These Are The Numbers That Hit the Most in Roulette

What Number Hits the Most in Roulette?

The game roulette has millions of players. It is probably one of the most played casino games. This game promises quick and easy profits to players if their lucky number comes up the next ball toss.

What number hits the most in roulette? Numbers 17, 23, 24, and 7 are the best numbers to play in roulette. However, 17 is the best number to bet on the wheel and the most common number to hit.

While 17 is the best number, there are other ways to calculate roulette’s odds and probabilities. You will learn more as you read this article.

Myths About Roulette Numbers

Roulette is one of the most-played casino games. As a result, gamblers yield to the truths and facts that will give them a higher chance of winning. There are 2 popular myths:

Casino games are all the same

Several gamblers are not aware of the different roulette variations. Each type of roulette has its own significant differences in terms of the numbers on the wheel, the winnings, and the house edge.

Strategies will work 100% of the time against what roulette bet best odds.

The house edge is not affected at any point by betting strategies for roulette. No strategy will work to affect the house edge in a casino.

Strategies will only give you a higher chance to win but will never guarantee a win at the end of the game.

Best Numbers in Roulette

The numbers 17, 23, 24, and 7 are some of the most popular ones in the game of roulette. However, 17 hits more than the other numbers. The number 17 is the number on which most players bet on the wheel.

The reason why 17 is the best roulette number to bet on is because of its strategic positioning. It is in the middle of the wheel.

Therefore, it is the most common number to hit. However, 7-7 may be the luckiest number around the world.

23-24-23 and 24 stand close to each other at the table, making them more appealing. These couples are also among the best numbers to play and bet on roulette.

The above are the most played numbers because they come up on roulette tables more often. It is also a great advantage to peak at those who are not so lucky.

Concept Probability of Roulette

Place your real-money bets on roulette before putting your funds at risk. This will be the first step to give you a basic understanding of concept probability. In general, this term is used to denote the probability of a random event.

This will also be expressed either in the form of a percentage or as fractions. 

The probability of winning with a certain bet type is easier to determine in roulette. There are 38 possible outcomes for every single spin, depending on whether a player is playing in a single or double-zero.

This game is randomly played; hence, there will be only two possible outcomes for the players. They can either win or lose.

Consequently, the winning probability of a given bet type is calculated by dividing ways to win by the total possible outcomes.

On the other hand, the winning probability is equal to the number of winning ways, divided by the total ways to lose.

Winning probability

Winning ways / (ways to lose + ways to win). Allow me to demonstrate how this works by using a coin toss.

When you are flipping a coin, it can only land on either heads or tails. Its probability of landing on either of the two is almost equal. To get probabilities, we will apply the formula: Probability of Tails = 1 / 1 + 1 = 0/50. To convert the results, you will multiply by 100 and get 50%.

Applying the Formula

Now that I’ve discussed the formula to calculate the likelihood, it’s time to apply it to roulette. However, I’ll use the split bet game. Split bet players cover only 2 numbers that are adjoining on the layout.

Therefore, there are 2 ways to win out of 37 possible outcomes. In other words, there are 2 ways to win and 35 ways to lose with your split bet.

The calculation will go this way: 2 / (2 + 32) = 0.0540 x 100 = 5.40.

In contrast, the winning probability with the very same bet in American roulette will drop down to 5.26%. This will coincidentally match the house edge in double-zero games. It’s easier if you practice more.

Hence, the greater the number of outcomes with a single bet, the higher the winning probability will be.

For example, assume you are interested in experimenting with one of the more exotic roulette bets, such as Voisin du Zero.

One of these winning numbers’ hitting probability is equal to 45.94% or 17 / (17 + 20) x 100. Notice that figuring out the winning probability with different roulette bet types does not demand profound mathematical knowledge.

Bet Odds in Roulette

Casinos will never make a rule that will favor the gambler or players over the house itself. The rules they use are constructed to tilt and increase the house edge in every game.

As a result, roulette players need to understand the correct ways to calculate the odds of winning with each type of bet.

Some players were led to believe that the terms “odds” and “probability” can be interchangeably used. But that’s false because they denote 2 different notions.

The term “odds” denotes the ratio between the number of ways to lose and the number of ways to win.

This is different from probability because odds are never expressed in terms of percentages. Odds are usually presented as pairs of numbers.

Calculating The Winning Odds

Random event odds such as the roulette spin or die toss denote the likelihood of the event taking place. You first have to determine the probabilities before you can calculate the odds of winning.

Winning Odds = Probability of Winning / (1 – Probability of Winning).

Using the same example above, the coin toss, the calculation will go as follows: 05 / (1 – 0.5) = 1 /1. This can also be expressed as 1 to 1. This will make the odds even.

There’s an easier way to figure out the winning odds with roulette bets. Simply divide the number of winning ways by the number of losing ways. This will create a Straight-Up bet on 32 Red.


Winning Odds = 1/36 or 1 to 36. The bet is Straight Up 32 Red because there is only one winning number and 36 ways to lose.

You can notice that probability differs from odds in which there is a likelihood of 1 out of 37 outcomes. Likely, the winning odds with the split bet from the first example are 2 to 35 or 2/35.

Some players tend to confuse the winning odds with winning. They are confused because the ratio is reversely written on several occasions, such as 36 to 1.

It is not the same because the odds against the given event reflect only the event’s probability.

Therefore, the formula to calculate the odds against a given bet winning is also reversed.

Winning against Odds = Ways to Lose / Ways to Win. In this case, the odds against winning with a Straight-Up bet on 32 Red are 36/1.

Gaming establishments use the reversed odds to list the payouts of winning bets. The house’s return offer is greater when the likelihood of winning with a given roulette is smaller.

In most casino games, including roulette, players are competing against the house and not against each other.

Thus, the house is betting against its players, so the odds paid are the odds against the winning player. This explains the inverted ratio.

Lucky Numbers in Roulette

Does roulette have lucky numbers? The answer is, yes! It is time to look further at popular roulette numbers.

The most common number that comes up almost half the time is proof that a lucky number exists in roulette.

Although this is more a game of chance than counting, there are still ways to increase your winning chances.

Considering that betting strategies seldom work, 17 is the luckiest number. The big wins in roulette in any casino were often attributed to the number 17.

The position of number 17 makes it more rewarding to many roulette fans. The number 17 made its way up to the top of the list of lucky numbers due to its history and popularity.

Therefore, it is safe to say that 17 is the number on which gamblers can increase their chances of winning.

Numbers Best Avoided on the Roulette Wheel

If there’s a lucky number, there are also unlucky numbers. The numbers below are ones you should avoid as much as possible.

I’m not saying that these are bad numbers, but they are numbers that almost rarely come up with the wheel.

The numbers 13, 0, 6, and 34 are ignored numbers on the wheel. These are not friendly numbers. These numbers are often avoided, even by experienced casino gamblers.

These numbers are not anyone’s favorite.

13-13 in roulette or other casino games is avoided. Another number avoided by plenty is 0-Zero. This couple sits alone on the board. Its location on the board is imperfect, making it unpopular among players.

The next ignored couple is 34-34. This couple is at the very edge of the table. This may be a good position, but players still choose to ignore and not favor these numbers.

Random Number Generator and Predictor in Roulette

The RNG uses complex computer software in roulette. This ensures fair and transparent games at all times for both the house and players. There are endless possible results with every spin of the wheel.

Casinos input mathematical algorithms into the software to generate fair results.

Casinos use number predictors to predict which number is likely to occur after every spin.

However, number predictors are not always fair and accurate; often, they are just scam channels.

Be very careful in choosing a physical or online casino. This is why it is better to play in reputable casinos rather than casinos in a dark alley. Small casinos widely use scams.

Therefore, you should be more vigilant and wise in choosing your playground.

Is One Bet Better Than Another in Roulette?

The house edge would still beat you regardless of the bet you have placed on the tale. The house edge is inbuilt and can never be beaten with external means.

Betting tips and strategies for roulette are there only to increase your chances of winning against the house.

The house edge of European roulette is only 2.7%, making the American roulette house edge higher, at 5.26%.

The winning odds for European roulette will depend on the type of bet placed on the table. The same goes for American roulette.

Roulette Odds and Roulette Payouts

Roulette payouts and roulette odds have distinct differences. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably as alternative names for each other.

Straight to the point, roulette payouts are the amount of money you get paid at the end of the game.

Of course, it will depend on your initial stake. On the other hand, roulette odds are the number of times you may expect to take home winnings from the table.

Crunching the Numbers

It is difficult to correctly determine the best number to bet on in roulette or what number comes up the most. Advisors and gambling experts tried to come up with the 13 best numbers to beat roulette.

Different casino players have their own ways to play, so they all have different bets and strategies on the roulette wheel.

However, this fact does not negate the lucky number on the wheel that works perfectly for lucky gamblers.


Casino games are games of chance. However, if you apply tips, strategies, and skills, you increase your odds of winning.

Roulette numbers such as 17 and 7 are the best numbers to maximize your winnings, or at least increase your chances.

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