How Do You Win At Roulette Every Time?

How Do You Win At Roulette Every Time?

Roulette may be a straightforward game, yet many people are hooked in it. It is never a secret that roulette is one of the most anticipated and thrilling games in the casino, while some thought of it as the worst because they are playing with their fate. On the other hand, there are actual strategies that you can use in playing Roulette and win.

How do you win at roulette every time? There are 5 Roulette strategies that you can use. These strategies are called The Martingale, The Reverse Martingale, The D’alembert, The Fibonacci, and The James Bond Roulette Strategies.

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In this article, you will learn about the different strategies to win Roulette. You’ll also read some things about the characteristics you’ll have to possess while playing roulette.

The Strategies In Playing Roulette

Even though you’re challenging your luck in this game, there are still some tricks that you can use to play Roulette. Here are the five strategies that can apply to you:

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

Many Roulette experts have been using this strategy because you can recover your losses easily. You will have to get a table where you can only bet at a minimum amount. By betting least, you’ll have a chance where you will lose the bet.

If you win, you can keep your winnings and place a bet again with the same minimum amount. However, if you lose, then you should double your wager while placing the same bet again.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

It would be the complete opposite of the Martingale Strategy, where you will increase your bet when you win while decreasing it when you lose. There is a table that allows you to either max out or minimize your bet.

If you win, you have to double your bet and if you lose, strategically lower down to your original bet. This idea will keep you losing a large amount of money because everything has to do with timing. You need to control your thirst to stop playing when you consecutively lose the game.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

It is a perfect and safer alternative than the other two strategies mentioned above. The thing that you’ll have to do is to increase your wager when you lose and do otherwise when you win.

If you have an equal number of winnings and losses, then you can leave the table immediately. For instance, when you bet $10.00 on red and lose, you have to bet on the same color for $11.00. When you win this time, you go back to $10.00.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

It is based on the Italian mathematician principles named Leonardo of Pisa, who originated the Fibonacci sequence.

The sequence would be the first two numbers, meaning the sequence should be 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, meaning you have to add first two numbers which are 1 and 1, equals 2, then you add the sum to the number preceding the sum so that it will equal to 3.

However, following this strategy will only gain you more losses than wins.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

This strategy is based on a famous movie called “James Bond,” where it allows you to win a significant amount of money. But you need to prepare at least $200.00 to play. The mechanics for this strategy is simple, yet a very big risk.

All you have to do is to place the largest portion on the numbers 19 to 36 while betting only at least $50.00 from number 13 to 18. The remaining amount should be placed on the insurance, or number 0.

Characteristics While Playing Roulette

A successful roulette player must possess some qualities that others don’t. Aside from challenging your luck, you also have to be passive in playing because some players are looking out for your next strategy. Here is the list of characteristics that you need to have for yourself so you can play Roulette successfully.

Do Not Be Aggressive

It is the most fundamental rule in playing Roulette. Take time to find the right table and observe how other players play. When you finally decide for the roulette table, you’ll let the wheel spin before you make your first bet.

It may look unimportant, yet it’s a good practice to be observant of other players. It’s also great if you could only take a minimal amount of alcohol.

Be Unpredictable

You have to refrain from being aggressive because you might be revealing your strategies to your co-players. Be unpredictable by not talking too much, yet it’s also important that you get along to them well.

However, some tables have aggressive players because things might be heated when fate shows them unfavorable results. You have to also stay away from troublemakers.

Practice The Game Online

It’s always better to practice Roulette at home online so that you can understand the game better. There are free trial games available online, where you can see a life-like live dealer, payout structure, roulette wheel, and a table structure. While you’re playing online, it’s time to understand everything about it.

Be Strategic

These strategies won’t be developed if not applied wisely. Among these five strategies mentioned above, you have to decide what would be the best strategy that you can use your money to either save money or to win more. It’s also best if you’re responsible for handling your money so that you won’t lose more.

Be In Control

One of the biggest roulette players is not in control of their money. They’ll choose to bet until there’s nothing left in their pockets. Understand that there is a higher chance of losing playing Roulette because you can’t easily predict the outcome.

Using the strategies above can be very helpful, but you’ll take all the benefits if you know how to control yourself.


Roulette is a game of fate, and the only way you can play it is by using strategies to predict the outcome. Most importantly, you have to be wise in betting, so you won’t have to loan for another set of Roulette games or be bankrupt.

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