Can You Cheat Roulette?

Can You Cheat Roulette?

As long as there are gamblers who wage money on games, the temptation to cheat is inevitable. Those gamblers cheat because they can’t accept the fact that fate won’t let them win. Cheaters use creative tricks for them to gain an unfair edge over the house.

Can you cheat roulette? Many gamblers cheat at roulette, and there different common forms of roulette cheating. Though it’s obvious, casino owners warned cheaters that they could ban you. Or worse, you will face some serious legal actions.

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In this article, you’ll learn that there are different forms of cheating in roulette.

Different Forms Of Roulette Cheating

1. Past Posting – or late betting is the most common form of cheating in roulette. The concept of past posting is when the player adds new chips on the winning number.

After the ball has settled in the pocket of the wheel and removing the chips on a losing number, though it may seem simple, some would say that it’s hard to execute because it requires deft fingers. 

When the croupier watches where the ball landed, that’s when the cheaters work magic on their bet. But if you think your finger can do magic, then in the croupier’s eyes, it’s impossible.

Professional croupiers are trained to scan and memorize all the bets in play, especially for final wagers. Plus, there are also high-resolution cameras above that record all your moves.

2. Tap Hatting – is the most interesting method of cheating in roulette. It involved two people-the the croupier and the player. The dealer is the main person involved, and like in past posting, he’ll put extra chips on the winning number.

Then the winnings will be collected by his partner in crime. Meaning that is a prearranged deal between the player and the croupier.

Like in past posting forms of cheating, it’s impossible too because high levels of a camera can catch you. When found, you will be charged with first- degree theft, conspiracy, and cheating at gambling plus ongoing criminal conduct.

3. Use Of Magnetic Field – This form of cheating was used in some of the gambling houses in the past, but nowadays, it’s impossible. The croupier and the player were both the cheater.

Since the croupier has access to the wheel area, he’s the one who will be holding the magnets. Magnets will be placed to specific numbers based on where their accomplice stood.

4. Use Of Hidden Lasers To Measure The Ball Speed – This form of cheating isn’t used to this day anymore, but in previous decades, it’s one of the most used. Thanks to Norman Packard, who discovered that by using laser beams, the ball speed could be measured.

He tested it by using a computer and a laser, and the result was proven true. This form of cheating may sound impossible, but it’s possible.

However, in casino set-up nowadays, this form of cheating isn’t possible anymore because laser cheat can only work in laboratory settings and remember that casinos are full of security cameras nowadays.


In general, losing your luck in winning at roulette can be the main cause of someone to cheat. Because of desperation, players tend to learn new skills, which are cheating.

When you decide to play games at casinos, make sure that you’re ready to lose. And we didn’t enumerate those forms of cheating for you to do it, it’s a warning that cheating in casinos has legal actions.

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