Do Bookies Lose Money?

Do Bookies Lose Money?

The Bookmakers, or commonly called as the Bookies, are the opponents in every sports event. Successful sports betting would require you to beat them so you can take all the advantages. Before you even think of beating them, you need to understand the mechanics of what kind of methods to use when betting.

Do bookies lose money? Yes, they do. The bookies are the ones who can pre-determine how much they can win or lose on a particular result. The bookies can make money by changing the betting lines and setting the right bet prices.

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This article aims to explain the mechanics in bookmaking and how to be a better bookmaker. Check it out.

Principles Of Bookmaking

Bookmaking is a serious, straightforward job, where they can lay a bet on any customer. Their job is to ensure they’re making more money than losing basically.

Changing The Betting Lines

Since bookies don’t have any control at any sporting event’s result and their main technique is to include the vigorish. Vigorish is an over-round juice or margin, which bookies are using to make a profit. For instance, a wise bookie knows that there is a 50/50 chance to land on either heads or tails in a toss coin. His job is to offer even money and bet $10.00, so the even money returns at $20.00.

Setting The Right Bet Prices

Since the bookmaker has many people lining up to him for a bet, he is expected to win more money. If the bookie has around 100 customers betting in $10.00 with 50 people betting on each side of the coin, then there’s a chance that the bookmaker can’t stand without any money. Since he is taking $1000.00 from the bettors, he also has to pay out $1000.00 for the winnings, whatever the result may be.

How To Be A Better Bookmaker

You will easily recognize a wise bookmaker if they have these characteristics. Here are the few lists on how to become a better bookmaker:

Balance The Risk

A good bookmaker should be organized enough to balance his business, especially the risk that may happen. He has to know the limits of his bankroll or avoid getting greedy with money. Since he can balance the risk and losses, he also had to keep the right records to ensure he can collect money from bettors and pay them the exact amount of the bettor’s winnings.

Observe The Bettor’s Emotion

The bookie can easily know if the bettor can lose easily or lacks knowledge because of the emotions displayed on their faces. To become a bookmaker means they have to be more knowledgeable than his bettors. The more control they have in the business, then the more profit they can gain.


Being a bookmaker can bring a lot of success only if you are picky enough to get the right services and software. At the same time, many people will bet if you know how to deliver their promises to their clients.

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