The TOP 4 Roulette Strategies They Won’t Tell You About

Is There A Roulette Strategy?

Most casino games are purely dependent on luck. The house edge will never be equal to zero, regardless of the game. Players can base their game on a variety of strategies, but there is no guarantee of a win.

Is there a roulette strategy? While roulette is a game of chance, roulette strategy does exist. The most famous strategy is the Martingale Strategy. This strategy is both legal and effective, at least most of the time.

What you can do in roulette is to increase your chances of winning and avoid the wrong bets. Learning this strategy will increase your odds to win.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

A guy throwing chips down like an expert is probably using the Martingale Strategy. This technique goes by doubling your bet after every loss. The goal is to recover all the previous losses and gain a small profit.

The idea here is to place your wagers on a single color and continue to double until you win.

Here is the steps of Martingale Roulette Strategy:

  1. Search for a table with a high maximum bet and small minimum bet. This strategy requires you to start small because you need the ability to double your losing bets.
  2. Put a small wager on black or red; odd or even; 1-18 or 19-36. If you win, keep the winning bet and start back to betting small. If you’re good now, you can walk away, but there’s no significant difference between leaving with $2 or $1
  3. Keep on doubling your original wager and place it on the same bet again. Assuming you lost $1 on black, place $2 on black again.
  4. Keep your winnings on the second wager and wager the first small bet. Once you won the second wager, you have already recovered your losses and can bet again to a smaller amount.
  5. Do these steps again until you reach the maximum table bet.

The Disadvantage Of The Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale, just like any gambling technique, has underlying disadvantages. Beware of the gambler’s fallacy. It means that a color that has won 10 times in a row does not mean that the color will appear on the next spin.

The wheel’s spins have a chance of 50/50 because of the 0 and 00. Therefore, after consecutive losses, you may reach the maximum bet or run out of chips.

For the martingale strategy to take effect, you have to make bigger bets or win to recover losses. If you can’t do either, the best choice you have is to walk away.

How To Use The Martingale Roulette Strategy

Betting on even-money outside bets is the most effective way of the Martingale strategy – 1-18, 19-36, Black, Red, Odd, and Even. They have high odds of winning but also the lowest payout. The usual ratio of payout is only 1:1.

Martingale Roulette strategy lets you win the same amount of money you bet for the spin and enables you to recover your losses. Those are the safest best you can place in the game.

For even-money bets, the progression should go as:

1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 1024 – 2048 – 4096 – 8192

Placing Bets & Doubling Up

Betting should start with a small amount, go for the minimum allowed table bet. You have to keep betting on the same amount and color until you lose. When this happens, double the size of your bet on the next spin. When you win, you will recover the amount of money you lost on the previous spins. It should always be the logic.

You should remember to restart and bet the smallest amount possible after every win.

You can do this again for as long as you want. Doubling up after every loss but earning a small profit is better than nothing. However, you have to consider the truth about the factors that can screw this perfect system. If you don’t know how to progress and double up correctly, you could lose a lot of money.

Martingale vs House Edge

The concept is legal and effective. However, the house edge would always have the biggest advantage in winning. The house always ends up winning. The enemy here is the green 0 or pocket. These two represent the house in all forms. So, the odds are always against you, regardless of your betting strategy. 

Outside betting is the safest way to go for a 50% chance of winning but to be precise, 48.6%. The 48.6% is calculated because of the green 0 that never falls into any category except itself.

The Risk Of Martingale Roulette Strategy

As mentioned above, the Martingale system is not perfect and has high risks, hence the reason why it’s rarely applied. Using the Martingale strategy can make the player lose his/her money quickly, especially when the wrong progression happens.

After several bad luck, you may lose your money, too! Also, roulette tables usually have betting limits. The chance of you hitting them during a losing streak is exceptionally high. When this does happen, you will be prevented from doubling up. For this reason, you won’t be able to recover the lost bets. It is the part where this strategy fails bigtime and causes you problems on top of another.

Will It Help You Win?

The good thing about the Martingale strategy is it could help you win. However, you also have to consider the negative side of it and the steep progression. This strategy is good for short term winning and not best for long terms. It may work at first, but the mathematics of it won’t lie.

Experienced or not, all players who have tried this strategy surely had some nightmares. I am giving you an unbiased warning to not use this strategy in the long run of your gambling career. While this strategy helps you win ample amounts of money, it may cause you to lose a lot of money.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

The name is self-explanatory. This strategy of roulette play is the opposite of the original Martingale Strategy. In this gameplay, you increase your bet when you win instead of going back to the minimum bet. The concept is that you will capitalize on hot streaks and keep your losses to a minimum during hard patches.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy Steps:

  1. Look for a table with a high maximum bet and a small minimum allowed bet.
  2. Bet a small amount on red or black; odd or even; or 1-18 or 19-36.
  3. Keep your wager on the same place until you hit. If you’re on a losing streak, continue betting small amounts.
  4. Once you hit and win your bet, double up your bet on the same spot for the next spin.
  5. If you’re winning, then you should keep on doubling your bet.

As you see, the disadvantage of this gameplay has everything to do with timing. The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy is highly risky because once you lose, you lose a large part of your earnings.

For this roulette strategy to work, you have to hit a hot streak and quit betting before you start losing. However, it is the type of skill many players aren’t good at.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond Roulette Strategy came up from Ian Fleming using his famous character at the table. He told his acquaintance that his method could win the prize of a luxurious dinner if you apply it nightly.

This playing strategy requires the player to have $200 at least.

Here is the steps of the James Bond Roulette Strategy:

  1. Put $140 on the high numbers.
  2. Bet $50 on the number 13 -18.
  3. Put $10 on 0 for safety.

You better hope the odds side not to lose the $200 bet. You should start using the Martingale strategy as well.

If the odds are on your side, then you’re in for a great profit. 19-36 pockets and you win $80; 13-18 and you win $100; 0 and your win would be $160.

The risk in this is associated with numbers 1 through 12 coming up. But then again, James Bond is a risk-taker.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The James Bond Roulette Strategy

The advantage of this strategy is obvious – the player will cover a single number and a lucrative 6-line and hedge their respective bets with an outside bet at 1/1.

A problem will arise after factoring the losing roulette spins. This betting strategy will not cover the numbers 1-12. Therefore, there’s a high chance of losing. If you are using the Martingale on losing spins, you can end up in some huge downswings.

The D’alembert Roulette Strategy

The D’alembert roulette strategy is best for people looking for a safer strategy than the Martingale strategy and the Reverse Martingale strategy. It is the perfect alternative!

This method is pretty simple because it is accomplished by increasing and decreasing bets based on one. It makes this strategy a lot safer than doubling.

The D’Alembert betting system is named after Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, a French mathematician in the 18th century.

He is not only known for his breakthroughs in physics, but also about his equilibrium in numbers which was less well-proven.

D’Alembert betting system is based on bets placed on even-money areas of the roulette table – black/red, even/odd, 1-18/19-36. In D’Alembert, you do not double the stake after losing a bet. Instead, you add one unit for your stake. After a hit, the stake will decrease by one unit.

This strategy will require you to place a lot of trust in equal numbers of red appearing as blacks, odds as even, and so on. However, because of the odds always favoring the house, the house edge is added.

How It Works

When you’re using the D’Alembert strategy, all bets are placed on even-money areas of the roulette table. The payout of this is 1/1.

Below is an example of the European Roulette:

You have to first decide on a base unit stake: £1. If you lose this bet, the next wager is £2. If you lose on the £2, it will become a £3 bet. Your following bet should drop to £2.

This winning roulette strategy can also be employed. In this gameplay, the player increases their bets by one unit after every win and decreases by one losing spin.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy Steps:

  1. Place a small starting wager on red or black; odd or even; or 1-18 or 19-36.
  2. Increase your wager by one after every loss, and decrease by one when you win.
  3. Stop betting and walk away when you have had at least as many wins as losses.
  4. If you are on a losing streak, hold tight until the winning picks up and recovers your losses.
  5. When you already have an equal amount of wins and losses, continue to play until wins equal the total loss.

If you end up with a total winning and losing times, using this strategy will place you in the black:

You’ve put down a $10 bet on red. You lost the spin, so you bet $11 on red again. You lose the spin, again, so your wage increases up to $12. If you win, you have to go back down to $11 and win again.

If you’re content with your winnings, you can walk away. If you lose on two wagers and won two wagers, the math will be like this: -10-10+12+11=+2.

The disadvantage of this is that you have to keep track of your winnings and losses. The advantage of this is how it keeps a handle on your streaks. You are not doubling your stakes with each bet you lose as in the martingale strategy. Things will eventually even out if you win as many as you lose.

From what I have given above, a run of winning spins from 11-15 games will leave you in profit. After six losing streaks, your losses are just 21x your base stake. The losing run with the Martingale strategy will leave you in the red by £63.

D’Alembert enjoyed the notion of equilibrium at the same time understanding streaks. In the game of roulette, just like other gambling games, players can go on long hot streaks the same as bad cold ones.

Disadvantages Of The d’Alembert Roulette Strategy

It’s not uncommon for a gambler to experience a losing streak, especially if the player gambles a lot. This roulette strategy is not immune to this. It even increases the stakes by one unit, thus resulting in bigger losses.

However, cold streaks can go on a long time. A player has to factor in the house edge. Roulette offers an inherent edge to the house because the green 0 makes all even-money bets to lose.

Roulette players will statistically lose cash to the casino. In European Roulette, it can be 2.7% for every £100 wager. In American Roulette, it becomes 5.26% for every £100 bet.

Another way to get around the streaks is to increase the basic unit rule.

Instead of increasing the unit by 1 with each spin, you lose, you can increase it by 2.

D’ Alembert’s Strategy On Alternative Casino Games

This roulette strategy is intended to utilize bets that offer a 50/50 outcome. Or, as near as the game allows it to.

However, it’s not just online roulette that this strategy can be used on. It can also be applied to alter your base unit up and down in Craps. The pay is also a 1:1 ratio.

You can also apply this strategy in Baccarat. The betting is straightforward that this strategy can be utilized on either banker bets or players.

To top it all, you can play with a D’ Alembert strategy with the classic blackjack on a lower house edge. If you beat the dealer, you decrease your steak; increase by one if you lose, and keep the same when the hand is pushed.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Fibonacci or Leonardo of Pisa was a famous Italian mathematician. He got famous by writing a specific number series in the early 1200s. The series was around over ten decades before Fibonacci and was dubbed the “Fibonacci sequence” in the 19th century.

The sequence is characterized by the truth that every number after the first two is the sum of the two following ones. Therefore: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 55, 89, 21, 34, etc,.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy means adding the last two bets together for the next bet. This method will let you profit even if you have lost more games.

 Fibonacci sequence run like this:

0, 1, 1 (0+1), 2 (1+1), 3 (2+1) , 5 (3+2), 8 (5+3), 13 (8+5), 21 (13+8), 34 (21+13)…

When using the Fibonacci sequence in roulette, you only select even-money bets such as black/red or odd/even. It can also be possible to use the system in other casino games that have even-money wagers.

Since the Fibonacci gamblers have a negative progression, players must increase their wager when they lose. The gambler will move from their current stake to the next stake in this sequence.

The Fibonacci Steps

  1. You should always start with small bets on red or black; odd or even; or 1-18 or 19-36
  2. If you lose, you have to increase your bet by going down the sequence. If you started with a $1 bet and you lose, place another $1 bet.
  3. If you lose the 2nd bet, increase your next bet to $2.
  4. If you win, step back two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and use that as your next bet amount.
  5. Walk away when you are in the black and not the red but don’t depend on your number of losses vs wins to indicate whether you’re ahead or not.

Check the example below on how you can use the Fibonacci Strategy:


Red, $1 – lose

Red, $1 – lose

Red, $2 – lose

Red, $3 – lose

Red, $5 – win

Red, $2 – lose

Red, $3 – win

Red, $1 – win

Red, $1 – win

Therefore the total will look like this: – 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 + 5 – 2 + 3 + 1 + 1 = +1

Regardless if you lost five bets and four wins, you are still ahead by one. However, there is one biggest disadvantage of the Fibonacci strategy. The more you fall in the sequence, the more money you most likely will lose. You have to quickly stroke or risk money loss for more than you bargained for.

The Advantage Of Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

You can see the advantage of this winning roulette system as the bet list above. You notice that after ten spins, the player will only be £1 in the red. That came from a base unit of £1 upon hitting seven losing spins out of 10. The negative progression format allows the winning £13 spin to wipe out the losses in one go.

The Fibonacci strategy moves down the stake a couple of levels instead of resetting everything. It gives the player more chances to recover their losses quicker.

The Disadvantage Of The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Since there is no single perfect strategy, the Fibonacci also has a significant risk. The Fibonacci strategy can hit a losing streak during the game. Once that happens, your losses can get out of hand and not the kind Fibonacci had in his mind.

It is vital to remember that this strategy only works with even-money bets such as red/black, even/odd. This system is effective, especially if you love straight-up wagers on single numbers with a 35/1 payout.

Aside from that, always take into consideration the house edge in roulette. The house edge in European Roulette is 2.7% which means over time. The player will lose £2.70 for every £100 bet.

A game with two green pockets in American Roulette is likely to increase up to 5.26%. Therefore it is crucial to play the right roulette game.


There are plenty of roulette strategies as you have read above. However, all come with their risks. Winning in Roulette will depend on how you utilize the strategy you’ve chosen.

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