How Does FanDuel Payout?

How Does FanDuel Payout?

FanDuel is a popular online sportsbook that caters to customers in the U.S. On this website. You can wager on major sports competitions. They also have daily fantasy sports contests that award cash prizes.

How does FanDuel payout? FanDuel does not have a wide variety of payout methods. You can only cashout money from your account in three ways: through PayPal, online banking, or a check in the mail.

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In here, I will be talking about the different payout methods that FanDuel offers. Aside from this, I will discuss the minimum payout amounts and the advantages of each payout method.

The article will also contain information on how long the processing takes, and what you need to do before withdrawing.

Payout Methods On FanDuel

Some online casinos and betting sites require you to rack up a minimum amount before you withdraw. You might also have to wait a certain time period before you can cash out. Fortunately, you can cash out anytime on FanDuel.

FanDuel pays out three different ways, which are the following:


PayPal is a popular online wallet and payment system that has been operating worldwide for many years now. If you dabble in online betting, making an account will make things much more convenient.

You can link your bank account, debit cards, and credit cards to your PayPal account. Any money you have in your PayPal can be easily transferred for you to use right away. Also, PayPal has its debit card that you can avail of.

When you withdraw money from FanDuel to PayPal, the process should take a maximum of 28 hours. It is the fastest way to cash out among the available payout methods.

Online Banking

If you want your money to go directly to your account, this is the best option. You won’t have to think about taking any extra steps to transfer your money.

Before you cash out from FanDuel through online banking, check first if the site has a partnership with your bank. FanDuel has a list of banks they can transfer your money to.

Cashing out through online banking takes a bit longer than PayPal. You will need to wait for a few days before you get your money. The amount should reflect in your bank account within two to four business days.

Check In The Mail

Checks are a bit old-fashioned, but some people still prefer them over online payments. If you’re one of those people, FanDuel will be able to accommodate you.

Withdrawing your earnings through a check is the slowest method. Expect your check in the mail sometime between seven to ten business days. Also, look into whether FanDuel covers your area of residence or not.

What You Need Before Cashing Out

Before FanDuel sends your payout, you have to provide some information to verify your identity. These include a valid mailing address, your official birthdate, and social security number or social insurance number. You might be required to provide a government-issued ID as well.


Compared to other sites, FanDuel does not have too many payout options. You can only choose from PayPal, online banking, or checks. However, the choices they provide are reliable and verified.

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