Illegal Bets In Roulette: Here Are The Details ~ You Won’t Believe This

Are There Any Illegal Bets In Roulette?

Truth to be told, this question has not been widely asked by a lot of players. Most of them are only interested in finding out if they can win a roulette, or what the best bets and strategies are. However, it is essential to know which bets are illegal because you wouldn’t want to get caught up with explaining yourself or losing a payout because you placed an illegal bet.

Are there any illegal bets in roulette? Yes, there are plenty of illegal bets in roulette, and they are very common. One of these illegal deeds is by using a roulette computer device. This device can calculate and predict which pocket the ball is most likely to land.

In this article, you will find some banned roulette systems and some roulette strategies that you should be aware of. Knowing all this information is vital because it will help you to get the best chance of winning.

Banned Roulette Strategies

Illegal bets come hand in hand with banned roulette strategies. To be exact, these strategies are the ones that involved using a roulette computer device.

A roulette computer device can predict and calculate which pocket the ball will drop in. And then, couple this silly tactic with late betting and you have a perfect match for illegal betting.

Roulette Computer Device

In some roulette casinos, the dealer usually waves their hand, which means that there are no more bets that any player can place before spinning the wheel. The roulette computer device will only work after the wheel starts spinning.

So basically to place a late bet, you should cheat and move your chips to the section you want on the roulette table.

To be able to achieve this action, you need to distract the dealer present in your table so you can have your movement unnoticed.

Late bets usually are legal, and some casinos actually allow their players to place their bets late. It is because it means more bets and more money will be present per game. However, if your dealer noticed that you are using a late betting system along with a roulette computer device, they will immediately stop the game.

Call Betting

Call betting is actually considered to be an illegal bet in some places and to understand why it is considered to be illegal.

You need to know what it is to understand it fully. A call bet is a bet that a player makes and announces without even placing any chips on the table for their bet.

It means that the player is actually betting on credit because they have not covered the cost of the wager.

So basically they made a wager without even putting any money or chips to back the wager up. If the player loses, they owe money to the casino.

It is why this is important to know this information because gambling laws vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Some casinos can permit gambling on credit and some aren’t to curb the problem of gambling.

Roulette Strategies

In terms of roulette strategies, there are a lot of roulette tips available, and it focuses on strategy.

It is because most roulette strategies have been around since the beginning and others have developed tier own for the last couple of decades.

And in this era of the internet, most of the things you want to know is just one click away.


This system is among the most popular systems, and you will see it on every roulette website there is. Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that it is a good choice if you want to win.

The Martingale system can only be applied to even-money bets, and it is suggested in this system to double your bets after you lose around.

The idea behind the doubling of the best is that by doing so, you will eventually recover all your losses.

Although in reality, you will need an impressive bankroll to be able to maximize this system.

The negative side effect of it will be, you will most likely end up bankrupt in just a short amount of time.

It only becomes popular because this method has been going on for a long time now since the 18th century to be exact.


Similar to the Martingale, the Labouchere is a system that is developed all the way back in the 18th century. It is applicable for even-money bets in any roulette at any given time. Henry Labouchere, which is the author of this strategy, is an avid gambler, and it just so happened that roulette was the game dearest to his heart.

Labouchere strategies go like this. First, you have to decide how much you’d like to win. Once you can figure it out, then you have to slice the winnings figure into many figures with different values.

For instance, if you like to win $10, you can slice this figure into 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 1.

After that, you should bet the sum of the leftmost and the rightmost figure. Your first stake should be 2. The second one will be 3, and so on.

The only problem with this particular system is the same as the Martingale method. You must have a huge amount of money to follow the rules and will so much loss. You will eventually go bankrupt.

Other Strategies

Before you start looking for some strategies when it comes to roulette, you should ask yourself what these could do for you.

The more the casino cut down your potential loss, the less likely that you can win a huge amount of money. Always remember that the bigger the expected payout, the bigger the potential loss will be.

A common flaw with most of the strategies is that all is assuming that there are patterns.

Another flaw is the false belief that after having a losing streak, you will eventually have a win the next round.

No one can guarantee that after 10 or 20 consecutive times of losing your money bet on red and then the next round you will eventually win.

Winning Roulette Tips

Roulette is a game of chance, and with each outcome being independent of the previous one.

It means that there’s not much you can do about improving your game changes. Some particular steps exist that you can take in order to make sure that you will get a better chance at winning.

Here are some winning roulette tips from different professional players:

Forget About American Roulette

Go with the European roulette or the French Roulette. It is because they offer extra double zero pockets and it has the house edge that is twice as high.

Don’t Bet More Than What You Have Decided Upon

French roulette is even more beneficial to players because it has rules like La Partage and En Prison.

In the beginning, you should decide on how much your betting unit will be. Afterward, you should keep it that way no matter if you are winning or losing.

It is a very smart move to make that basic unit no more than 1% of your bankroll.

Pay Attention

Upon joining the game, you need to pay attention and have a look at the hot and cold numbers.

You should also check the history of winning numbers as this will provide you with some information, specifically about where the ball may land next.

Try The Game Out In Practice Mode

It is a good opportunity to try out the game without risking any money. But you are investing time in getting to know how the game works.

Additionally, you will be able to practice and see how to increase or decrease your bets. You can also see if you can place all the bets you’d like before time runs out.

Choose A Reputable Casino

It is probably the best tip for many beginners out there, and although this might be a no-brainer, it will surprise you by how many people don’t do it.

You need to look for some good and highly recommended casinos out there.

You can check if they have an excellent rating from their customers and if they have a wide array of games, dedicated bonuses, and good game weighing while also being respected as an operator.


As a conclusion, when it comes to playing roulette, an advantage play for roulette will be alive and well for the time being.

Banned roulette systems will always exist and emerge as long as casinos will not allow themselves to lose.

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that you will make a fortune from playing roulette and you will keep on winning.

In playing roulette, it is essential to stay clear out of unrealistic expectations and try to play the game in a fun-loving way.

There will always be new illegal bets that will be developed so stay clear from those and play smarter all the time.

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