This Is How You Can Trick A Slot Machine

Tricking A Slot Machine

Slot Machines are the most lucrative games on the casino floors, not only to players but also to the house and cheaters. Yes, casinos are electronic, but they can attract cheaters like in roulette classics and other classic table games. And it is one of the games that payouts the most.

Can you trick a slot machine? You can trick at a slot machine, but it is impossible to do it nowadays because slot machines are more enhanced than the previous ones. Tricks used by players in the past include shaved coins, magnets, and Yo-yo.

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In this article, you will learn that tricking a slot machine nowadays isn’t possible anymore. But we will still give you some tricks that some players used in the past.

Lists Of Tricks In The Past That Players Used

Check some of these tricks that some players used in the past in a slot machine.

1. Shaved Coins

Who wouldn’t love good, clean, shaved money? If you don’t like it, you’re not born to cheat because cheaters love shaved coins. With advanced technology, many machines have optic sensors that work separately from the physical comparator.

A shaved coin is sent down with an object that matched the stake coin’s size and shape. Then it will be returned while the other objects land in the machine, then it starts playing.

2. Magnet

You heard this kind of trick before, especially with those older slot machines, especially if made of metal. To do it, players spin the reels then use a strong magnet on the outside of the machine.

It is to stop the spinning whenever they see that a winning combination is about to hit. After this, cheaters remove the magnet then claim their payouts immediately.

3. Yo-Yo

With this trick, a string is attached to the coin then it is sent into the machine. It triggers the game’s start, then players bring the coin back up still, using the string.

But, this trick isn’t possible anymore, and all thanks to technology. It’s considered a real classic trick by some because it gives real money when you hit the jackpot.

Slot Machine Strategies Players Can Use

  • Practice More – There are demo games that are considered a valuable tool that is free to play. With this strategy, players can enjoy and practice a strategy that results well when playing slot machines. Also, know the game you’re playing and learn to find those machines, which offers a better chance of winning.

  • Grab Casinos Free Spins – We already know that casino bonuses will save you lots of money. That’s why if there’s an opportunity to play games with free spins, then better to take it. Free spins will let you have many chances to play, meaning you will have many free capital chances. And this thing isn’t and can’t be found in Vegas.

  • Progressive Wins – If you are a type of person who wants to win big, then a progressive slot is the one for you. Because progressive slots are being built with high RTPs, plus you can also look for daily jackpots. These games have cash values that need to be won with a specific time or before it reaches its value.


In general, there are different and lots of tricks a player can use in a slot machine, but nowadays, it’s not already possible. It’s because of the improved technology that a slot machine has.

A slot machine is an easy game and pays out the most found in a casino. That is why it attracts cheaters. We listed those tricks for you not to do it, but for you to be aware that it’s illegal.

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