How Do You Win Playing Craps?

How Do You Win Playing Craps?

Craps is among the favorite games in a casino, a dice game wherein a player makes wagers on the result of the roll. If you are a fan of casino games, then you will know that the house always wins casino games. It is their way of making enough money to pay for their costs like payroll, maintenance, operations, etc.

How do you win playing craps? If you are a first time player on craps, then you need to learn craps strategy for you to have chances of winning. There are different craps strategies you can apply when playing it. You just need to learn it.

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As you read on, we will give you an effective strategy for playing craps in a casino. We will also give you superstitions that you shouldn’t mention when playing craps.

Effective Strategies You Can Use To Win At Craps

Craps is one of those bet bets in the casino, meaning it’s four times better than roulette and most slot machines. If you want to improve your chance of winning in this game, remember these craps strategies.

1. Prioritize The Safest Bets

If you have lots of money and can stand to lose it too, you can make high-risk bets. But if you’re wise enough, you will prefer to have the safest bets- the one that offers the smallest house edge.

When you do it, you minimize the risk of losing in the game. Remember that when you’re playing one of the casino’s games, the top priority is to set a strategic plan.

2. Take The Pass Bets

Yes, there are many betting possibilities in craps games, but the simplest bet is the pass bet. They say that this pays even money, for example, when you bet at $10, you’ll win $10.

In a pass bet, if the result of the roll is 7 or 11, you win. But if the result of the roll is 2, 3, or 12, you lose. If there is another number rolled, that number will be the point, and it continues to roll.

And if a 7 is rolled before the point rolled again, you lose. But when rolled again before a 7, you win. Remember to don’t make a pass bet after the result of the roll, though it’s allowed, the value of the bet decreases.

3. For Lowest House Edge, Take The Pass Bets

Opposite to the pass bet is the don’t pass bet- 2 or 3 on the come-out roll win, and 7 or 11 lose. If a point is made, you will win if a 7 comes before the point, if the point comes first, you’ll lose.

Don’t pass bet is one of the considered single bets, on the table as the house edge, the bet is only at 1.36%. But take note that most players make the pass bets, and if you make don’t pass bets, you’ll win.

Don’t pass bets, like the pass bets that pay even money.

4. Make The Odds Bets

Odds bets are what most players called the unique bets because the house doesn’t have an edge at all on these bets. However, it can only be made on top of the other bets.

Meaning if you make an odds bet, the house still has an edge to your overall wager. Take note that odds bets have a maximum bet amount.

If you’re taking the maximum odds to bet every time you make a pass or don’t pass bets, it maximizes your win.

5. Consider The Come And Don’t Come Bets

Come and don’t come. Bets are two essential bets that are the same as the pass and don’t pass bets. The roll after the come bet works as the come-out roll for the come out bet.

That’s why the conditions for winning in a come or don’t come bets are the same with a pass or don’t pass bets. However, the odds of both are mathematically the same.

6. Avoid Risky Bets

If you’re a first-time gambler, note that you need to avoid certain bets that carry high house edges. You can take these bets only if it’s for entertainment value, like taking a risk at a long shot.

Most gamblers use put bets and proposition bets very often if they want to make more money. So should you as a first-time craps players.

Put bets are what they called “skip” the come-out roll. Proposition bets are what they called the “prop” bets because the bets made are on the next roll of dice.

7. Place The 6 Or 8 Bet To Win

For you to be able to win, place your bets at 6 or 8 to win. Meaning, you don’t wait for the shooter to establish a point. It the house edge’ s popular bet of choice. Because when you bet at a 6 or 8, and when you win, they will pay you at 7:6 odds.

Other than 7, the 6 or 8 bets are the most rolled numbers too. That’s why you need to stay away from the other bets because the house edge winning percentage is higher. Like in 5 or 9, the chance is they might win at 4 percent. And at 4 or 10, there’s a 6. 67 percent chance of winning.

Lists Of Crap Etiquette

  • When you buy chips, you should place it on the layout before the shooter is given the dice. Remember not to hand over the cash to the dealer, as they’re not allowed to take it directly from the gambler’s hand.

  • When you make bets, remove your hands immediately as the craps move fast. Don’t be the reason why the rolling of the dice is interrupted because of your hands. And the table has rails all around wherein you can store your chips there. Keep yours in front of you, so you can keep an eye on other gamblers who sneak chips.

  • If you’re the shooter, make sure to fling the dice hard enough to hit the far wall of the table. Because the supervisor table wants to see the dice up in the air but not too much force.

  • Cheer the shooter, and be as loud as you like, provided you’re betting with the shooter. But don’t pass bettors aren’t encouraged to do this. A gambler cheering with a “come on, seven” is likely to endure glares from the other gamblers in the table.

  • Don’t say the word “seven” once the point has been made because they believe that it is more likely to throw a seven. Most players commonly refer to seven as “it.”

  • Don’t ever hit anyone’s money with a dice whenever you roll. Because craps players think that it will induce seven and can even kill points that have been set.

  • If you’re a man, and a first-time crap player, don’t mention it. First-time male crap players as to what experts say are the unlucky ones because they believe that they are expected to seven-out quickly.

  • Meanwhile, if you are a woman and is a first-time crap player, you can mention it because they believed that first-time female craps players are the lucky ones. After you say it, you’ll notice the players will start to wage all kinds of money on the table. And what’s more surprising is that they might also ask to give you chips to bet with.

General Rules In Playing Craps In A Casino

1. When it’s your turn to roll the dice, try no to take too long, and you should wait for the dealer’s signal. Some drunk players hold the dice too long because they are wishing, shaking, or blowing the dice.

But this practice isn’t a good one as it may slow the game pace and create unnecessary suspense and drama. Remember just to do a few shakes and then roll the dice immediately.

Make sure that when you throw the dice, it reaches the end of the table and bounces to the triangular/felt. It is to ensure randomness and prevent someone from cheating.

2. Drinks and Foods are not allowed in a crap table because when it spills, it soaks in the cloth and can cause damage. But some casinos have cup holders under the rails of the craps tables. Smoking is also prohibited because dealers didn’t appreciate the ash spilling onto the craps table.

3. Most players believe that leaving after a successful come-out roll is a taboo, not illegal while playing craps. Because the shooter retains the right to keep rolling until he sevens out, but if the shooter leaves before the come-out roll, the next player should roll the dice with the Pit Posse’s permission.

4, It is okay to give tips to the dealer when a player wins. In craps, the correct thing to do when giving a tip is to drop some chips on the table. Then announce “for the house,” the dealer automatically understands it.


In general, playing craps in a casino also requires a strategy or a technique for you to win, just like in any casino games. Mentioned craps strategy above is some of those you can use and practice for a sure win at craps.

Remember that there are also craps etiquette and superstition that you should remember, especially if you are a beginner. And that there’s nothing wrong when you believe in it, because who knows it can bring you the luck you wanted.

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