Do Casinos Watch You?

Do Casinos Watch You?

A casino is a place where gamblers spend most of their time having fun. Yes, casino surveillance cameras are always watching you. They could track your every move in their casino.

Do casinos watch you? Yes, they do. Casinos have many surveillance cameras and security teams that will observe and watch every gambler. It is to track and identify cheaters, possible heist, and predators lurking around the casino floor.

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Learn more about why casinos watch your every movement as you read in this article.

The High Rollers

The high rollers, or the “whales,” are the people who spend a lot of money gambling. But, they are not your typical Hollywood stars, they are mostly composed of real-life royalty, and business tycoons – wealthy businessmen. These are the VIPs in the casino.

The VIPs are given special treatment, such as luxurious transportation and private gambling rooms, and this technique is done by many large casinos to lure them to the gambling floor. They are subject to rule and regulation exceptions.

Casinos assign private security team to watch over these high rollers for any possible predator lurking around them, or simply if any of them are cheating.

The Big Winners

If you get on a major winning streak or win the jackpot, surely securities are watching you – closely monitoring your every move. Security teams will continuously monitor and check if you’re cheating without you even knowing it.

But as long as you’re not cheating, you don’t have to worry about anything. They only want to make sure that you’re winning fair and square.

The security cameras on the gambling floor are powerful enough to zoom in the cards and review the gameplay. They will evaluate the player who won against the house. They will check if you’re cheating or counting cards – and if so, legal actions will take over.

Most casinos have a database of unfair gameplay – the people and the scam they pulled off to win the bet.

The Cheaters

A casino’s primary concern and issue are the cheaters betting and winning against the house or other players. Cheaters behave and act in a certain way that security teams were trained to spot and identify. The casino will never tell all of the acts and behaviors of a cheater, but here are a few of them:

  • Strange Money Management
  • Two Guys Closely Sitting To Each Other
  • Rubber-necking

Technology Used To Catch Cheaters

I will list and explain down below the modern technology used in casinos to identify, catch, and ban cheaters.

RFID Chips

Radio-frequency identification chips or RFID chips identify and track tags attached to certain objects.

Counterfeiting casino chips is considered prohibited, as this is one way to scam and gain the upper hand on the casino. Casinos are now using chips with built-in tiny RFID chips that broadcast serial identifiers that transmit data over radio waves.

This technology is a big help with casino chip scams. The casinos have ID transmissions in which if any chip is not sending out any signal. It won’t be cashed.

Biometric Face Recognition

Casinos now have face scanners that directly go into their database. With the help of security personnel and biometric face recognition, scammers won’t be able to enter the casino.

The smart face recognition will scan a face and run it through other casinos seeing if it could find any match for banned persons. It then alerts security personnel if it finds any match of a scammer or cheater.

The other one is the regular biometric face recognition. It is unable to run through any other casino database for a possible cheater. It will only scan a face and store it in its database. The only face of cheaters that this scanner could recognize is its storage and memory of banned people.

Why Are There Plenty Of Security Cameras In Casinos?

Security cameras are a game regulatory requirement. Casino security cameras are placed everywhere; in the cashier, cash dispensing areas, entrance, exits, and even the parking lot or driveways.

Security cameras are the tool that aids in protecting the assets of the casino. The cameras are used to validate the gameplay of a jackpot winner and track their movements. They also use security tapes to press charges and collect damage costs of necessary.

They do not install an ordinary security system in casinos, the cameras there are state-of-the-art hidden and powerful cameras.

The security cameras are not only there to catch bad guys, but also to help customers who left some things.

The Security Personnel

Casino security operators are trained to read body language at an advanced level and have sharp eyes for suspicious movement. They look for suspicious behavior to the extent of monitoring rapid eye movement and body language of the gamblers.

These guards are trained similarly as the TSA agents that serve as a lookout for terrorists.

Why Are People Not Allowed To Video Tape Casinos?

Gamblers are not allowed to videotape any movement in the casinos because this is a privacy breach. Not only that, but casinos are concerned about possible and potential cheating.

Casinos respect the privacy of their gamblers, especially the high roles and the jackpot winners. They do not allow anyone to videotape or even take a picture on the gambling floor. The reason is to avoid extortion or paparazzi shots of their high rollers or other public figures.

Cheaters sometimes use their footage of the casino to plan a heist or scam. Casinos won’t take any chances with this.

Yet, you are allowed to videotape what is happening inside a casino. But with a consent form from the owner and a waiver signed by the bystanders. The reason for a waiver is to save the casino management if the footage is misused for other things.

Are There Any Hidden Cameras Inside A Casino?

Hidden cameras are everywhere in the casino – placed in inconspicuous places. These cameras are used to monitor and capture movement for possible modus, scams, or cheating.


To conclude, the threat doesn’t stop cheaters and syndicates. The threat of a casino losing its money is also because of employees stealing. It is where hidden cameras are used to see if the employees help criminals pull off their scams.

Casinos keep a close eye to its gamblers, especially once they hit a certain level, such as a winning streak.

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