What Is The Best Bet In Roulette?

 What Is The Best Bet In Roulette?

Roulette is a game in a casino that comes from the French word that means Little Wheel. Players can bet on either a single number, various number groupings, or at odd/ even numbers. And to be able to win, you need to bet on numbers from 1 through 36.

 What is the best bet in roulette? Even Money bets are the best bets in roulette along with dozen bets, snake bets, and the column bets. There are no one specific best bets in roulette, but with the combination of one of these bets, the win is sure.

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As you read on, you will realize that these bets will help you win at roulette. And that these bets are the most common used by new players, even experienced players.

Best Roulette Bets You Can Use

1. Even Money Bets – This bet is considered the safest bet on the table because they say it offers even money payouts. Meaning though players can win often, it gives the players a chance to enjoy the games more.

When playing roulette, it’s better that you win even because it gives you the chance to win more in the long run. This bet includes betting on even, odd, high, red and black.

2. The Dozen Bets – These bets are the outside bets like the even money bets. There are three boxes available in the table. The first box covers numbers from 1 to 12, the second box is from 12 to 24, and the third is from 24 to 36.

Remember that these bets aren’t even money bets because it pays 2:1.  

3. The Snake Bets – This bet is also the outside bet, that as to what other players consider, is a special dozen bet. In this bet, you can bet on number 1,5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30 ,32, and 34.

The snake bets are placed on the lower chips corner of 34 on the table, and there is a 2:1 payout.   

4. The Column Bet – In this bet, some may consider this the good bet because you can win with this often. The numbers on the wheel are divided into three columns.

Players can bet either on one or on all of those columns. With its payout of 2:1, players can enjoy longer roulette games because it helps preserve your payroll. Plus it slowly builds up your profit from playing.

Roulette Is A Game Of Luck

Though we told you some of the best bets that you can use at roulette, still there is no guarantee that you’ll win constantly. Those listed bets above are just a guide for you on how to win at roulette possibly.

A roulette game is still a game of luck, like in any game in a casino. Know that players who win big at roulette because they make big bets, which sometimes do win.

Roulette is a fun and exciting game because you don’t know where the ball will land. Remember also that the only thing guaranteed in roulette is that the casino will always profit.

That’s why when you regularly win at roulette, it’s better if you walk away at the beginning stake, for you to not lose any gained winnings in the end, mainly when you played longer.


There are a lot of best bets that you can use when playing roulette. Those mentioned bets are considered the best because the payout is usually at 1:1 or 2:1.

However, there are other roulette bets available on the internet that you can choose from. And remember that those bets may help you win at roulette, but still, it is a game that is all about luck.

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