How Do You Get Free Money On FanDuel?

How Do You Get Free Money On FanDuel?

Everybody loves free money. There are several ways you can get free money on online betting sites like FanDuel. You only have to be resourceful and know how to look.

How do you get free money on FanDuel? The site offers its users a ton of freebies. You can get free money through sign up bonuses, referral bonuses, and promo codes. Getting free money on FanDuel is not as hard as you think.

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This article will provide an outline of various ways on how you can get free money on FanDuel. Aside from that, it will tell you what you need to do to get these freebies successfully.

Free Money On FanDuel

You don’t need to have a hard time to get bonuses and earn easy cash. Here are the varying ways on how you can get free money on FanDuel:

New User Registration Bonus

It is the easiest way to get free money on the site if you’re not a member yet. All you have to do is to sign up as a new user.

As a new user, you are eligible to get a free $10. Upon registration, you will get free money and also when you make your first deposit. You automatically get $5 added to your account once you set up a profile. Then, after you make a deposit, you will get an additional $5. There is no minimum deposit amount.

The first $5 from signing up will be officially credited to your account within 72 hours. Your next free $5 will be added immediately. Take note that this bonus expires after 14 days. You have to use it within that time frame, or it will disappear from your account.

Referral Bonus

Another way to earn free money on FanDuel is through referrals. Each user gets their unique referral code. It is among the best ways to get free money on the site.

For every friend you refer, you get $10. Your friend also gets $10 in addition to the free $10 for signing up and making their first deposit. However, the money will not be instantly credited to your accounts.

To successfully obtain the referral bonus, your referral has to meet the eligibility requirements. It means they have to play at least $10 in contests. They also have to verify their account within 30 days of registration.

Remember that you can only have five referrals each month. You do not get bonuses for referrals after your fifth one. To recruit people, you can send your referral link to your contacts through email. Other ways include sharing the link to your social media pages and setting up your leagues.

Promo Codes And Coupons

Sometimes, FanDuel will have promotions to treat their users. You can get extra money for making deposits with special promo codes. FanDuel might also offer coupons so you can get discounts. The downside to this is FanDuel does not do these promotions very often.


There are several ways to get free money on FanDuel. Registration bonuses, referral bonuses, and promo codes are just a few examples. The site may even offer new types of freebies in the future.

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