This Is Why FanDuel Needs Your Personal Info Like Your SSN

Fanduel Needing You SSN

When it comes to an online casino, there are different ways to sign up, but it will most likely ask for your legal name, home address, telephone number, and so on. This also can be requested when you are signing up for an online sportsbook like FanDuel.

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But FanDuel has been asking for your Social Security Number. Whether it is asking you for all nine digits or the last four digits, it can raise an eyebrow for many.

Why does FanDuel need my SSN? Many online operators like FanDuel require the last four digits of your social security number to deposit and sign you up for an account. It is necessary if you win over $600 at an online sportsbook, and they are required to report your winnings.

This article will learn more about Fantasy Sports like FanDuel and the requirements to sign up for the said game.

It is getting hot as they require all new joiners to provide their social security number.

What Is Fantasy Sports?

You probably hear it a thousand times, but you still find it hard to understand the concept of fantasy sports.

Unlike what people might think, it does not have rainbows and elves, as in fantasy sports, many users create teams of real players like football or basketball.

Players might be from existing leagues of NFL, NBA, NHL, MBA, or even a college team sport. Today’s top two are baseball and football, for most fantasy sports in the US.

Once you can select your teams, users can now play against each other for a chosen amount of time, whether a single day or an entire season.

Most team players will be given several points depending on their performance indications. This includes tackles in football games or body checking in hockey.

For the time being, their points compete with either their friends in a private league or against strangers via fantasy sports operators.

Some users can also trade or even draft players to boost their team stats in the whole season or league.

A Brief Overview Of FanDuel

FanDuel was established back in 2009, and it is one of the largest Fantasy sports sites in the United States of America based in New York City.

The company has more than a thousand employees, and according to its website, FanDuel now has more than six million registered users.

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Flutter Entertainment is the holding company that owns FanDuel, and it scored several rounds of funding, including a Series C round, which was worth $11 million back in 2013.

It also got a Series E round that raised a total of $275 million back in 2015. With this much money, FanDuel could join the elite list of tech unicorns with a valuation of $1 billion.

SSN Struggle With Fantasy Sports

Many people can’t believe that fantasy sports are legal or safe to use. You can ask their 6 million users, according to their website.

But it begs the question of safety when they ask for your social security number.

Will it be safer to provide just four digits or nine digits? This is the question most people are facing when signing up for FanDuel.

In reality, whether you are asked to supply four or nine digits of your SSN, you are still being matched to a database along with your other personal information.

So no matter how many digits you can give, you won’t access the system if it does not match any information in the system.

Fanduel Social Security Number Verification Process

Regarding giving your social security number for FanDuel, you should not worry too much about it. FanDuel verification is designed to comply with most government regulations to prevent fraud.

For this reason, you will be able to play without any worry in this kind of fantasy sport.

Typically, they will ask you to verify your identity. While you are verifying, the more details you provide with them, the more fluid your experience will be when using FanDuel Sportsbook.

FanDuel Player Verification And Why It Is Necessary

There is a page in the help section of the FanDuel website entitled, “Why do they want me to verify my identity.”

This page indicates that there is a strict protocol when it comes to putting your profile in place.

This kind of identity proving is essential to comply with all government regulations. It is also a perfect way to prevent any fraud so that any player of FanDuel will be able to have fun safely.

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If you have difficulty receiving any successful verification, you should email your customer support for assistance by clicking on a tab on the website.

Usually, the turnaround time will be dependent on how many are having issues, but it is most likely within 24-36 hours.

Also, all players who request a withdrawal of any amount will be asked again to verify their identity.

Regardless of your already provided them with your tax details, you will still need to re-verify within the new verification system under the website.

FanDuel has implemented more strict protocols because of the ever-growing identity fraud incidents.

This could also appear to increase identity verification and know your customer’s protocol on the website.

Most payment processors generally take care of this and are back when players withdraw funds.

This new protocol is more in line with the requirements of regulated online gaming sites. This regulation can be found primarily on many licensed online power and casino sites like New Jersey and Nevada.

Sports Betting Sites Asking For SSN

Many of them ask for this information, mainly for one good reason for sports betting sites.

This is a part of most financial institutions’ rules and regulations of which casinos and sportsbooks are considered and overseen as financial institutions.

There is a Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act, which most online casinos and sportsbooks have to abide by.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement was established to help and protect the public from any criminal influence.

This ensures that you can rest assured that you get a high standard to keep the industry legitimate whenever you play in most of New Jersey’s sportsbooks.

Having this kind of enforcement will help lessen the subjection of sports betting sites to money laundering laws.

Online Sportsbooks’ Social Security Protection Measures

Most online sportsbooks consider SSN the most significant drop-off point in the registration process. It is only normal to say that most people become hesitant to share their SSN, and it is among the most protected pieces of information anyone can have.

When it comes to most sports betting sites like FanDuel, many players may think that no matter how well-known the brain is, no matter how much they stand to lose money, that online sportsbook will compromise their information.

This is mainly because most of every scam, hack, or break mentioned in today’s news usually circles your social security number.

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As mentioned before, there are places like New Jersey, where it is subject to the same standards as any financial institution everywhere in the United States.

It is also worth mentioning that having a third party who will run the player’s verification licensed and vetted is a good strategy.

The Gaming Enforcement will allow sportsbook to go one step further in the process of protecting its players and their personal information.

Sports Betting Without SSN – Offshore Betting

Sports betting without a social security number is also known as offshore betting.

Offshore sites do require this information so betting online without your SSN is a hard thing to do. They will need this information when trying to withdraw the money from your account.

All sites want you to play and win, and when you win and claim your winnings, that is when these sites will be interested in who you are.

As a result, they will need your SSN as part of their protocols in safety guidelines. It is a different story about winning and withdrawing your sports betting prizes as they need some verification to validate your winnings.


In conclusion, it is only natural for players to get suspicious about any online betting website that asks for personal information. However, in this case, FanDuel asks its players for their SSN to provide the utmost gaming experience.

Their goal is to give you the best and flawless experience on their website. Hence, while it is initially skeptical, it is actually for regulatory purposes if they ask for your social security number.

This is also for your safety, as well as scams, identity theft, and another cybercrime that has been rising in the 21st century.

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