Can You Tell When A Slot Machine Will Hit?

Can You Tell When A Slot Machine Will Hit?

Slot machines are considered a big business in the gambling industry. Players can win big even if their bet is small, plus it is easy to play. That’s why many love and like to play at a slot machine; there are no specific rules.

Can you tell when a slot machine will hit? You can’t tell when a slot machine can hit, but you can choose a slot machine that pays out the most. And you also need to make sure that they offer the highest RTP.

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In this article, I will give you lists on how to choose the right slot machine that pays out the most. I will also explain how a slot machine works later in this article so don’t miss out.

Steps On How To Choose A Slot Machine

1. Pick A Slot With The Highest RTP

RTP is an acronym for Return Of Percentage, meaning that the more the RTP, the more the slots payout. If you want a slot machine that is likely to hit, look for this type of slot machine.

But how is the RTP calculated? If you take on a 94% RTP on a slot, you can expect that the estimated winnings of $94.

That is if you put $100 into that slot machine. But remember that it’s only a rough guide and it doesn’t apply to every player.

2. Scan For Threads Online

If you know what slot machine offers a good payout, you can find it on some of the threads from TripAdvisor Forum. Players who tend to visit or visit places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau often share their experiences.

Some would also highlight slot machines at a specific casino that they enjoyed because of a decent payout. Also, some players give handy tips and tricks on how to hit the jackpot in slot machines.

3. Use A Casino Comparison Sites

It is a good choice if you don’t want to look or scroll on some threads online. In this site, you’ll be able to compare some sites that offer independent online slots reviews. There, you can find which slots offer the best RTPs.

You can also find online casinos that offer games, and what’s best is you don’t have to lift a finger.

4. Research For Game Developers To Know Which Offer Higher RTP Percentage

As a slot machine beginner, you can search online to know where to find slots that are most likely to hit. You can look for developers who are being continuously mentioned in certain casinos.

Playtech is one of the online software developers that proved its reputation in releasing slots with a high RTP percentage. Aside from this developer, the Barcrest, and NetEnt are also known for their slots with high RTP percentages.

How Does A Slot Machine Work?

Slot machines work with a complex piece of software known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). With this, it helps determine the results of every spin in a slot machine.

So it means that when you spin the reels, the RNG ensures that it’s random whatever the outcome it produces.

We know that playing slots is simple, but what’s complicated is the inside. Simple means you insert money, spin the reel and wait if you’ll win. If you’re playing slots, don’t expect you to win on your first spin because you might end up sitting there for hours, winning nothing.


In general, there is no specific strategy that you can use to tell you that a slot machine can hit the jackpot. But there are ways to know what to look for in a slot machine that pays the most.

As a slot machine beginner, keep in mind that playing at slot machines is solely a luck game. That striking a jackpot in the first spin isn’t guaranteed; therefore, losing to it is guaranteed. 

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