Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets?

Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets?

This question is quite popular, and the answer is, not all casinos install magnets to their roulette. The sad reality is some casinos do cheat their players.

Do roulettes have magnets? Yes, some casinos have magnets attached to the roulette to cheat players. However, this is not always the case. Casinos such as government-sanctioned and reputable ones do not apply this cheating to their games.

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The Roulette

The casino game roulette is among the most popular games played by gamblers. One reason for its popularity is how big the payout of this game is. But, just like other casino games, the roulette has its house edge. Cheating methods in a casino game is punishable by law.

Here are some of the ways how casinos cheat using roulette:


It involves padding the roulette ball to control the outcome of the wheel. The materials in the ball are altered to manipulate the gameplay. The people who usually do this are the manufacturers.

Biased Wheel

This kind of cheating is one of the most popular ways to control the game progress. A biased wheel controls game patterns as a result of a mechanical defect. It is usually the result of having a glitch in the manufacturing process. Possible physical damages of a biased wheel are defective ball track, rotor wobble, roulette ball inclined, and pocket wear.

Rigged Roulette Wheel 

The house or the dealer can manipulate the outcome of the gameplay by rigging the wheel. It is known to happen that illegal casinos have magnets controlling the gameplay and cheating the players.

A when that instills magnets to cheat its players in the casino is called a “gaffed” wheel. The gaffed wheel is not that easy to detect. The gameplay is similar to natural roulette gameplay. A gaffed wheel always favors the dealer – making the players lose tons of money.

Avoid illegal casinos to avoid getting cheated on. Illegal casinos are known to employ roulette that has electromagnetic components embedded to cheat players.

How Roulette Wheels With Magnets Work

Each pocket has its electromagnetic magnet underneath its surface. Both the magnetized ball and the north magnetic pole are pointing outwards. It will give control to the house and letting them manipulate and influence the motion of the ball. To prevent the players from winning big, the magnet activates the North Pole, preventing it from landing on zero.

How To Identify A Magnetized Roulette

It is difficult to tell if roulette is magnetized or not. But, here are a few things to detect one:

  • The ball usually does something odd.
  • Observe several spins. Magnetized roulette has a specific and suspicious pattern.
  • Spins are suspicious for a period.

Online Roulette 

Online roulette is more common to have a cheat than a traditional casino. It’s even difficult to detect than a physical wheel since it is virtual. But some ways to tell if the online wheel is using a cheat exists.

Some online and live roulette shows video footage of the game that isn’t live. Video buffering is one way to identify if the footage is live or not. Most of the time, it’s just like you’re having internet problems.

It is known to happen that the same roulettes wheel footage was played in different casinos. These almost look identical, but the outcome is different.


Magnetized or gaffed roulette wheels are commonly used in illegal casinos. Big and reputable casinos, does not do sketchy stuff to cheat the players. But, players most likely cheat at roulette games than the house itself.

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