How Do You Play Craps Like A Pro?

How Do You Play Craps Like A Pro?

There is more to a casino than camaraderie and fun, yet a live casino floor can bring out competitiveness and surprises to all its clients. Playing Craps is one of the most exciting casino games, and it will surely give you a rollercoaster ride when you play it. Usually, in a casino setting, they designed Craps as something that discourages professional casino players from playing because they have the full advantage of winning the game.

How do you play craps like a pro? All you have to do is to memorize these techniques until you can come up with your own. These techniques are called Pass Line Wager, Don’t Pass Line wager, Full Odds, and Play Online Craps.

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In this article, you will be able to learn about how to play craps like a pro, the different kinds of betting in craps, and some useful craps tips to make you a successful craps player.

How To Play Craps Like A Pro

Like any other casino game, craps also have houses built-in. However, what made craps different from other casino games is the bet doesn’t have a house edge.

Professional players know about this fact, so they’re using special strategies to win this game. Here are the four infamous strategies that the pros are using:

Pass Line Wager

This technique would make you more educated and vigilant about house advantages. A pass line wager has a consistent value for the house edge of about 1.41%, where the rate is so much lower than other casino games.

It would also take some rolled dice to resolve, so you can bet as long as you’d like. However, the pass line bet is only beset for odds bet because of its design. For you to be able to make the best bet, you have to compromise by making until the third-best available wager.

Don’t Pass Line Wager

The second thing that you can do is using the Don’t Pass Line wager, where the house edge is about 1.36%, which is the best and the smallest wager in the casino.

Although most players would prefer the Pass Line Wager technique instead of the Don’t Pass Line Wager, this technique can make you bet anything that you want.

For instance, if your worth is about $100,000.00 a year, and you could make around 1000 bets for $100.00, then you’ll never even regret losing five cents per bet.

Full Odds

The best that you can consider in playing craps is the Full Odds Technique, where you can make an odds bet by placing your chips behind your Don’t Pass Line wager.

Everything will be based on your original line bet so that you can make a larger odds wager. For example, the most common odds bet allowance is permissible up to 10 times. Regardless of the maximum bet amount you’ve made, you should take the bankroll maximum limit as well.

Play Online Craps

You’re always welcome to play online casinos anytime you want, without the hassle of traveling back and forth to the live casino. You can practice and master the mechanics of Live Craps by playing online craps, where it’s more complicated because it can be fixed.

Although they can be entirely different via the family atmosphere, yet the mechanics are very much the same. Online craps also have a house edge that’s difficult to beat down, but you’ll have to check your paces when you play online.

How To Bet On Craps

Betting is the essential thing that you should consider because it involves a handful of money. In craps, you should have propositions on what kind of craps bets and strategies you’re going to use. These propositions, or commonly called prop bets, will expire as soon as you roll the dice from the shooter. Even though this is riskier, yet the payouts are unimaginably higher.

Come Bets

This kind of bet can have a house edge of 1.41% with a 1:1 ratio for the payout odds. Players can make this bet with the condition if the Pass Line has already been determined.

The “Come Bet” is the same as the Pass Line but may differ in on the shooter landing on either 7 or 11. You can only be lost if the craps number landed on 2, 3, or 12, while the rest of the numbers can be called Point for the next roll.

Don’t Come Bets

This type of wager is the total opposite of the “Come Bet” wherein the dice should land on either 2 or 3. Just in case the dice will land 12, then it will be considered as a tie while numbers before 7 would be the cue to collect payouts.

Just like the mechanics in “Don’t Pass Line”, the house edge for Don’t Come Bets would be 1.36% with the ratio of 1:1 payout odds.

The Field Bets

The house edge over the Field Bets is higher compared to the rest of the wagers because it can reach up to 5.5% with an unimaginable payout odds of 2:1. The Field Bet is only a one-roll bet that can make you win or lose big time in just a single roll.

When choosing this bet, you must remember the probability of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12, because the rest of the numbers are not in the field.

Place Bets

You have to be wise in placing your bets, and this can only be made when the point number has been determined already. The house edge would come in different percentages, as well as the payout offs.

You have to be careful before a 7 because as for the casino beliefs, it is considered bad luck while in Craps, it could mean that it doesn’t stand for a repeated roll.

Buy Bets

It is quite similar to place bets that the shooter has to make a landing before a 7. If the buy bets win, then the player would be able to get a house edge of almost 5% or less if the casino agrees that you can take a commission on winning bets.

Many casinos are using this bet, yet can only charge the commission before the dice rolls. In this case, Buy Bets can be utterly fluid and more extravagant.

Useful Tips For Playing Craps

Craps is undoubtedly one of the most favorite casino games by several millions of people. Some of them, however, viewed Craps as a game of luck, so either winning or losing will solely depend on the player’s luck. Nevertheless, to become a successful casino player, you have to follow these useful tips:

Be Consistent

Just like any other game, people still have to practice it so that they can perfect it. In the world of Craps, it calls for a holistic approach and perseverance to comprehend the whole game completely.

You have to be consistent in learning how to play Craps. Remember, this is an extremely fast-paced game, and most beginners find it difficult to cope with the game speed.

Memorizing the bet types and the game jargon would help you not to confuse things. You can also choose two options where you can go to a gaming store where you can buy a Craps table layout or sign up online and play in a fun mode for free. Either way can help you practice your Craps skills.

Bet Minimally

The amount of your bet should always depend on the size of your bankroll, but you should take note that money can either be won or lost easily. When you are starting the game with the initial bankroll of $100.00, you should start playing with just only $1.00 – $5.00.

You should control yourself from placing a high amount because you might lose consecutively until you have nothing to bet with. Players are being suggested to use 1% of their starting bankroll to avoid losing too much money.

Understand The House Edge

House Edge has always been an essential aspect of Craps. Although this has been a game of luck, with a negative expectation value game, still it made a largely positive impact on your overall profits.

For beginners, you have to follow the 3% Rule for you to be able to learn about the game and for experience’s purposes. However, if the house edge gives more than 3%, then beginners should stay away from the table to avoid losing too much money.

Control Your Time

Playing Craps is very enjoyable and entertaining, but you also have the responsibility to control your time. Some of them are very reluctant in leaving the table, especially when they’re winning.

Regardless of what other people might think, you must have a rule for yourself when to leave or stay at the table. It is considered as the most effective technique not to lose so much money. 

Redeem Bonuses And Other Points

When you are engaged in online gaming, then you should know that there are many redeem bonuses that you could claim to add to your bankroll.

For instance, in an online casino setting, it aims to attract numerous potential clients by offering them deposit bonuses where they can take back 100% of their first deposit.

Additionally, they also have some Loyalty-based programs where players are being encouraged to stay with the company. Every cent of real-money wager that you earned can be converted to points or free casino chips so you can play.

Redeeming bonuses and other points are meant to intensify your play and to experiment to learn the game completely.

Set Aside Your Profits

When you have enough profits, then you’ll be reasonable enough to walk away from the table. By gaining profits, you have to separate it from your initial bankroll, so you don’t have to waste more money on one sitting.

It is essential because you might lose your patience after knowing that you’ve lost all your money at the table. Consider keeping cash for yourself, and whatever you earned, you shall keep.

Craps For Beginners

For beginners, Craps would be an interesting game because it’s complicated and entertaining. There is more to playing craps than entertainment, but it’s more on earning bigger money when you know the mechanics and the maths of it.

Craps Is Math

You should know that this game is muttering our numbers that you should predict and this has to come with a unique strategy. There are also some situations where your co-players or the shooter has to lower the house edge.

It may cause you disappointment, yet it happens all the time in Craps. At the same time, this is a highly social game where you’ll get a lot of cheers from people swarming around your table when you win.

Set A Toss Limit

If only you have unlimited money, then you can never set a limit toss. As mentioned, you always have to base everything on your initial bankroll. You have to stick to your original budget plan.

For instance, if you have $200.00 in your bankroll, this is the only amount that you have to spend, no more and no less. You’ll eventually see how much control you have if you follow your limit.

Control Your Balance

It is just the same as setting a toss limit. Controlling your balance means seeing the possibilities of losing at the end of the game, yet the good thing about this is you’re never exhausting your funds. It is only a mind-trick that you can use to control yourself from overspending.

Never Chase The Losses

One great problem of some casino players is that they’re all about house edges. Since you’ve learned to control your balance, then quitting the game when you’ve had so many losses should be the best thing that you can do for yourself.

In the long run, you may never know how much losses you’ll gain if you continue playing the game.

Quit The Game If You’re In The Advantage

Winning is fun and never exhausting. However, you’re there in the casino to make more gains than losses. If you’ve gained enough, then it’s better to stop and walk away from the table. Since you don’t know the probability of winning, then the longer you stay, the more possibilities of losing.

Always Take The Odds Bet

Betting on the Odds has zero house edge, and this would be happening on a rare occasion. You have to take advantage of this situation while you can and bet against the dice.

For instance, the Pass Line Bets that usually have 1.41% house edge and the Don’t Pass Line Bets only have 1.36%. If the house edge gets you a 0.05% difference, then you’ll have to take this chance, as long as you’re prepared to get your co-players into winning.

Observe Professional Players

As a beginner, you should always look up to those experts who most of the time, single-handedly win the game. You have to spot someone who has a massive pile of chips on the table and mimic his style.

You can also use their experience by thoroughly observing them, to keep you in advantage. But don’t observe them for so long, because you might appear impolite.

Follow Your Instincts

It’s always great when someone is guiding you, and if you’re hearing some lines like, “You’re really lucky today” or “Work out your luck today.” Don’t try to give in to everyone’s idea of luck, because it’s your money you’re spending, to begin with. If you are in doubt, then it’s better to follow your instinct.

Craps Etiquettes

Certainly, there are lots of social etiquettes that you should consider following to keep you going in the game. Craps Etiquette is very important because it keeps you out of trouble and it avoids you from offending each other.

You will be joining some unfamiliar people, so you also have to be careful with your actions.

When Placing Bets

If you’re making either Pass or Don’t Pass Bets, then the odds bets may be backing them. You have to remember that craps are fast-moving and you don’t want to interfere with the game, just because you’re slow or when you’re deflecting the dice in your hands.

Avoid sneaking the chip when your co-players are not looking at you.

Odds For One-Roll Proposition

Odd Bets pays on numbers 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11. Because of its popularity, many people are betting on it. But the house edge has to increase its house edge up to 5.6%.

On a ratio of 3:1 on the 12, then the house edge will go down to 2.7%. It is not a good craps house edge either, yet you’ll have to play it down once you’ve taken the bet.

Gambling Jurisdiction

If you have a $100.00 as an initial bankroll, then you have to calculate the possibilities as to how many rolls you are going to play. Gambling jurisdictions have $1.00 with proposition bets and can go down as little as $0.25, and some would go $5.00.

It will eventually hurt your bankroll if you’ve finished off your $100.00 in no time.


Craps are something that you can enjoy when you try to learn one by one. As an avid Craps player, you have to develop your patience in learning and getting with its environment for more exciting play.

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