This I Why YOU Keep Losing At Roulette


When it comes to roulette players, there are three group categories. The first one is the tiny group of long-term players known to be the professional ones, and next is the largest group of players that lose in the long term but will still have sporadic wins.

Last but not least, the players who never win in this game are the saddest group because they walk out of the casino empty-handed.

Why do I keep losing at roulette? Roulette is a game of luck, and it’s common to lose since it is designed that way. The problem is that you are spreading your bets too widely and wishing to stay for long. These are the most common mistakes that people make, so they keep on losing.

Find out why you keep on losing at roulette and what things you can do to improve your luck to get you some winnings.

Reasons Players Lose When Playing Roulette

For many years, gambling games have been around, and roulette is available even back then.

People have been playing such games since the 18th century, and it is considered the famous game of chance played in most casinos.

Right now, it is not only in physical terms, due to the increasing technological advancement, but you can also play it online.

This game is purely on chance, but players are known to apply strategies to secure their win.

In the same realm, there are some things that players consistently do that escalate their losing streak. Here are the reasons why many gamblers lose in roulette:

Implementing The Wrong Strategy

It will be a sure way to lose if you leave all the chance and focus on different strategies when playing roulette. Even though roulette games are games of change, there are still strategies around them.

One of the wrong strategies is when a player is trying too hard to maximize profits by betting on more money despite their losing streak.

This type of action is most commonly known as sunk cost fallacy. The dangerous logic behind this fallacy is in a case like you have already invested $100 in the game, and you keep on adding a bet.

This is because you do not want all of it to go to waste. It is hard to determine the profit you will get from playing roulette; the better strategy is quite the opposite, playing to minimize losses.

Not Knowing When To Quit

If you are playing roulette games and winning, the thrill and adrenaline are rushing through your body. But you have to understand that the odds might be in your favor right now, but it can also be against you.

The situation is possible to change in a matter of seconds and at any time. It can happen that a player is winning at every round, and the tide might change against them.

For this reason, you’ll end up losing all those winning steaks. One needs to know when to quit in good time to avoid these losses. One way to monitor and know an excellent time to quit is to set your loss and profit targets.

Knowing how much you can lose and what amount you are content to win is the key. Try to be not too greedy about it and stick to your profit target, and once you can achieve it, you should leave.

Not Being Aware Of House Edge

In addition to not quitting in time, there is another problem of playing far too long. This is where the house advantage will check-in. Playing too long in roulette is not a bad thing, and you might be enjoying the game.

The only issue is that player disadvantage or average expectation, will take over whenever house advantage or house edge kicks in.

This means that the house edge states that you cannot stay any longer because these casinos also need to make their money. When you say house edge, it is how much the casino makes for themselves while the rest pays out the wins of other gamblers.

Another way to understand it better is that the casino counts all the bets on the roulette table. Then they will take a small percentage and payout whatever is left on your bet.

Not Knowing How Much To Bet

If you are playing roulette, it is essential to know how much you should bet and what amount you can afford to lose. It is because roulette is a game of chance, and one can lose easily and quickly.

Upon figuring out how much you are willing to lose, you should stick to that amount and not attempt to overplay the game.

Always be responsible and accountable to your loss target to avoid losing more money than you are willing to.

Not Reserving Or Withdrawing Profits

One big reason players keep on losing is that they bet with the profits they make as they play.

The key to winning roulette is knowing when to reserve whatever profit they make. For instance, if you have started with $150 and you end up with $200, you should withdraw the $50 and set it aside.

Doing this ensures that you do not lose, and you can only draw even in the worst-case scenario.

If you use all the money that includes profits, you are on your way to your demise. It is better to be safe than sorry in roulette games, and a coin does not have a memory, so no one can’t predict your wins.

It is the reason why most essential to deal with your loss instead of your wins. The minimal loss you can get, the more chances of wins you can take with you.

The Good And Bad Strategies In Playing Roulette

Like any casino games out there, Roulette games are not a game where you can realistically expect to get an advantage over the house itself.

Truth to be told, all these roulette strategies are technically not 100% guaranteed to give you winnings.

But there are good and bad strategies out there that can help you to minimize your losses. Here are examples that involve analysis on avoiding the worst bets at the roulette table so that you are only dealing with a low house edge.

Understanding The House Edge

The most important strategy on this list is to understand the house edge of any casinos out there. Playing roulette for real money might look like an easy task, but it cannot be straightforward.

Eighteen of them are black, and 18 of them are red. There are two that are colored green, and these two green numbers are 0 and 00.

It means that they don’t count as high or low, or odd/even in a sense.

If you can guess that the green 0 and the 00 are the only reasons the casino has a mathematical edge over many players, you are above the standard players. Here is why suppose you bet on every single number in the wheel.

You will be guaranteed a win because you covered all the numbers, but you will lose money in the process.

This is because the payout for a single number is only 35 to 1, so you will win 35 units on the bet you won, but you will lose 37 units on the other losing numbers.

Playing On A Single Zero Roulette Wheel

If you find and play on a single zero roulette wheel, you are on your way to implementing a good strategy. An excellent example of that is by playing the European roulette wheel over the American one.

The American roulette wheel consists of two green numbers, but the European version only has a single green number. As a result, this can lower the house edge in big margins.

This number is always expressed as a percentage, and it is the estimate of how much you will lose for every bet. For instance, in American roulette, the wheel has two green numbers.

These numbers, in a sense, represent 5.26% of the house edge. So for every $100 you bet, the house expects to win at least 5.26%, but that is only an average over time, and you can’t lose $5.26 on a single bet.

Anything can happen for a concise amount of time, but it will be different if you talk about the long term.

The Law of Large Numbers will see that you will end up with some mathematical expectations about your winning and losses.

This is why if you can find a roulette game that offers a single zero on it, the house edge will only be 2.70% instead of 5.26%.

The cut is almost in half, so you can expect to have fun for the same amount of money.

Using Betting Systems

If you use a roulette betting system, you are doomed and will implement a lousy strategy in your play. A roulette betting system is a set of rules for raising and lowering the size of your bets during a round.

This is to attempt to overcome the odds against your favor, and these kinds of betting systems usually rely on what is going to happen next based on the previous spin.

For instance, the Martingale System assumes that after a loss or multiple losses you have, your probability of losing goes down. Meaning for the next coming rounds, you will potentially secure a win.

This makes sense at first because, after all, it is more unlikely that you will lose ten times in a row than you will twice in a row.

Clocking Roulette Wheels And Looking For Biases

When it comes to the house edge in roulette, casinos often assume that you are dealing with a random game, and it assumes that every number in the wheel will come up in 1/38 of the time.

But there are times that numbers can come up more often than that. This is a perfect chance to turn the table towards you and make it into a good situation.

Wheels are not perfect, and if you found a wheel that was imperfect and had a bias towards a set of numbers that came up 1/34 of the time, you have the upper hand over the casino.

Those would still include a 35 to 1 payout, so you can profit regularly by only betting on those numbers. This might be a rare case, and most casinos make sure that they are always ahead of their players.

Clocking a roulette wheel and looking for some bias is a legitimate advantage strategy for roulette.

However, this kind of strategy is not practical, and most people do not have the time to monitor and invest in clocking a roulette wheel.

And even if some people do have time, it might not be guaranteed to find a biased wheel. This is because most modern casinos out there use a high-technology system that is impossible to clock.


Roulette might be an easy game on paper, but it is far more than that in real life. Forcing yourself to adhere to the above strategies will undoubtedly be challenging at first, but if you do, you are on your way to becoming a successful player.

Knowing why you keep on losing this game is essential, so you know what to do on your next round of roulette.

But discipline can translate to better results as it can optimize your money management, help you to generate consistent winnings, and reduce your losses.

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