Where Can I Play Craps Online?

Where Can I Play Craps Online?

Playing a classic online game called craps is one of the most exciting games where you can win a huge amount of cash after you bet on the outcome of a roll. Online craps is a game of anticipation and considered one of the most popular online games, even though the percentage of winning is small.

Where can I play craps online? Some of the legit sites to play craps online are Red Dog Casino, El Royale Casino, and BitStarz Casino. Most casino gamers are recommending these online sites because of their reliability and payment terms.

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In this article, you will learn about online craps that provide legal services and some basis in joining online games. Besides, the sole purpose of joining online craps is not only to win a huge amount of money but also to be a responsible gambler and to prove that the online craps you are entering are legal.

Legit Online Craps

Since there are a lot of fraud online activities emerging, you ought to be careful about joining in. However, you must note that there are honest and legit online craps available.

Red Dog Casino

Red Dog Casino has a registration of about $10.00 in Neosurf, $20.00 in Bitcoin, or $30.00 using credit cards. Every player can have a maximum of $2500.00 winning per transaction that can be transferable to your card in 5 business days.

The Red Dog Casino is offering a 225% sign up bonus, which can reach up to $12,250.00. It also provides three bonuses, in which players can collect comp points.

El Royale Casino

El Royale Casino would require a $20.00 deposit using bitcoin or $30.00 using credit cards. People can win a maximum of $2,500.00 per week, with a cashout time of about five business days.

El Royale Casino is perfectly licensed as of the approval of the Curacao Jurisdiction. Newly-joined members can avail up to 240% sign up bonus with up to 40 free spins.

BitStarz Casino

With the minimum deposit of $20.00, you can sign up to BitStarz immediately. This casino offers a 100% sign up bonus with 180 free spins. The promotions are well-designed and full of fun and perks.

It provides a minimum of $20.00 for the withdrawals that can be received within five business days. However, you must note that you can get more advantage if you pay through Bitcoin than cards.

The Basis To Join Online Craps

To venture online, you need to verify a few things. In today’s generation, where unauthorized sites are stealing most of the people’s information. You have to be vigilant in tracking these online casino games if they’re legit or not to avoid fraudulent activities in your card.


The company’s reliability will always show its performance ratings online and its legalities. Before you sign up for something, make sure that the company is approved by the state or country’s jurisdiction.

Online casinos are usually audited, and if they are sealed approved by Malta, UK, or Gibraltar, the site must be legitimate.

Casino Blacklist

It is challenging to build an online casino with the hopes that its audience will fully like and accept them. Majority of the issues why casinos are being blacklisted is because of late payment.

If more customers are complaining about a particular casino, then expect that online casinos will be subject to review and, eventually, be blacklisted.

Payment Terms And Condition

All online casinos are subject to their rules, especially on their payment terms and conditions. It is the area in which players are most concerned about.

Delays in cash withdrawals are considered a big “no” for most customers, and they’re not going to wait long. For sure, late payments will impact the customer review on each site once they do so.

Customer Review

What could be more reliable than the customer reviews? When you see customers giving them more than three stars, you know that the online crap is providing excellent services.

When people gave mostly positive comments about the game, then it’ll surely give you the service you are yearning for.


It’s hard to find an online casino that’s fair and trustworthy because the majority are actually fixed and rigged. Trustworthy casinos are those who have created great names in the industry for a couple of years already.

As mentioned, all casinos are subject to auditing to make sure that they’re giving everyone a fair chance to win.

No Fraudulent Activities

Since all casinos are asking for your personal information, especially in the area of payment, you may never find someone to phish on your card.

Fraudulent activities can make anyone not avail of some online craps services, especially when they are offering too good to be true prizes. These activities are only nurtured when you proactively provide your information without checking the legalities of online craps.

Security In Gambling

You will be meeting a lot of different people in online craps. One way of telling that online craps are a good one is when people are being responsible for playing.

The site would also ensure to give everyone equal protection to those irresponsible gamblers and those who are underage. They would also attend to those people who have gambling problems.

Site Reviews

If there are customer reviews, there are also some reliable site reviews where all the safe and secure casinos are being listed. Depending on which country you came from, there would be a list of top 10 best online casinos with online craps.

Whatever perks you may want to receive, site reviews can summarize it all for you.


Playing craps online may be fun, but you also have to assure its legalities before signing up. It would always help to check if the online craps you’re joining are included in the casino blacklist just to make sure that the game is legit.

Therefore, there are still many online craps that are available and legit, however, you ought to be careful in joining one.

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