Don’t Think You Can Get Away With Loaded Dice | Here Is Why

Loaded Dice

Dice are a common pastime for many people, and these games of chance are just as contaminated with deception as any other form of gambling. Even with equal or truthful dice, cheating is possible.

Are loaded dice illegal? There are dice rigged to win or lose, and the cheater switches dice into the game with a sleight of hand. Since they raise the user’s take or benefit, people call them percentage dice. Of course, loaded dice are illegal in casinos.

Aside from being illegal in casinos, loaded dice are not legal in all types of competitive settings. I will discuss more loaded dice and other cheating methods used in casino dice. However, I do not encourage you to do so since this is only for additional topic knowledge.

Cheating At Casino With Dice And Other Methods

Craps is the most famous casino game that uses dice, and perfect dice are also known as equal dice, levels, or squares. Manufacturers who make crooked or gaffed dice have been tampered with for cheating purposes.

Ancient Egyptian and Oriental tombs had these dice as well. Archeologists also saw these dice with the prehistoric graves in North and South America and Viking graves.

Percentage Dice

The following dice are popular as percentage dice. They will not always land with the expected side up, and however, they will do so often enough overtime for cheaters to win the majority of their bets.

Crooked dice come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A different shape, a stone, or a flat is a die that is not a perfect cube, and it does not work according to the correct mathematical odds.

A cube with bevels will tend to roll off of its convex sides. On the other hand, it will settle down most frequently on its larger surfaces. The most popular crooked dice are shapes.

When weighed with calipers, loaded dice can appear to be perfect cubes. However, the extra weight underneath the surface may cause the opposite sides to come up more often than they should.

Here are other terms for loaded dice depending on how and where extra weight has been applied:

  • Tappers
  • Missouts
  • Passers
  • Floppers
  • Cappers
  • Spot loaders

Tops And Bottoms

Tops and bottoms are the names given to dice with missing numbers today. They can be a helpful way to cheat if you’re inclined to do so, but they don’t guarantee a100% win.

They don’t stand up to inspection from suspicious opponents. Tops and bottoms only ask to look, and you’ll find out.

These are usually only used by skilled dice cheats who incorporate them into the game by sleight of hand (switching). Tops and bottoms are less likely to be detected by the inexpert. It is hard to see more than three sides of a cube at once.

It does not require much creativity to figure out how to make tops and bottoms work for you. Let’s pretend we’re playing with two standard dice.

There are 36 potential outcomes, but the dice can only yield 11 total values. Six-four, four-six, and five-five, for example, add up to ten.

It is impossible to roll 11 or 12 using two top and bottom dice with numbers one, four, and five. We don’t have a six to get the total we need, and we can’t get a total of three either because we don’t have a two and a one.

However, we haven’t been able to come up with any combinations that would result in a total of seven. It would otherwise be the most likely total to occur with a 16.67 percent chance.

There are moments when throwing a seven in a game of crap can be disastrous. So you have a distinct advantage if you’re playing dice and a combination of seven is unlikely.

Duplicated Dice

A die with one or more faces duplicated on the opposite side and some missing numbers can generate significant numbers. It adds excessive frequency while never producing others.

For example, two dice marked with duplicates of 3-4-5 and 1-5-6 will never result in combinations totaling 2, 3, 7, or 12. These are the only combinations in the game of craps with which one can lose.

Controlled Shots

The controlled shot is one of the few ways of cheating that is both legal and successful. This method is an ability that experienced players can learn and master, similar to darts or bowling.

Essentially, you’re using equal dice and employing all of the strategies available to everyone else.

Players may use a variety of dice grips and alignments in their hands. They can also use straight and level delivery of the dice to the table.

This game works because it will roll the dice and have them land on any number you want. Learning dice control has the best advantage of making it almost impossible to be caught unless your methods become too apparent.


Bringing a crap cheat sheet into the casino isn’t considered cheating, and you won’t get in trouble for doing so.

It is a piece of paper that displays the payout odds, house edge, true odds, probabilities, and bet payoffs. It’s just a reminder of all the game bets, and the extra data makes it more convenient.

Making Late Bets After The Roll

This cheating method is one of the most dangerous crap cheats. In essence, a player should wait until the shooter has finished rolling the dice before placing a wager.

It’s risky because almost everybody is focusing at the table and might see them laying down chips.

Things can get exciting after a big round. While players were cheering and celebrating a win, an experienced cheater could take advantage of the situation. The cheater could put a few chips on the winning bet.

Stealing Chips By Theft

When you have novice players at the table, you can also cheat in craps this way. Thieves will take advantage of a perplexed player.

A perplexed player is someone looking around the table, trying to find out what’s going on around. The player is usually not paying attention to their chips.

Typically, cheaters would take one or two chips and place them in their pockets. They must also be wary of the eye in the sky monitor. It could be monitoring everything, including everyone’s hands at the table.

Microwaved Dice

Another method for rolling a number of your choice is to use microwaved dice. You will need regular casino dice for this, and you’ll also need to place it face up in the microwave for 3 to 5 seconds before taking it out.

As the plastic melts towards the bottom of the dice, your chosen number will be the lightest. Since it is the lightest area, the number will most likely appear as you roll the dice.

There is another thing you should know as well. You must make sure that the melting does not show up on the dice, or the facility will kick you out of the game.

Why You Should Not Use Illegal Dice Or Cheat Casino Games

In street craps games, using loaded dice or altered dice was very popular. Casinos have often attempted to maintain tight protection around their games. However, exceptions do occur, and someone manages to cheat at craps. And is apprehended.

Getting caught cheating should, at the very least, have a negative connotation for the suspect. However, stigma isn’t always enough to deter cheating at craps, and patrons and players found to be cheating face even harsher punishments.

Cheating Penalties: Craps In Casinos

A cheater will be facing a penalty depending on the seriousness of the fraud charges. The cheater can face paying substantial fines in addition to returning the stolen chips, serving time in prison, or being sued by the casino for damages.

Employees caught cheating or colluding with a player to cheat will be fired immediately. Cheaters will be facing multiple fines or prison time for their internal game cheating.

Are you familiar with Las Vegas’ little black book? It is a book full of cheaters and criminals with the extent of the depth of the cheating.

All people who have been banned from any or all Las Vegas casinos are on file. From that point on, it is illegal for anyone on the list to enter Las Vegas casinos.

In Pennsylvania, a similar Involuntary Casino Exclusion List has been implemented. It holds a permanent database of former players barred from entering any casino in the state.

Cheating Penalties: Street Craps

Penalties for cheating at street craps varied greatly in the past, depending on who was involved. The cheating player can receive a sound beating or become the object of ridicule.

Cheating may have more severe consequences if you’re playing street craps in a dangerous or high-crime area. Members of gangs or the mafia are not the kind of people you want to cheat at craps on.

The most common punishments include no joke, instantaneous death, or fatal injury. If you make installments, the interest on your “borrowed” money would most likely be very high. Some movies even get inspiration from real-life events.


Illegal dice may help you increase your chances of winning, but it is not worth it. If anyone tries to cheat the system and get away with it, they should expect to be caught.

Instead, stick to rolling the dice. The payoffs might not be as big, but the fines are far less costly in the long run.

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