Is It Better To Bet On Black Or Red?

Is It Better To Bet On Black Or Red?

Roulette is a casino game that was from the French word that means a little wheel. There are different bets that players can put their chips. Some of these bets include a single number, various groups of numbers, the color bet, odd or even numbers, and a higher or lower number.

Is It Better To Bet On Black Or Red? There are no better bets on either black or red bets because they have the same payout. The payouts on this bet whenever you win, is at 1 to 1, same with the odd-even bet.

In this article, we’ll help you better understand why there is no better bet between black or red. To understand better, we will also list different bets available in the roulette and its corresponding payout both on the outside and inside bets. And we will also give you some of the typical roulette strategies. 

Black Or Red Bets On Roulette Game

Some would say that if you’re an average player, a black or red bet suits you. Although the chances to win-win for these bets are only minimal and it’s payouts, still, many consider this the most favorite bet.

This bet isn’t complicated, just like the other type of bets wherein you’ll think, whether the numbers are high or low. When betting on either black or red, you can use this kind of technique to win on the roulette game.

The betting season may start by placing your bet at $5 on your chosen color. Continue betting at this amount with the same color until you lose two times in a row. If it happens, start again by increasing your bet at $10 until you win two times in a row, and then decrease your bet at $5. But if you lose two times in a row, you need to increase your bet at $15.

The progression would look like this, $5, $10, $15, $20, $25,$30, and $40. Though this black or red technique can be a bit confusing, most first time players use this because, in the long run, it’ll give you more profit. If you can’t start with $5 yet, you can still bet starting at $1,$2, $3,$4,$5, $6, $8, and $10.

Outside Bets And Its Corresponding Payout

On the edge of the table, you’ll see a series of bets which is “outside” the 38 numbers. Each bet has a specific set of numbers or colors. So, when the ball lands on either 0 and 00, you will lose on any of these outside bets.

  • A dozen bets – consist of 36 numbers on the table, you can bet on the first dozen from number 1-12, second dozen from 13- 24, and the third from number 25-36. The payout on this bet is the same as the columns, which is 2 to 1.

  • Black Or Red Bets – are said to payout even odds or 1 to 1, if the ball lands on your preferred color.

  • Columns – are a bet that has a number on the layout, organized into three columns with 12 numbers each. With these columns, you’ll win if the ball lands on the bet, and payout on this bet is 2 to 1.

  • Low or high bets – payouts even money if the ball lands on the number from 1-18, and your bet is low. If the ball lands on 19-36, you bet is high.

  • Odd or Even bets – payouts are the same as the black or red bet, which is odd even or 1 to 1.

Inside Bets And Its Payouts

Since there is an outside bet, there is also an inside bet. Though these bets win more often, the payout on these bets is quite good. The inside bets include:

  • Corner bet – commonly called the square bet or quarter bet because you can place your bet on the corner, making it square. You can also bet on the four numbers, and if you win, the payout is 8 to 1.

  • Five number bet – is a bet in which you can make one five-bet bet, and the only inside offers different odds. When you bet on it, it has a higher edge that you can only bet on numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.Placnig your chip on the outside corner line between 1 and 0. This bet payout only 6 to 1, that’s why they say that only masochists place their bet on it.

  • Six number bet – is sometimes called the line bet. It consists of two lines with three numbers each that lie next to each other. You can bet on it by placing your chip on the intersection between the two lines on the side of the betting area. If any of the numbers are hit, the payout is 5 to 1.

  • Split bet – allows you to bet on any two adjacent numbers, which you can do by placing your chip in between the line between the two numbers to make the wager. The payout will be from 17 to 1.

  • Straight-up bet – is a type of an inside bet wherein you can place your bet in a single number, and the payout is 5 to 1.

  • Street bet– is a bet wherein you can bet on three numbers, meaning you can place your chip on the line between three numbers, and the payout is 11 to 1.

Lists Of Common Roulette Strategies

Martingale system

It is the most common strategy that players use. You bet on your choice of color. When you lose, double your next bet. Repeating this process over and over isn’t prohibited until you get to win. They say that it’s the riskiest roulette strategies that players can use. Also, note that this strategy is used all over the roulette table, but mostly, on the black or red bet.

Reverse Martingale

Or also known as the Paroli, is the opposite of the martingale strategy. That whenever you lose, you decrease your bets and increase only after a win.


Maybe like the martingale strategy, but they think that it’s safer than the martingale. In this strategy, you’ll use a simple mathematical theory that you can start with and then add two previous numbers to get the net number in the sequence.

The D’ Alembert

It is one of the safest strategies that players use because when you increase your bets after a loss, it’s rate is smaller than the martingale. In this strategy, you need to pick a starting bet, increase your bets by one after a loss, and decrease it after winning.


In general, there is no better bet between black or red because it has the same payout of 1 to 1. In this article, you learned too that for you to win in a roulette table, you should know some of the strategies that players commonly use. That you need to make decisions whether to increase your bet next whenever you lose or decrease it whenever you win. 

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