How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

Progressive Jackpot is a grand gambling prize that increases each time the jackpot is not won. But when you win, the next play is being reset to a predetermined value but under the same rule. It increases by a small amount each time a specific game is being played.

How often do progressive jackpots hit? There is no specific way you can predict how often a progressive jackpots hit, but one thing is for sure. It will happen when the smaller number of machines contributes to the jackpot, the more often it is being paid.

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As you continue reading, you will learn why you can’t know how often a progressive jackpot is hit. And we will also give different types of progressive jackpots.

How Often A Progressive Jackpots Hit Is Impossible?

There are reports that some local jackpots may be paid two or more times per week.

It’s because the casino is risking little money to program small jackpots to come around more often. Though there is no specific time of the day when it will hit, you’ll see it during hours when casinos are most active. They say that you will have an equal chance of hitting the progressive jackpot at 2 PM to 9:30 in the evening.

But others would say that they see other people win it in a bustling casino. Compared to a nearly empty casino. For example, a machine can generate 100 million random numbers. The casino may decide to allow 50,000 of those numbers that can trigger the jackpot win.

Different Types Of Progressive Jackpot Slots

1. Local Jackpot or Local Pot – is what they say the simplest jackpots that comply with an individual game or machine. But though it may become very large, this type of jackpot is seldom being heard.

2. Group Progressive Jackpot – In this, the casino may connect to a group of poker machines together, so they have to share a progressive jackpot. It is more preferred than the local progressive jackpots.

3. Casino- wide progressive jackpot – Is linked to all progressive games into a massive jackpot pool. These jackpots grow faster compared to the small group jackpots.

4. Multi-Casino Jackpot – Is connected to machines from many different locations. These jackpots are said to be massive, often running into millions of dollars.

Things To Consider When Opting For Progressive Jackpot

Play According To Your Budget

When you play a progressive jackpot, make sure that the spins qualify for a chance to win a maximum prize. However, it’s also essential to check the “games play table-requirement because it varies from every game.

Meaning, after you check it, you can’t decide if you want to play the whole session of jackpot gaming. On the other hand, some games require you to wager with a full set of coins or a particular bet value.

Play When A Jackpot Is Big

The result of the progressive jackpot will depend on its time and volume. That’s why it’s better to keep track of different game’s jackpot and software houses. Like the NetEnt, Playtech, And Microgaming, it’s also recommended to play the games with the highest prize pools weekly.

Learn To Create A Jackpot Routine

To enjoy the progressive poker machine, you need to set a monthly budget, and you should stick to it too. It’s essential to know when’s the appropriate time when playing a particular game or when the machine gives rewards.


In general, this article helps us realize that there is no specific way to determine when a progressive jackpot can hit. This article also made us know that playing a progressive jackpot hit is a game of luck. For you to win it, you need to continue playing pokie as long as your bankroll permits. Also, remember to read first the rules before touching on any progressive jackpots. 

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