Can You Play Craps Online?

Can You Play Craps Online?

Craps is a famous dice game that is played by many people in casinos or informal settings. With this game, players use a pair of dice to play then place their bet on a dice roll. The game includes wagering money either against other players or in the casino and when one plays against other players outside a casino setting, it is called street craps.

Can you play craps online? Yes, you can play online craps as long as the site you are playing at is legal. You can enjoy playing this game online, just make sure to choose the site where to play craps securely online.

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As you read on, we will let you know how online craps work. We will also give you strategies you can use to win online craps.

How To Play Online Craps?

Playing online craps has the same general rule as playing it in a regular crap. In online craps, there are table craps wherein you can bet against a bank run by the casino like in real craps.

But, there is one huge difference between these two. In online craps, you can use the automatic roll bottom, which makes the process more authentic.

You can also play online craps with a live dealer and have the same rules as with the real craps. Live dealer craps online means that you have a chance to see who you are betting against.

May it be a representative of the bank or the house, and they get to roll the dice. And while they do it, you will feel more secure and as if you are playing against the real person.

Tips How To Win In An Online Craps

Many would agree that playing online craps isn’t easy because it’s about learning to master it. Once you have mastered the online rule craps, the next step is to develop a crap strategy.

And when you master these strategies, it’s sure that you can beat the house. Here are some of the easy, simple tips on how to win online craps:

1. Starts With A Free Craps

You can always start practicing and strategize when you begin to play at free craps online. Meaning, you can place your bets without worrying that you might lose your money. But whenever you feel comfortable, you can hit the real cash craps table.

2. Don’t Bet Too Big

There is undoubtedly no casino game that creates the electric atmosphere you’ll encounter at the craps table. Yet this is all the more reason to keep a close watch on your bank balance.

Measure your bets, set tight limits for each session, and defend yourself from losing your winnings.

There are lots of crap strategies you can use, though they are simple. Still, they say that it is effective. If you’re a type of player who is patient, you can refrain from placing your bets.

Except for passing, don’t pass, come, and don’t come. Each offers a slim house edge of around 1.4 percent, stick to these, and boost your chance of winning.


In general, playing craps online is legal as long as you’re at the right app or website to play it with. Playing online craps is like playing it in a land-based casino because online craps also have live dealers.

Yes, online craps is an easy game, yet, many would say that it is a challenging game to master. That’s why those strategies will help you master it, and once you do, you’ll realize why many love this game.

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