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Casino Dice

Craps is a game in the casino where participants put wagers on dice rolls. This game can be advantageous to have significant sides of the dice face up more often than others. Frequently, these dice have some secret internal weight that affects how they roll and land.

Are casino dice fair? Casino dice are and should always be fair. They have people testing dice to ensure that no cheating is happening. Regardless of what other people say and what angle you look at it, casinos win at every bet.

There are many questions about casino dice and craps, which I will answer in this article. You will also find out how to cheat at craps, but I am not suggesting that you do it. You will find out why.

Casino Dice

Casino dice are standard dice, but they are made with extreme precision.

  1. They are weighted so that no particular side is heavier or lighter than another.
  2. The corners are not round.
  3. They are sharp.
  4. Their measurements must be precise to the nearest 0.0005 inches.

The dice used in casinos are typically translucent. There is an imprint of the casino logo on the side with a single circle. They can also have a serial number.

The casinos take meticulous care of their dice for one particular reason. They want the dice to be fair, meaning that any number has an equal chance of appearing. They don’t want a dice that favors a particular number.

Testing Casino Dice

You have a one-in-six chance of rolling any given number when you roll a perfect six-sided die.

However, by marginally altering the die, you can improve the chances of making the die land in the desired position. You can also make a certain number more likely to land face up on any given roll.

There is a significant amount of money on the line at many of the world’s most prestigious casinos. No wonder that players are willing to try a variety of strategies to improve their chances.

Drilling a small hole behind the dots and filling it with metal, for example, produces primed dice. It means the unaltered side is more likely to land face up.

A floater exists by removing a small amount of material from one or more sides of a die. However, they do not add any additional weight. But regardless, the same concept applies — the lighter side is more likely to land face up.

When you change the dimensions of the dice, you get flats. It means the dice are more likely to roll onto one of the two larger sides.

Dice must be held under lock and key before the tables open for business. The pit boss then hands the die to the box person, who must then complete a series of tests.

The Box Person

  1. He starts with a visual inspection. He makes sure that all opposing sides add up to seven. He also ensures that each die has the casino’s name, logo, and serial number on it.

  2. After ensuring that these fundamentals are in place, he examines the item more closely. He needs to ensure no apparent flaws, such as nicks, burrs, additional spots, or markings. These flaws are also a way to cheat. A skilled box person can also tell if anything is wrong based on the depth of the dots.

The box person has several methods to complete the testing process if the dice pass the visual inspection.

  1. He measures each side of the die with an electronic micrometer to make sure it’s the right size — no flats.

  2. He places the die in a balancing caliper. It guarantees that all sides of the die are evenly weighted, and there are no floaters or loaded dice.

  3. He may use a steel set square to make sure all of the corners and edges are square. He also uses a simple magnet that can expose any extra metal.

Craps Cheats & Cheaters

The most obvious way to cheat at craps would be to use a set of loaded dice. Casinos, on the other hand, are well aware of this trick. They demand that the dice be visible at all times when in your possession.

Any sleight-of-hand experts may be able to swap a loaded pair of dice with the casino’s dice. They may even influence the game’s result, but he’d have to be highly talented and qualified. There’s no room for error here. If you make a mistake and get caught, the casino will pursue you.

Some players use past posting to gain an advantage over casinos. The term refers to making a wager after discovering the game’s outcome. It’s also known as late betting.

The problem is that there are many assigned people at a table. All of them are there to keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t try any past posting tricks. If security catches you, you’ll get a stern warning and humiliation at the very least.

You can cheat at craps, but I highly discourage it. Casinos ban cheaters – they will never tolerate one.

Loaded Dice

The use of loaded dice is the most popular way of cheating at craps. Casinos have strict countermeasures in place to discourage the use of loaded dice.

However, cheaters still use shady tools in private games to gain an advantage over the other players.

Types Of Loaded Dice


Floaters are dice that have had a part of the die hollowed out to adjust the weighting. The die’s hollow section will be off-center to skew the die’s rolling properties in a specific direction.

When placed in a glass of water, these weighted Craps dice float rather than sink, giving them their name.


Tappers are ready to go. Craps dice that have a special chamber built into them. This chamber has the appearance of a dumbbell. Half of the dumbbell is in the middle. The other half is in one of the corners of the die.

A small amount of mercury is present in the dumbbell chamber. The mercury is placed in the center of the die by default, causing the die to behave appropriately.

The mercury advances into the chamber of the dumbbell in the corner as you tap on the die. The way the die rolls and lands is altered as a result of this.

A small weight attached to a thin internal wire is used in some tappers. When the wire is tapped, the weight shifts to the opposite side. To reduce noise, small rubber bumpers usually are attached to the weight. Tapers of all forms are defective.

Semi-solid material

A semi-solid material is used within another kind of weighted loaded Craps dice. This substance must have a melting point close to that of your body. Wax is commonly used as a substance.

When the cheater holds the die in his palm, the wax inside melts. It shifts the die to the side that is facing down. It allows the cheater to alter the die in whatever way he wants. It increases the odds of his preferred side facing up when the die is rolled.

Stationary weight

A stationary weight is contained inside some weighted Craps dice. A heavy metal, like gold, silver, or lead, is commonly used for weight.

This weight is put just inside one or more of the die’s black dots. It enables a transparent die to be weighted without being seen by an untrained eye.

The only way to tell whether a die is weighted is to look at it closely. Look for a pip that is slightly deeper than the rest. Iced dice, on the other hand, are weighted dice with a stationary piece of lead inside. These dice ought to be transparent.

Do Casinos Use Loaded Dice?

Casinos do not use loaded dice to rig craps games in casinos. They don’t have any reason to do so. The house has an insurmountable statistical lead on all bets except one at the craps table.

They don’t need to cheat. In reality, cheating is highly discouraged because they risk losing their gambling license and going out of business.

Why You Should Not Cheat At Craps

It’s against the law to cheat at Craps or any other casino game. Cheating at a casino is a felony in most states. Casino cheating is commonly viewed as fraud, even though laws in other jurisdictions are less strict.

In either event, cheating at Craps and getting caught would result in a ban from the casino. You can even face substantial penalties and possible jail time.

Many casinos used sophisticated surveillance devices to identify cheaters and immediately recognize a suspected cheater entering a casino.

It should be self-evident that using loaded weighted dice to cheat at craps isn’t worth it. Even the most inexperienced Craps dealers can immediately suspect foul play.

As a result, it’s uncommon to see Craps players trying to cheat. If you think a player at your Craps table is attempting to cheat, you can report them to the casino right away.


Casinos have no excuse, in my opinion, not to use equally balanced dice. No matter how you bet, the casinos have a chance to win. It’s a game with a pessimistic expectation, and the casino has an advantage.

If a casino uses unbalanced dice, players will be able to tell right away. They would begin playing the way the dice are falling, which will cause a significant amount of loss in the casino.

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