Secrets That They Don’t Talk About On Doubling Your Bet On Roulette

Can You Keep Doubling Your Bet On Roulette?   

Roulette is one of the games that is found and played in most casinos. It’s a wheel of numbers that spins in one direction, and then players can bet either on numbers or colors.

In a European or also known as French roulette, there are 37 numbers from 0 to 37.  

Can you keep doubling your bet on roulette? You can double your bet on roulette in the hope that you’ll win. This strategy is the Double Down system or a Martingale System.  

In this article, we’ll help you learn that doubling your bet in roulette is possible. We’ll also tackle when and how it originated, how it works, and disadvantages.

Also, we’ll explain the reverse martingale system.   

Double Down Or The Martingale Betting System   

A double down is also called the martingale betting system. This strategy became popular in 18th-century France.

It’s the simplest form of strategy that bettors use to win in the game. If the bettors lose, he will double the bet after recovering all the losses he had.

And win a profit that is equal to its original stake.   

If you win, you will start your bet again at a basic bet or 1. This strategy was first used in the game of heads and tails, then later on applied to roulette, given the odds of red and black that are mostly 50%.   

How A DD Or Martingale Bet System Works?  

Let’s say you chose to bet on the color red and decided to bet on it until the end. Your initial bet is $1.

If you win, your net win will be $1 too. But if you lose, you lost $1, then place a $2 on red on the next roll. If you win, your net win will be $1, and if you lost, the net loss is $3.   

This strategy of betting goes on as long as your bank account can still support you.

Among the tips that we can give you when applying this bet is to find yourself unbeatable in a series.

You also need to understand that when using this system, you’re gambling with the fact that such a series will stop your next bet.    

Disadvantages Of The DD or Martingale System

  • The greatest danger of this system is that you could lose a lot of money. That’s why when you plan to use this strategy, make sure your bank account is full.

  • Unless you can control yourself to stop whenever you win the game. And there’s a probability that you play 100 times in the hope of making a decent amount of money.  

  • Most casinos forbid the use of the DD system, but many casinos still allow it as long as you don’t make too much because when they figure out what you’re doing, they’ll kick you out.

  • And their way to prevent it is to limit your wins, logged in time, and playing. 

  • Reasons Why Everyone Isn’t Using It 

  • Not everyone knows about this betting system. 

  • Though there are gamblers who like to take risks in gambling, there are also who aren’t ready for it. 

  • The betting system could take the fun too while playing roulette. 

  • The martingale system won’t work if you think that it’ll make you a guaranteed winner. 

  • It’s not for you if you don’t have at least $200 or $1 bets. 

  • If you’re planning to play more than a couple of hours for a roulette game. Also, it’s not possible if you plan to play it with Baccarat or anything online. 

The DD Or Martingale System Works With No Betting Limits   

For those who have an unlimited bankroll and no table limits, then this betting system will work.

Meaning that there’s a possibility that you’ll win, but remember that the bad thing about it is the losing streak. That if you don’t have an unlimited bankroll, you could increase your bet size.

But don’t worry because it also works for those who don’t have an unlimited bankroll.  

If you don’t have an unlimited bankroll, every table has its maximum bet. The maximum and minimum bets sometimes vary between the inside and outside bets.

For example, the maximum bet of $50,00o for outside bets like reds, black, odd, and even. Then the maximum bet for $500 for inside bets.   

Among the bets that are capable of winning consistently without luck are the inside bets.

It’s because it represents specific sectors of the wheel. And the roulette systems work in areas where the ball will fall.   

Is The DD Or A Martingale System The Best Bet?  

Main circumstances are wherein this type of bet is useful when playing roulette.

When you know that you have a stronger edge over the casino and can predict where the ball will land. A good example of this is whe

n you’re playing a roulette computer. Wherein you guarantee to yourself, your win every second spin.   

Some gamblers would tell that the accuracy of winning is higher. That’s the time they use the Martingale system.

Though it doesn’t improve the chances of winning, it increases the amount of profit per hour. They say that this is something that professional players can understand.

Still, this betting strategy is one aggressive roulette strategy that not all can enjoy and use.   

Reverse Martingale Strategy   

If there’s a DD or martingale strategy, then there’s a reverse martingale strategy. In this strategy, instead of double betting when you lose, you double bet when you win.

The main aim of this is to keep increasing the bet, continue the flow whenever you win, and go home with a healthy profit.

The best bets that professionals considered are the even bets.   

Though it may seem easy, still the progression requires a sequence of numbers wherein players do a subtraction.

They subtract through the betting numbers of series. But, some also believe that the main strategy is to focus on contributing more than winning.

This reverse martingale strategy still needs a large bankroll so that you can double bet either after a loss or a win.   


Overall, this article made us realize that double betting in a roulette game is possible. That this strategy is called the Double Down or the Martingale system, wherein you double bet whenever you lose.

This strategy also taught us that to use this betting system. You need a large bankroll to last longer.

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