Is Online Roulette Legal In India?

Is Online Roulette Legal In India?

India is populated over a billion people, that is why it is apparent that it has a fair share of online gamblers who love to win online roulette. Not just an online roulette but with real money involved, online roulette, as you might know, is one of the most popular choices of Indian gamblers.

Is online roulette legal in India? Playing online roulette in India is Legal if in case you’re unaware. They say that the only state where online roulette is banned is in Maharashtra. In Sikkim and Goa, because they observe strict regulations.

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As you read on, you’ll be able to realize why gambling in India is illegal, but online roulette is legal. In this article, you’ll also learn why there are no online casinos available in India.

Legally Illegal Playing Online Gambling In India

We said that playing online roulette in India is legal. You know what they say ‘legally illegal? We know, it’s confusing but doesn’t worry because we’ll help you understand it further. India considered playing online roulette legal, but gambling or betting is illegal.

Meaning, In India, gambling is illegal, but no law says it’s illegal to make online betting. That’s why offshore companies use this as their “loophole” to lure Indians to bet too much.

Causing the Indian Premier League (IPL) hooked up with offshore betting agencies, allowing Indians to place their bet online. Advisory websites like claim that they don’t take bets. Instead, they help get in touch with online bookmakers.

It’s hard this way right because they can’t and don’t have any online casino to bet at. But, suggests a way on how Indians can bet online.

First, you need to click on the link of the bookmakers you want to use. Then, sign up with the bookmaker to create an account.

After signing up, they can go to the cricket section of the website, wherein you can find all IPL games. In this website, they list all the IPL games that they can bet on, or choose which matches to bet on.

No Online Casinos Available In India

As we said, there are no available casino sites in India. It’s because gambling is illegal in India. Aside from the IPL’s help, Indians can also find sites that hosted online roulette or any online betting outside their country.

Fortunately, some sites welcome Indians to play online roulette, and they can send funds via Paypal.

Bookmakers also list betting agencies that Indians can bet on. Some of those betting agencies are bet365 Ladbrokes, Betfair, and William Hill. Bet365 is one of the largest betting agencies found in the UK that accepts bets from the people of India.


In general, playing online roulette in India is legal, but betting or gambling is illegal. Don’t be confused between online gambling and betting, because these two are different from each other.

Although gambling is illegal in India, still they have ways on how to play their favorite game- online roulette. And we can’t blame them if they play online roulette, because there’s no doubt it’s fun.

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