How Much Money Should I Bring To A Casino?

How Much Money Should I Bring To A Casino?

Casinos are popular entertainment and gambling venues for good reasons. You can bet on a wide range of games, from the slot machines to the dealers’ tables. You can win big and the risk of big losses, too – indeed, a reflection of life.

How much money should I bring to a casino? You can start at $100, but the actual amount will depend on several factors. You have to consider how much you can afford to lose and what games you’re gambling on.

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Read on and know more about these factors. You should also be mindful that the house always wins and, thus, you have to set a personal limit. 

How Much Can You Afford To Lose In A Casino?

You can see in Hollywood movies that the protagonist wins big against the casinos. But real life isn’t a Hollywood movie and gamblers will lose and lose big! You must then be prepared to lose your money, if not within the first hour, then within the day. 

You might lose some or all of the money but, if you continue gambling, you will lose it. You must then answer the question, “How much can you afford to lose?” without hesitation. If you can’t afford to lose a dollar, you have no business in a casino.

You should be able to determine the exact amount of money that you may as well burn over the stove. You should neither feel bad about it nor beat yourself for it. You have absolutely zero expectations of exiting the casino with whatever money you brought in. 

Once you have that exact number of dollars, you can take that with you and enjoy gambling! If it helps, you should think of casinos as entertainment venues and gambling as entertainment.

You will pay for the gambling-slash-entertainment, just as you will pay for online streaming, cable services, and theater experiences.

What Games Are You Betting On?

Let us say you have $100 as gambling money, and you play a game with a 5% edge for the house. You will lose $5 of your gambling money, but that’s only the minimum! You can lose $100 within 30 seconds if you bet all of it on roulette and lose.

You should then consider the stakes of the games you’re betting on when determining your gambling money. You should also consider the amount you’re planning on betting on for each roll of the dice.

Let us say you like roulette, but you bet $1 per spin. Your $100 will last for 100 spins, at least, and longer if you win on some spins. But if you continue betting, you will end up with little to none of your original gambling money. Again, the house always wins! 


You can go in with as little as $100 or as much as $1 million into a casino. But it should be money that you’re willing to burn within seconds or the day. Your losses will depend on your skills and luck.

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