Is FanDuel free?

Is FanDuel free?

With daily fantasy sports (DFS) on the rise, a big platform in the space creeped out of the woodwork, Fanduel. They offer some options when it comes to sports and game types, some of which are extremely competitive, while others may focus more on the leisure side.

So is Fanduel free? Yes, there is a “Free Play” option, and it is a single entry contest with no entry fee. Now don’t think you can create multiple accounts to gain the system, that will only disqualify you and probably ban you from future games.


In order to get in these free games, you must sign up for your free FanDuel account. This is a simple process, click the sign-up button, fill out a few required fields with your info, bada bing bada boom, you are ready to compete. 

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Obviously, there is some tax stuff you have to do, withdrawal info you need to add, but other than that, it is easy. You are under no obligation to deposit money, though they tease you with deposit bonuses, you can honestly sign up and play with $0.


The free games are not easy to win, the competition is fierce, naturally. When something is offered for free, there will be boats load of people trying to get in on it, with no skin in the game. This creates a lot of “beginners luck” type of results. 

There are countless times I will get in on a free game with a “trash” lineup just because it is fun to through players in a lineup with house money. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but at the end of the day, it mainly was luck, no research, not calculations. 

These free games are filled with that mentality, so you be the judge of the competition. 


This is the second half of the challenge comes in; you will have 200,000 entries, and the top 10,000 will cash. That is the top 5%; those are steep odds; additionally, the total payout will on be $1k split between 10k players. So as you sit there pondering whether it would be worth it or not, I would say, of course. 

DFS relies on skill dashed with some luck. If you can build your DFS skill for FREE, it tends to be less about the money and more about the actual skills being learned on specific lineups you chose the build.


All in all, Fanduel is an excellent platform for your need to get involved in daily fantasy sports. I highly recommend trying it out to have a little fun during your lonely, depressing nights or extra bragging rights with your homies or homegirls. 

This satisfies the urge to gamble, watch games you may typically not watch, or make some spare change, if you are lucky. Fanduel is smart by creating free games for people who want to test the waters of their platform and the DFS structure.

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