The Odds Of Busting On 16: It Depends On These Factors

Busting On 16

Given specific truths about the deck of cards, the odds can be calculated. Yet, the odds of busting by hitting a 16 are the same with the dealer. If you think that the chances of busting are unfavorable, stand and gloat while the dealer busts.

What are the odds of busting on 16? Blackjack players hate the hand of a point value of 16. The odds of busting on a 16 depends on the number of players playing, and it may give quite a challenge.

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Learn more about the odds of busting on 16 at blackjack.

Busting On 16

The hand value of 16 instills fear in the players. Whenever a player has this hand, the player usually avoids hitting the hand as the possibility of a bust is very high.

Most players get disappointed and terrified when this hand falls to them, and they get so distracted that they do not pay any more attention to the dealer’s face-up card and stand at once. At the same time, others prefer to surrender to lose half of the bet than to lose it all.

16 in a pair of 8 often results in players choosing not to split the cards to not lose two bets at once.

What Should You Do When Your Hand Is At 16?

A hard hand 16 is a hand without Ace or with Ace counted as only one.

The player should stand if the dealer’s face-up card has a point value between 2 and 6. And hit when the dealer’s card is 7, 8, 9, 10, or Ace. But since 16 is an unfortunate hand, this strategy will not ensure any win but will reduce your loss.

It is suggested to apply the basic blackjack strategy whenever you have a hard hand of 16. Losing less on a bad hand is as essential as winning more on good ones.

Example Of Having A 16 In Pairs Of Two

Your card is a 9 and 7, and the dealer has an eight face up. Hitting will make you lose 70% of the time, thus lowering your wins to 30%. If you choose to stand, you will lose 74% of the time and have an average win of 26%.

The chances of winning are higher at 4% if you stand. The dealer wins 70% of the hands while you only get 30%. But it is better than 26% if you choose to stand.

It would be best if you hit to increase your chances of winning by 4%. Not much, but blackjack is a game where every percentage matters and must be taken advantage of.

What Should You Do When Your 16 Is Made Up Of 3 Or More Cards?

The basic strategy of blackjack will not tell you what to do in this type of hard-hand situation. But if your hard hand is composed of 3 or more cards, the best thing to do is stand. Stand if the dealer’s card shows a 10. So, standing is where the odds favor.


No questions asked; 16 is a lousy blackjack hand. Sad to say that you would most likely encounter this hard hand very so often. By following the playing strategy above, you can optimize your chances of winning more and losing less.

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