Is Online Blackjack Legal?

Is Online Blackjack Legal?

Blackjack is among the most played casino baking games in the world, known as the Blackjack and Vingt-Un. It belongs to the banking game known as the Twenty-One so there is no doubt that this game has reached popularity since it was first launched. For this reason, it is also one of those online games that most players play.

Is online blackjack legal? There is no law against playing online blackjack, especially in The US. As well as there is no law stating that it is illegal for a player to take part in online gambling.

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As you read on, you will learn further that online blackjack is not illegal at all. Contrary to what most players believe in.

Online Blackjack Is Not Prohibited

To further understand, playing online blackjack is not in any way prohibited. Meaning, there is no federal law that is against playing online blackjack. But, some states declared playing online blackjack as illegal.

If you are worried that you might get in trouble, don’t be, because the prosecution will not be against you.

That the punishment is on the establishment itself not against you, another reason people are confused about playing online blackjack is the Federal Wire Act.

Which they think, online blackjack is like a sports betting, but it’s not. And you need to remember that online blackjack is a different form of gambling.

States Where Online Blackjack Is Illegal

Here are the lists to help you determine whether it’s legal or not in your states to play online blackjack:

1. Illinois

2. Indiana

3. Louisiana

4. Montana

5. Nevada

6. Oregon

7. South Dakota

8. Washington

9. Wisconsin

Charges for playing online blackjack in those states are low. To know what other states considered playing online blackjack illegal, you can search. And if you are still not convinced, then you are free to seek legal advice too.

How To Play Online Blackjack And Strategy You Can Use

As we said, online blackjack belongs to the family of the banking games. Just like any gambling game, it obviously includes money. Blackjack is a game that requires skills and strategy to win against the dealer.

Yes, together with other players, the dealer competes with the dealer.

Playing online blackjack, according to experts, is a combination of luck and skills. That’s why it’s better if you have a strategy when playing this, so the thrill will also remain.

You can start by getting an online blackjack strategy chart that will help you decide what to do after getting two initial cards and seeing the dealer’s initial card.

Then once you get comfortable playing, you can now use all kinds of blackjack strategies. Strategies are: standing, hitting, when to buy insurance, double down, splitting, and surrender.


To summarize, playing online blackjack is not bad at all, but you need to know if your states allow it. If your state considers it illegal, the punishments are not against you.

We also realized that playing blackjack requires luck and skill because you need to plan. That when using a strategy, it’ll help you win against the dealer.

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