Dice Royale Might Be Paying Out Real Money: Find Out Now

Dice Royale

Nowadays, earning money becomes harder because of the current situation that the world is facing.

Many have lost their jobs because their employer was affected by the current health issue.

That is why we won’t blame them if many turn their luck on game apps that give money.

Does dice royale give real money? Dice Royale is the current gameplay app that many would say pays real money. Though reports say it isn’t, many would still prove that it can pay out real money.

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As you read on, we’ll explain why a dice royale pays real money and how.

Dice Royale: Explained

A dice royale is a game that is available for Android and IOS users. There are over 1 million who have downloaded it, tried it, and played it.

They say that if you downloaded it through the APK, then it means that it’s not available in your country. To earn in this game, you need to roll the dice and advance across the game board.

Every time you move across the board, you’ll get a chance to gain coins or cash. If you wish to cash out the earned money, you can go through Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

You can cash out if you have already reached $10 cash or 5,000,000 in coins. The money will reflect in your account in the span of seven working business days. 

You’ll start with forty rolls in this game, and one roll will be replenished every 30 minutes. You can enjoy this game as many times as you want as long as you still have roll credits.

And like any other app, you need to log in to your Facebook account before using this. It’s optional, but you will be signed as a guest.

But if you’ve logged in as a guest, remember that you can’t cash out your earnings. Before cashing out, they need you to provide your contact number for verification purposes.

Dice Royal Needs Patience

We told you that this is a gameplay app, meaning earning some points needs patience. Yes, you might gain consistent points at first but keep in mind that this has many advertisements.

Meaning, every time you play, there will be pop-up advertisements. And remember that in every game app, ads are needed for them to keep the app.

Like in any gameplay app, you can’t skip the pop-up advertisements; that’s why patience is needed.

There may be times that the ads won’t load properly or take longer; consider switching to a stronger network.

But if you use a limited plan or your internet connection is slow, it can’t support this, and then this app isn’t for you.

If you want a fast earner app, then this one isn’t for you, but note that it’s easy.


In general, a dice royal is a gameplay app that can be downloaded by Android and IOS users. Though this app is said to be fake, some people still prove that this is true.

They say that this game app requires patience, like any gameplay app that gives you real money.

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