Can Slot Machines Detect Fake Money?

Can Slot Machines Detect Fake Money?

The casino belongs to the top tier industry for money-making, and it is also a company where the most money is being exchanged from one person to another. There are times where people can multiply their money in one night, while some happened to lose all or nothing. Whatever may be the rules for every game and payment, one thing is only essential to casinos: Money.

Can slot machines detect fake money? Yes, they can detect it right away by holding up the money to the light, using specialized pens, and being counted by machines.

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In this article, you will be learning how slot machines can detect fake money and the high technology that casinos have.

How Slot Machines Detect Fake Money

Since scammers are everywhere, casinos also have to strengthen their technology in scanning what’s real money or not. Here are the ways on how they can detect fake money:

Holding Up The Money To The Light

It is the most traditional way of detecting fake money, and the people who have excellent eyeing skills can easily track them. These people are well-trained in determining whether the money is a counterfeit or not. When a dealer knows how to track fake money, the game has to start very quickly, therefore making everyone confident that they’re going to get real prize money when they win the game.

Using Specialized Pens

Because of technology, specialized pens are developed. Regardless of the quantity, the pens can still check it, and most of the time, the smaller bills can produce more fake money than the larger ones. They have an ultraviolet checker in identifying counterfeit bills.

Being Counted By Machines

Due to the people who took an interest in playing in the casino, the management also alarmed itself with many technology-based detectors, including a machine money scanner. The dealer can put multiple bills in the machine, and when the machine detects a fake bill, it will spit it out fast.

Why It Is Important To Detect Fake Money

When casinos know how to detect fake money, it could bring them big advantages.

Companies Can Promote Fairness

An honest and fair casino will always win the hearts of its consumers. Since there are many scamming casino companies, it’s essential to be sure of your money so you’ll feel protected. All customers would want to have a more secure company to trust with their money.

People’s Accounts Will Not Be Harmed

Fakers and scammers have their ways to harm a company, but if the company has trusted money detector systems, casino players will be sure that their accounts are not at stake. Each casino company has the responsibility to protect its clients’ banking information to maintain a good relationship and trust with them.


You don’t have to worry about going to a casino, even though there are a few scammers around. The casino is doing their utmost responsibility to upgrade their financial security for the sake of their valuable clients. It is still the clients that they’ll care about because they’re the ones who are bringing money to the casino company.

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