What Do The Odds Of +200 Mean?

What Do The Odds Of +200 Mean?

Betting on sports is considered illegal, especially when you are betting in college games but some states permit and legalize gambling. While sports betting can be fun and somehow profitable, it is also a great factor if you are knowledgeable enough before you can bet. In the world of betting, you have to be ready to lose a large amount of money, especially when you are impulsive enough to release money from your pocket.

What do the odds of +200 mean? +200 refers to the set of odds related to a sports event. There are three types of +200: American Odds, Straight Bet, and Money Line Bet.

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Learn about the different types of +200 odd betting below along with the responsible way of betting to a sporting event.

Types Of +200 Bet

As mentioned, +200 is a betting type in connection to any sports event. Here are some types of +200 bets:

American Odds

American Odds have two aspects when placing a bet. The first one will favor the underdog, in which the gambler has a guaranteed win if they’ll bet $100.00, while the other one is in case of the favorite, where the gambler should bet to win $100.00.

For instance, the Oklahoma City Thunder is the underdog, so you have to bet $100.00 on them so that you can collect a total profit of $105.00. Eventually, your money will return at a total of $205.00.

Straight Bet

The straight bet is a very simple type of betting wherein it pays 11/10. When you pick the team and bet about $55.00 on them, you are most likely to win $50.00, then $110.00 to win $100.00, and the amount goes on. You should practice this bet because it’s more exclusive than any other bet.

Money Line Bet

If you’re not interested in taking the Straight Bet and the American Odds, you should try the Money Line Bet, where it presents a longer-term value. If you like the Favorite team, you should bet a lot of money at the expense of winning a little dollar. What’s important is whether your team is on the winning or losing side. Still, your loyalty is always the same.

How To Be Responsible In Betting

Betting on games can give you a thrilling feeling, and it doesn’t get any better when you make a wise decision of betting your money. However, it would be nicer if you can bet responsibly.

Bet Within Your Means

Betting is exciting, with a chance of winning more money. However, you have to bet if your budget says so. To become a responsible gambler, you need to know the limitation of your pocket, especially that the team you’re rooting for doesn’t know yet if they can win the game.

Never Be Impulsive

Winning in bets is the most exciting part, but you have to think twice before betting because you might be losing a lot than winning. It’s important that you keep a sane mind when betting, and think of the losses before the winning part. The next time you bet, you may know how much budget you have to allow for the bet.


Betting is fun, but before you dive into some betting game, you need to be responsible for controlling your gambling. At the same time, betting requires more knowledge from you so that you would understand every mechanic.

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