How Do You Play Wizard Of Odds Craps?

How Do You Play Wizard Of Odds Craps?

Wizard of Odds Craps can be very intimidating to newbies, where players have to choose a hundred different kinds of bets. The language used and how fast-pace the requirements are too much for the beginners, so they have to learn it meticulously first.

How do you play wizard of odds craps? You can play Wizard of Odds Craps by buying bets and leaving winning bets up. You’ll also have to learn some terms, such as the House Edge and The Pass, to comprehend the game.

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In this article, you will learn how to play Wizard of Odds Craps easily and the things you’ll have to remember in understanding the game.

How To Play Wizard Of Odds Craps

Although this game is too technical to learn, there are still two things that you need to remember, until you can grasp the whole game.

Buy Bets

Each number pays the better odds, and only the sequence 3-4-5x odds are allowed. When you lay your bets, there’s a commission of about 5%, depending on your winnings. For instance, to simplify the essence of the game, you only need to offer one per number, instead of buying bets.

Leave Winning Bets Up

The player will have to leave the option “Leave Winning Bets Up,” for the purpose that the only ones who won will return and the first wagers will re-bet. However, the bets can be taken down by shift-clicking.

When you place your bet, you won’t take down the pass and bets because it’s already recorded, and it is certainly not allowed.

Things To Remember In Playing Wizard Of Odds Craps

You will also need to learn words to understand the game. It may be a difficult game, yet you can only learn it fast in the most general way.

The House Edge

Craps is complicated and offers different kinds of bets, as some would take many rolls instead of one. House edge means the ratio of the potential number of players’ loss versus the initial wager.

You’ll have to calculate the rolls that resolve a bet until you’re allowed to place a bet at any time. The three things you need to remember more is the count pushes, not counting pushes and the per roll.

The Pass

It is the most basic thing you will ever learn in craps, where every player can bet on one number. This kind of bet will tell if it’s off when the roll came out to have a black marker; however, if the roll comes out as a 7 or 11, you can win even money.

If the roll is 2,3, or 12, you’ll lose the bet, while the other numbers are called the “point.” Remember never to make a pass after the roll.


Even though the game itself is presented as complicated, but there are simple ways to learn it. Experience is the best teacher to make you learn the whole mechanics of the game. If you’re still confused about playing Wizard of Odds Craps, you can research it over the internet.

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