How Do You Play Craps For Beginners?

How Do You Play Craps For Beginners?

A crap game is one of the oldest popular games popular at American and European casinos. Because it offers the players different types of betting options, but if you’re a beginner, it is complicated. Though it may seem simple to answer, crap is a serious game, whether on online or land-based gamblers.

How do you play craps for beginners? The best way that a crap beginner is to start knowing the rules. Then knowing the different bets available you can use in this game and some craps etiquettes, too.

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As you read on, we’ll enumerate the essential factors that you need to know if you’re a craps beginner. We will also list some craps etiquette that you should remember as a craps beginner.

Start With The Rules

As a crap beginner, the first thing to know first is the rules. Rules include the shooting of the dice, bets, and odds. In online craps, you will have a chance to look through the table with the rules. In land-based casinos, remember that no one will help you as a player, so better learn those rules.

Craps is a dice game that is played with two six-sided normal dice. The gambler doesn’t play against other players, instead of with casinos or to what they call a bank.

Beginners should focus on the Pass Line, and the Don’t Pass Line. Remember that these are the two main essential rules that beginners should know.

Two Essential Bets For Craps Beginners

As a beginner, you should only know a few bets when playing craps, and the most common is the Pass Line bet. This bet is on the outside of the table, and it creates a border around the layout.

The bet is trying to tell you that the dice will “pass,” meaning win. When you bet, it means you’re betting with the shooter, and you hope that he can hit their points.

The pass line bet will pay you even money, which means when you bet $10, you’ll win $10. Meanwhile, in a Don’t Pass The Line Bet, you’re expecting that the shooter won’t pass their bets on the pass line. And your wish is granted because the shooter wouldn’t want to pass.

In the don’t pass the line bet, you will have the chance to place your bet on the bar 12. You expect the rolled dice to land on 2, 3, or 12, which is when you win, which means when the dice land on 7 or 11, you’ll lose.

When you place this bet, you’ll have the opportunity to make a bet on don’t pass free odds aside from your original don’t pass bet.

Different Bets That A Beginner Should Learn When Playing Craps

1. Come and Don’t Come Bets

These are like the pass line, and they don’t pass the line bets. What is different with this is it is placed after the point is established. We know that this is confusing.

That is why we recommend understanding the concept of these before betting fully. If the first roll after you placed a bet is a 7 or 11, then your wager wins. But if it’s a 2,3, or 12, it means that you lose.

In case there are other numbers rolled, then this will be your point for a come wager. For example, if the rolled is a 5, then this will become your point.

Your wafer will stay in place and will win if a 5 is rolled again. But if a 7 is rolled, then it means that you lose. A come bet is a personalized pass line bet because you get to establish your point number in the first roll after being placed.

On the other hand, the don’t come bet is like the personalized don’t pass be. You will lose if a 7 or 11 comes out in the first roll after you place it. But it’ll be a win if a 2 or 3 is rolled. These bets have the same payout of 1:1 when they win. 

2. Odds Bets

It is a bet that is like the side bets that can be made after you established a point. These are the extensions of the main four bets: the pass line, don’t pass, come odd, and the don’t come odds.

In this, you’ll place a pass line odds bets to Compellent on your pass line bet. Then followed by the point you’ve already established.

You’ll win if the point is rolled before a 7, but you lose if a is rolled. The only advantage of this bet is that it pays out at true odds whenever you win. And the payout may vary depending on what the point is.

3. Place Win Bet

In this bet, it is made after a come-out roll when you established a point. It’s either with these numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. You’ll win if you choose a number that is rolled before a 7. Like in the odds bets, the payout will also vary depending on the number you want.

Here is the payout for the corresponding numbers:

  • 6 or 8 payout is 7:6
  • 5 or 9 payout is 7:5
  • 4 or 10 payout is 9:5

4. Buy Bet

In a buy bet, it is the same as a place win when you bet on a specific number to be rolled before a 7. The only difference is that it pays higher with a trade-off, which you’ll be spending a 5% commission.

There are some casinos that the commission is payable whenever you place your stake. And there are also some casinos that it’s payable only if you win.

Also, take note of this payout, as it varies depending on the chosen number.

  • 6 or 8 payout is 6:5
  • 5 or 9 payout is 3:2
  • 4 or 10 payout is 2:1

5. Place Lose Bet

It is the opposite of the place winning bets. They have the same choice of number but with a place to lose, and you will win if a 7 is rolled before your chosen number. Here are the payouts for this bet:

  • 6 or 8 payout is 4:5
  • 5 or 9 payout is 5:8
  • 4 or 10 payout is 5:11

6. Lay Bet

It is the opposite of the buy bet but also comes with a 5% commission. With this, you’re betting on a 7, which is being rolled before a specific number as the place loses. It pays higher than a place to lose, and it varies on the chosen numbers

  • 6 or 8 payout is 5:6
  • 5 or 9 payout is 2:3
  • 4 or 10 payout is 1:2

7. Field Bet

It is a type of bet that is settled on the next roll. If you bet on a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12, you will win, but you will lose if on s 5, 6,7, or 8. In this bet, the payout is 1:1 and pays double of 2:1 when a 2 or 12 is rolled.

8. Big 6 and 8

This bet is considered the most straightforward and pays even money of 1:1 if you win. A big 6 wins if any 6 is thrown before a 7. It also wins at big 8 if any 8 is thrown before a 7.

9. Hardway Bet

When they say a number is rolled as doubled, then it is the hard way. For example, a hard 8, is a double of a 4. You can still bet on an of a hard 4, hard 6, 8, or a hard 10. If any of these hard numbers are rolled before a 7, then it means that you win.

Like in any other bet, the payout also depends on the number you chose.

  • 4 or 10 payout is 7:1
  • 6 or 8 payout is 9:1

10. Proposition Bet

Different proposition bets are available in craps games. All are said to be settled on the next roll. Compared with the other bets mentioned above, this bet has the higher payouts. But the house edge is also higher, that is why many wouldn’t recommend using this bet.

Here is the corresponding payout that awaits you when you win:

  1. If in any 7, the payout is 4:1, you will win if a 7 is rolled next.
  2. If in any 11, the payout is 15:1, you will win if 11 is rolled next.
  3. Any craps, the payout is 7:1, you will win if any of 2, 3, or 12 is rolled next.
  4. Ace Deuce payout is 15:1, wins if 3 is rolled next.
  5. Boxcar payout is 30:1; you will win if a 12 is rolled next.

Craps Etiquettes For Beginners That You Should Remember

We understand that as a crap player beginners, you will feel awkward towards the other players. But don’t worry as we listed some craps etiquette that might help you overcome this feeling.

Don’t Buy-during The Middle Of A Roll

When you approach the table, cash-in-hand, and don’t buy-in in the middle of a roll. When I say middle of a roll, it is when the dice is in the air, because it is evident that you might interrupt the momentum.

You just need to watch and wait for your turn and mind your spot in the order. The only exception here is that when you have a hard-way bet, and the dealer forgets it, you can follow-up in a nice way.

You can ask for the payout after the standard bets have been paid and make sure to speak up before the dice are given to the shooter.

Remember That Only Hand On A Dice

Whether you’re choosing which dice to pick, or holding them to throw, remember to use only one hand. It’s to ensure that you won’t be cheating, like introducing a new pair of dice.

That’s why dealers and pit bosses are a keen observer to ensure that there will be no unscrupulous players by using their second hand.

There are reports before that cheaters use their second hand to switch the original dice to a phony, manipulated or weighted dice.

Identify Whose Personnel In-Charge With Craps

A Crap game involves money out of any standard casino game, that is why a team of workers is managing it. There are four standard teams, but there are some that have a 5th member.

Each employee is responsible for different parts of the game, like collecting bets and controlling the game’s tempo. Aside from the dealer and the pit bosses, it includes the box person and the stick person.

The box person is responsible for keeping the tabs on the game, guarding, and stashing the betting table. They sit on the side of the table and are the closest to the pit. This employee wears a suit and a tie. Meanwhile, the stick person sits on the opposite side of the table.

They are called the stick person because they carry and use a stick to push the dice around. This employee can control the game’s tempo, helps the players place their bet on the number, and calls out for the game results.

There are at least two at every busy craps table because they’re in charge of the money, converting cash and paying out to winning players.

Stand Behind The Pass Line

As a crap beginner player, remember that there are 3/4 of the table’s outer edge. That is the pass line area. The stick person is opposite to it, so you won’t reason out why you are behind it.

As a player, be responsible enough to where you’re allowed to stand. For you to not be confused, it is labeled in big letters, meaning it’s visible no matter where you stand.

There is also a don’t pass bar above the pass line, which is related to the betting option. It’s for the players who wish to bet against the shooter.

Get Chips On The Table Before Playing

You should remember that as a crap player, you shouldn’t handle the money directly to the dealer. Instead, visit the casino’s exchange counter or speak to one of the dealers at the craps table.

Then, set your money on the table, and ask for a change. Remember that no matter what happens, dealers aren’t allowed to get the money directly from your hand.

Avoid Cheering If You’re Bet Is On The Don’t

Experts players called the players on the don’t pass or don’t come bets the dark side bettors. Because the crap players are mostly betting on betting the pass, come or at the proposition bets.

There’s nothing wrong with betting on the don’t side bet. However, it’s inappropriate to exclaim the excitement you feel while the others are lost.

Ask For Dealer’s Help To Place Your Bet

Especially if you are a beginner in crap, it is a good way to ask them for help. Especially if that place is an off-limits spot on the table, they will be glad to help you with it.

Off-limit spots are when you want a proposition bet in the middle of the table while the numbers are on the stick person’s side. You can toss the chips into the open then ask the dealer’s helping hand to move it to the proper space.

Also, remember to put away your two hands from the table area. Also, keep your remaining chips on the rail, which is in the elevated edge round of the table.

You should keep an eye too on all chips on the table and your chips. Because you know, there are players on the lookout on how to knock someone else’s stack.

Don’t Forget To Tip The Dealer

It is one appropriate doing that a player should remember- the dealer’s tip. Whether you lose or win, it is better to tip the dealer because remember that there are the ones that assisted you. Some would say that you can tip them with cash or a chip, but some would prefer to make a bet for the dealer.

Keep Calm It’s Just A Game

We know that crap is one intimidating game with so many bet terminologies and instructions. But, remember that it is just a game like blackjack, roulette, tennis, chess, or baseball. In all forms of games, you need to learn how to play it, and you shouldn’t think twice about playing it if you want to learn.

One of the reasons you think playing crap is difficult is its size and the number of bets on the layout. Though there are two sides to a crap table, now that these two played the same game, the reason that there are two sides to it, so there are many people who can fit.

If you’re confused with the layouts, don’t be because both sides are the same.


In general, a crap game may seem complicated, but when you get to learn those, it’s sure that you’ll love this game like the others. We listed the different bets that a crap beginner player can try because we know it will help you.

Though it may seem knowledge overload to you, remember that it is only a guide. It is a guide to help you cope with the game and a reminder that crap is like any other game that needs strategies.

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