The Minimum Deposit For FanDuel Is Less Than You Think

What Is The Minimum Deposit For FanDuel?

You may take the next step and deposit your own money to make more after validating facts with free entries. Just like they tell, you can’t possibly win what you don’t put in.

So you need to start laying down some cash if you want to make more money playing fantasy sports.

What is the minimum deposit for FanDuel? Minimum deposits can be as low as $10. The maximum deposit is as high as you can afford or based on your fantasy game’s faith. If you’re better than the average fantasy player, you could always go for higher deposits.

This post will be your helping hand whether you are unsure or skeptical about making deposits for FanDuel.

I compared the payment methods with three other top sportsbooks to determine which bookmaker to sign up with.

How Do You Deposit Money Into Fanduel?

1. A FanDuel account is the first thing that you will need.

2. Tap on My Account in the upper-right corner.

3. Select Add Money.

4. Pick the Payment Choice you choose.

5. Follow the on-screen payment directions.

6. Funds are available in your account immediately.

You can find the deposit option in the sidebar menu icon on the screen’s top-right if you are using the FanDuel app.

ACH And PayNearMe Deposits

With ACH (E-Check), a VIP Preferred Payment Network, FanDuel gives customers many more options. This helps you to transfer funds to your FanDuel account from your bank account.

Customers can also generate a barcode using PayNearMe that you can either print or email to your computer. You can check for deposit at your nearest 7-eleven.

Funds normally take 15 minutes to appear in your account, and deposits in a 30-day rolling span are up to $500 over 24 hours and $10k.

To set it up, what you need is a routing code, state ID, driving license ID, and account number verification. Both payment funds are instantly available.

FanDuel Prepaid Cards

Although FanDuel provides debit/credit card transfers, there may be occasions when, due to gaming operations, certain banks may refuse the transaction.

In 2 ways, this can be overcome:

1. Either before the transfer or after the funds are refused, you can contact your bank to ask for payment approval. Some banks may restrict you from doing so, but most of them will allow you.

2. If the first attempt is refused, you can submit a prepaid FanDuel card at or after sign-up. Users should have no trouble moving money to the prepaid card from their bank. They will help you conveniently finance your FanDuel account.


Click the PayPal icon on your FanDuel account in the Deposits section. You will be routed and asked to sign-in to the PayPal app.

Only type the number you want to deposit and press the entry button.

What’s nice about this is that you can refuse to enter debit/credit card information. All the card data will be registered in PayPal.

When you log-in, you pick the card from which you want to move the funds.

I like using PayPal, and the explanation is clear – added protection. The smartphone application of PayPal makes it much easier and safer to deposit funds into sportsbook accounts.

With PayPal, you also get Buyers Security that manages any conflicts between the merchant and the consumer. It can be helpful if, for whatever reason, the dealer withholds any funds.

Deposit Limits With FanDuel

New accounts for FanDuel have set a maximum deposit cap of $1000 per month by law.

This is because they are part of Responsible Play advocates and complies with state requirements for all new accounts/users.

Although there is a set limit for new accounts, you could still deposit higher. You will talk to a member of the support staff and have this increased to some other sum.

They will find a way if you wish to increase this rate.

Applying Deposit Limit On Account

It is possible to manually add self-restriction and overall deposit caps to your account. Only head over to the page Accounts Cap and type the maximum number you choose to limit yourself.

This will restrict you from depositing more than you should be. In a great way, this is a smart idea because this will help you control your spendings.

FanDuel Deposit Fees

There have been no fees for depositing funds into your FanDuel account. However, fees for withdrawing funds back into your payment provider could be processed.

Funds should immediately come into your account, but be sure to check with your payment provider. Refer to FanDuel’s Withdrawal page for more information.

FanDuel Deposit Bonus Available

New customers will take advantage of up to $500 of FanDuel’s Risk-Free Bet right now. Deposit and put your first bet today. FanDuel will refund you with bet credits of up to $500 if you lose your first bet.

Conditions and terms include:

  1. Within 72 hours, free bets will be credited to your account.
  2. Just the first bet will count, then the first will be used if you have several choices.

Occasional Promotion For First Deposit

You’ll see a countdown timer when you first sign-up for your account and make your first deposit. If you finish your deposit within 10 minutes, you can avail of a voucher.

For entry into a paying $3 draw, this voucher is fine. This will automatically provide you a chance to win cash prizes again.

This promotion of “limited time deposit” is described as being provided on the FanDuel platform “occasionally.”

But if you don’t see the countdown at the moment, it’s not being sold, or you’re not able to redeem it.

How Does The Deposit Bonus Work?

They give customers deposit incentives upon the first deposit and through a special promotional package. When you enter and complete paying competitions, winning prizes will be steady.

The cash you earn is immediately released into your account when you play and earn the payout, expressed in your account balance.

The deposits are made available for play or withdrawal on the same conditions as all funds in your account.

In your account menu, your remaining deposit bonus available for winning is displayed as ‘Pending Bonus’ in your My Account area.


FanDuel doesn’t have the largest selection of payment providers, which is shocking. The owner of FanDuel is Paddy Power/Betfair, but the restricted available alternatives should accommodate the needs of most consumers.

While they have limitations on deposits, you are eligible to lift the cap for maximum amounts.

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