The Victory Casino Cruise Is Cheaper Than You Think | Schedule And Pricing

Victory Casino Cruise

If you want to try your luck spinning in many slot machines, throwing the dice, and trying to get blackjack, you should try a casino cruise.

One of the most popular choices to gamble is by Victory Casino Cruises in Central Florida. This boat heads out to beyond state water, where it is legal to play casino games.

How much is the Victory Casino Cruise? When it comes to Victory Casino Cruise, you can expect to pay $13 per person to be able to sail. Also, you need to be 18 years of age to board these luxurious cruise ships.

In this article, you will have more ideas on what it’s like to try having a casino in a cruise style of gambling. It is also essential to know all the basic things you can expect when deciding to gamble on waters.

Best Priced Day Cruised By Victory Casino Cruises

Many passengers are taking advantage of the Cape Canaveral day cruise in Florida. Victory Casino Cruise offers a low price of $10 per person, making a case for an economical 5-hour afternoon trip on the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re looking for some adventure that can be remarkable and memorable, you can make plans with this adult-only event that sails Monday- Saturday from 11 AM and Sunday at noon.

If you are looking for some fancy table gaming, then you will be happy to know that Victory Cruises offer a different assortment of games.

You won’t have to worry if this is your first time playing with real people as it is a bit different than playing with computers and simulated players. You can also practice hiding the giant grin from a great and in a 3-card poker and Texas Hold Ém.

Schedule And Pricing

When it comes to scheduling, Victory Cruises has various schedules you can pick depending on your departure. Just remember that boarding is one hour before your departure, so you need to set your alarm so you won’t get left behind.

Usually, Wednesday up to Saturday, AM cruises depart at 11 AM, and it will return at 4:15 in the afternoon. On Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, PM Cruises starts at 7 PM, and it will be back at 12:30 AM.

Friday and Saturday PM cruises depart at 7 PM, and they can return at 1:30 AM. While Sunday Day Cruise usually departs at noon, and it will return at 6 PM.

Victory Cruises has a pricing per person for every cruise, including a port fee, parking, and some federal tax. For Wednesday up to Saturday, the AM Cruises costs $10, and the dining purchase on the ship includes A La Carte Menu.

For Sunday Noon Cruise, Wednesday and Thursday PM Cruises, Friday and Saturday PM Cruises, and Sunday PM Cruise, they all cost $13, and dining purchase on the ship includes A LA Carte Menu.

The minimum age requirement is eighteen years to sail or gamble, then 21 years of age to consume and buy alcohol on the ship. A valid government ID is required for verification of your identity.

You are also expected to follow proper attire that usually requires shoes and shirts. People living with disabilities have a scooter accessible. Victoria Cruises have three elevators onboard and have a marine crew to help you assist you with your needs.

Few Things To Remember When Boarding Victory Casino Cruises

If you’ve never experienced being on a cruise ship before or have gambled in a Victory Casino cruises, there are some things that you need to know before you book your spot.

Here are some things that you should be aware of so you can enjoy your cruise experience to the fullest:

$13 Per Person To Sail

As mentioned above, most casinos are happy to get you in the doors for free, but Victory passengers were charged $13 to board on their ship. You may book your tickets ahead of time on the cruise line’s website.

In addition to that, many regular players are members of the casino’s player club that can even have free boarding vouchers for their play.

Gambling Age Is 18 Years Of Age

If you are 21, you can head to Las Vegas to gamble, but you only need to be 18 to board and even gamble if you are on the ship. No one under 18 is allowed, and if you want to drink on the cruise ship, you still need to have an ID and be 21 years old, just like on land.

Cruise Sails 7 Days Weekly, 2 Times Daily

As mentioned above, there are multiple schedules available if you want to try Victory Cruises. While the departure and arrival times can vary slightly, there is always a morning and evening cruise every day.

Most morning cruises depart at 11 AM and will be back at 4:15 PM, while on the other hand, evening cruises leave at 7 PM, and it usually gets back at 12:30 AM. Sunday cruises are quite different as it departs at noon and returns at 6 PM.

Booking Online Can Skip The Line

If you aim to avoid the long lines ahead during the day you want to board the ship, then book it online as it is the most convenient way.

Among the advantages of early booking is that you can skip the line, and on the day, you enter the terminal and head to the left for security. It can pretty much save you some time in terms of waiting.

Four Decks To Enjoy Gambling

Most Victory Cruises have four decks, and each has its own purpose and feel. Deck 1 heavily features the ship’s buffet and the ala carte restaurants.

You can see the sports betting terminal here, where you can bet on any sports you can think of. Deck 2 has slow machines, video poker, and table games, while Deck 3 has Slot Atrium with nothing but slot machines.

There’s also an outdoor bar on the back of the ship where you can relax and enjoy the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Massive Table Games Options

You might think that being on a ship for a casino will be small, but as a matter of fact, Victory has an impressive variety of games.

There are several craps tables, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Let I Ride, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, and many more. You can also expect to have an electronic roulette machine and even bingo games.

45 Minutes Of Waiting

Due to many state laws involved, it is not legal for gaming until the ships arrived at least three miles from the shore. It means that for the first part of the trip, and when the ship comes back in, you can just hang out on the deck or grab something to eat.

The trip out to sea takes roughly about 45 minutes until it reaches the 3-mile mark. You don’t have to check it now and then, as there will be an announcement that the gaming is now open.

Perfect Vantage Point For Rocket Launches

The cruise ships are considered to be the fantastic vantage when it comes to watching different rocket launches. Sailing from Port Canaveral, the channel from the port is literally next to Kennedy Space Center.

Rocket launches draw tons of people to the see, and then finding a spot to watch the launch can be expensive. You have to fight for your spot, but with the ship heading just a few miles out to sea, it offers a fantastic view with no obstructions like buildings in the way.

Transportation Is Available

If you want to drive to the port, you are in luck as Victory has several bus routes that will pick you up all over to the central Florida area.

It includes from Ocala to The Villages, to Vero Beach to Palm Coast. Some rides are affordable at $20. You need to call the company to arrange your spot on the bus.

Avail Of The Free Play Bonus With An Email Address

You can sign up for the casino card when you get on the ship, and they will give you some free play to start with. It is actually free, and when you track your play on the machines at the table, you will get different casino offers.

If you provide your email address to sign up, they will give you $5 of free play to use on different machines.


Overall, Victory Cruise offers you a great time on the ocean, and it is a cruise that offers you both relaxation and thrill. Just make sure to check in with their online site to see the best deals and schedules.

It saves you time as they can assist you and give you instructions on what to get. It is not really expensive, so you might as well try it at least once in your life.

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