The Only Mathematically Beatable Game In A Casino

Beatable Casino Game

There are plenty of games in the casino, but there’s only one mathematically beatable game from the lot. It is Blackjack – the game that can be beaten with card counting. It is the only casino game that had regular occurrences that favors the player more than the house.

What is the only mathematically beatable game in a casino? Most casino players believe that the only way of winning casino games is if good luck favors their side. But there is a casino game that can be beaten mathematically – Blackjack.

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Find out why blackjack is the only mathematically beatable game in a casino. I will also be discussing some other casino games that can be beatable with proper skills and training.

Why Blackjack The Only One

Long before Edward O. Thorpe published his book about Blackjack’s research, gamblers believed that this game was a game of chance.

People were entirely shocked about Edward Thorpe’s discovery that Blackjack could be beaten mathematically. It was further explained how Blackjack was more of a “card counting” game than a game of chance.

Yet, most of the players find it challenging to master the card counting technique. Came 2003, Dan Pronovost discovered speed counting.

This speed count turned out to be the easiest technique for Blackjack. It only takes 10 minutes to learn and a few more days to master the technique.

The speed count technique was later published in a book by Frank Scoblete’s Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution.

Blackjack gives the player more odds of winning against the house with good decision-making, making it the only game that can be beaten mathematically. It provides the players’ edge over the house through strategic play.

The collective probability of outcomes is a result of their conditional probabilities. The probabilities of the outcome are greatly affected by the previous outcomes.

People say that cards have no memories, but this does not apply to blackjack. Blackjack has memory. It means that this game is based on dependent trials. Aside from that, it allows players to have the ability to factor the changing odds into their strategy and math.

Card Counting VS Speed Counting

Card counting is a strategy in casino games that dictate if the next hand is likely to give the dealer or the player an advantage. It provides the potential to alter playing decisions based on the structure of the prevailing cards.

Whereas the speed counting technique completely diminishes the need to account for both high cards and low cards. You only need to trace the low cards and the number of hands dealt with each round.

The card counting system is adding and subtracting while speed counting eliminates half the equation.

Refinements Of Blackjack Strategy Play

The High Low Count System was later published for a simpler and easier card counting system for Blackjack. The mathematician who came up with this was Harvey Dubner. His count system is the most widely used counting system by advantage players.

Julian Braun and John Scarne later on refined this count system to an improved and better version. The two were not gamblers, but they did manage to make several findings of Blackjack. The findings they came up with are now a great contribution to our knowledge of Blackjack.

The theories they created were proof that the game has a particular pattern that is influenced by using the appropriate strategy.

Other Casino Games That Can Be Beaten

Blackjack is the only game that had a regular occurrence that favors the player, but this is not the only game beaten in casinos. Several other games can be beaten, such as Pai Go Poker, Craps, Video Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette.

But take note, these games are more of an advantage play.

Pai Go Poker

Getting that tiny edge on this game is not that difficult to do so. Pai Gow Poker can be beaten by a cheap method. The trick is to be the banker every so often and place small bets when you’re just a player.

However, the strategy will depend on how many are in the shoe and how the jokers work.

Your bets should not be affected by the house ways, but only your handset strategy. One way to determine how many aces the dealer has is by communicating with other players.


The outcome of your throw is random. However, learning to influence the results of your throw can beat the casino. Reading the book of Frank Scoblete and Dominator book can teach you how to control the dice result.

Mastering how dice control work is difficult, but it is not impossible. Learning physical skills will require a lot of practice and patience.

Patience, discipline, and time are the three attitudes you need to master the dice outcomes. Good dice controllers have more advantages than good card counters.

Video Poker

The secret to winning video poker is to know the schedules for full pay machines, location, correct playing strategies, and taking advantage of the casino’s cash back and comps.

Video poker is surprisingly an easy game that can double your bets and bank accounts. But be prepared to weather the roller coaster ride of your bankroll.


Baccarat is another casino game you can beat by card counting. You can foresee the increased likelihood of a definite high multitude of bonus bets by counting cards. When the count is nice and bold, you can start playing them selectively. 

People are practicing this lucrative angle, but casinos sometimes flag them as an advantage casino player.


Beating roulette is possible, but it is not cheap and easy. The betting system doesn’t work. Luckily, the roulette prediction method does.

Few Tips To And Pieces Of Advice To Get Your Edge When You Play

  • Use basic strategy when playing blackjack and get rated for comps.

  • Instead of using your bank accounts or cash in playing, use gambling coupons when you have one.

  • Bet on sports games, or play poker. It might not be easy, yet with a lot of studying, you’ll get good at it.

  • Play in competitions. Always keep in mind that your opponent is not the house, but your fellow players.

  • Take advantage of the Players Club promotions when playing video poker games that run under 100%. Your Players Club promotions will give you an overall positive expectation from cashback returns, bounce back, and additional comps.


The players must understand the game and the techniques to win. They need to familiarize the with game rules, provide a good bankroll, and master basic strategy.

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