How Do You Win At The Casino Every Time?

How Do You Win At The Casino Every Time?

The casino displays a fancy way of living, and most people are captured by its fanciness. Many people have their lives turned upside down because of the grandeur offered by the casino and gambling can be a fun outlet for your financial loss.

How do you win at the casino every time? You have to make a strategic game plan, never consume too many alcoholic drinks, choose what games to play, select a calmer table for smarter betting, and place higher bets.

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You will learn about how to effectively and consistently win in the casino by reading this article. At the same time, the methods in winning using the Gambler’s fallacy will be discussed in the article.

How To Win At The Casino

Winning in casinos is very challenging, as most of the games were based on your chances or luck. Here are some simple ways of winning in casino games:

Make A Strategic Game Plan

Before you step into the casino’s door, you have to be equipped with essential knowledge about it. For example, what are the common games found in a regular setting casino? Then, you have to allot a specific budget. Assumingly you didn’t win anything that night, how much money are you willing to compromise?

Setting up a budget list and a time frame for yourself could only indicate how far you’re willing to risk losing than winning. You have to create a mindset that once your budget is up, then you’re done for the day. Some casino players are using the “envelope method” wherein they separate their casino money from their house and work budget.

Control Your Alcohol

Controlling your alcoholic drinks is one of the most overlooked things when playing in the casino. You get the setting – fun, camaraderie, fancy people, and other enjoyable games that you can, you can never avoid the attractive spirit of alcoholic drinks. It can be tempting, but you have to control not to get over drunk because your mind will lose its focus on winning.

If you’re a regular client, the casino can offer you a lot of complimentary alcoholic drinks because they’re calculating the money a person can lose every day. When you’re already drunk, you can’t track the time anymore, and you’ll go ahead and gamble all your money without your knowledge. The next morning you knew, you have nothing left to offer for yourself, feed your family, or take another wild tour in the casino.

Choose What Games To Play

Probably, you’d be attracted to games that have flashy, bright lights on it, but don’t be deceived by it. Those kinds of games are the ones which can make you lose big time. One example is the Wheel of Fortune game, where it can be very flashy and attractive to the eyes, but the Wheel of Fortune is known to have the worst odds.

If you love playing slot machines, you also have to know that statistically, it has a much lower odds, therefore when you win, you can only get less money compared to other table games. Choosing the right slot machine will not only make you acquire more money, but you’ll have fun playing them.

Select A Calmer Table

As the game gets exciting, the crowd would also flock in to cheer. If you want to maintain your concentration and sanity, then you have to choose the calmer table for you to think of smarter bets. If you’re familiar with craps, it could get fast-paced before you know it and you need a peaceful mind to make a bet.

At the same time, when choosing a table, go somewhere where most players are foreign. If you’re playing at a local casino, then expect that many regular local players are visiting and playing.

By this level, you might not stand a chance against them, unless your expertise level is just the same as them. You also have to observe which table has the clumsiest players, so there are more chances for you to win the bet.

Place Higher Bets

The casino will always work in your favor if you place bigger bets. If you do, this can only mean one thing: higher payout. The many times you’ll place a bet with a bigger amount, the more percentage that you’ll gain more money. However, you should take note of the house advantage before placing your bets.

If the house edge is low, then it could mean that you have the highest chance of winning. However, if you’ll consider playing blackjack and the wheel of fortune, then it takes some serious skill to win.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s fallacy is very popular with every regular gambler, where it believes that casino gambling depends on mere chances and luck. This term is also called Monte Carlo’s Fallacy because of a memorable event that happened in Monte Carlo Casino in 1913. Here’s why you should learn about the Gambler’s Fallacy:

The Retrospective

Many types of research have engaged themselves if this fallacy has a similar bias with interferences. For example, this is observed when a gambler had multiple successive heads on a toss coin, yet still managed to win.

They are connecting The Gambler’s Fallacy with the Universe’s origin, wherein there might be a million of vast multi-universes occurred. However, only one universe has ceased or permitted to exist until now. The same with luck: upon many chances of getting different numbers or bets, yet it can only permit one side of the coin.

The Reverse Position

The Reverse Position is related to the Bayesian conclusion, which means that the gambler has to gamble consistently towards the number they’re betting. For example, in a coin toss setting, when the tail is consistently appearing, then most of the outcomes would appear as the tail. Believing that fate is favoring tails, then the gambler has no reason to change his bets to heads.

The Probability

Anyone can statistically conclude the probability of success. For example, the dice has 16 sides, then the possibility would be around 6.25%, whereas the probability of your loss would be 93.75%. When the player has lost by one toss, then his winning chance would drop by 2%. If he already accumulated five losses, then his winning would drop to 50%.

What Happened At The Monte Carlo Casino?

It was in August 1913m when the gambler’s fallacy came into reality, where the ball fell in 26 consecutive rows in black. Among all occurrences, this was the most unexpected and uncommon. Although it may sound controversial, the casino earned more than a million of francs when gamblers bet against black.

Can You Win In The Casino?

Yes, you can, and some so many people can attest to it. If you aimed to win big in the casino, you have to be wise enough to crack the game’s methods. Here are some other techniques in winning casino games:

Check The Dealer’s Procedures

The first thing that you have to check if the dealer’s procedure is being sloppy or tight. You may be able to notice in the way they behave in games. A tight dealer is precise, as the cards are closer to their body. They also have an excellent shuffling and card manipulating technique. On the other hand, a sloppy dealer is usually working on the first shift because they can be lucrative in handling cards.

Exploit The Dealer’s Procedures

You may be able to win consecutively when you know how to take advantage of the dealer’s procedures. When you develop some strategies on how to exploit the dealer’s handling, then it may come out very profitable in the end. You also have to study the complexity of the game and how it requires the aid of technology.

Live Players Have To Beat Computers

Although there are times that online casinos may be rigged, you have to learn the strategies to beat computers. You have to know that it’s filled with distractions, but you have to strategize about your betting amount, so you won’t lose much money even after you played too many games.

Look For A Sloppy Dealer

When you’re playing blackjack, you have to look for a dealer who’s sloppy enough to take the deal. Sometimes playing with the less experienced can give you a higher advantage to win more money. But you have to take note that what’s happening to the card has a difference from counting cards. The chances of having a sloppy dealer are when he would accidentally flash out cards.


With given circumstances, every game can be beaten. All you need to have is not only luck in your hands, but also some strategies to beat the game. In many ways, you can make more profits when you’ve become more responsible for yourself and your money. Casino games also need to advance intellect and crucial critical thinking for you to earn more money.

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