFS. Since FanDuel and DraftKings are running for the top spot, it would be challenging for you to choose between them.

According To Your Preference

As mentioned, no matter how many advantages a company has against the other, you’ll still stick to something that could benefit you more.

Choosing better daily fantasy sports would depend on you because that’s naturally your preference. Just make sure that you are getting most of the benefits while maintaining your profit rate. Fantasy sports can be a nuisance sometimes when it comes to profits.

Based On Co-Players’ Opinion

There are too many online forums and blogs that compare FanDuel and DraftKing. However, if you’ll look all over the internet, you’ll find out that DraftKing might be a better choice because of the free league contests and they offer better promotions.

There are many honest reviews online that you should consider before joining one. Yet, of course, the decision would always come last from you.

Better Cash Benefits

What made you join a certain DFS is because of the prizes. Although DraftKings offers a higher cash benefit, you must also think of the number of people who are joining it.

So the probability of winning the top prize is lower than joining in FanDuel, which only has around 80 participants. You have to consider the ratio of the cash won and the number of participants so you can predict your winnings.

Better Innovative Ideas

Many would have mentioned that DraftKings took the number one spot in the world of DFS by storm because of its innovative and endless runs.

Also, you cannot deny how many years FanDuel ceased to be competing against DraftKings if they’re not doing well. Throughout the years when DraftKings didn’t exist yet, FanDuel had already made its mark in the market.


FanDuel and DraftKings are two incredible DFS companies, which offer a vast amount of chances to win big. As a player, security and reassurance are what matters most.

Before you can choose, double-check that you have all the reassurances in the world that you’ll get more benefits than losses. It’s only fair that you can get more people’s reception first online, so you’ll be able to decide quickly.

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