Can Online Blackjack Be Beaten?

Can Online Blackjack Be Beaten?

Since online blackjack sites are making rounds all over the internet, it is expected that many people will get hooked into it. But there is a question about the probabilities of winning blackjack, and that is if it can be beaten or not. Many players would think that most online blackjacks are rigged, even though some companies provide honest services.

Can online blackjack be beaten? Yes, it can be beaten. You only need to bet a specific amount of money, learn all the rules of the game, and know how to count cards. If you have mastered it all, then winning will only be an easy job.

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Blackjack is a game of luck, and the probability of winning it is small. But if you win, it is a big-time win. In this article, you will learn some rules on how to play blackjack online and how you can win a big deal of time.

How To Win In Blackjack

In playing blackjack, you have to be knowledgeable to win. Such knowledge should include knowing the general rules in playing blackjack and betting the right amount.

General Rules In Blackjack

If you’re passionate about learning about gambling while calculating the odds, then blackjack would be a perfect game for you. The mechanics of this game is pretty simple: your cards have to have a total value of 21 and close.

The cards, except for the figures, will be automatically counted as 10, then the ace will either be 11 or 1. When you’ve reached a total of 21, then you can win the game.

Bet At A Certain Amount Of Money

Online blackjack has its mechanics in betting, and only a random computer simulation is running it. For instance, if you planned to bet for more than $100.00, then the expected value that you’ll get is about $1 per hour, depending on the number of rounds per hour.

So in the amount of $100.00, you’ll get at least $40,000.00 if you make it upwards of $1 per hour.

How You Can Win In Blackjack

Since blackjack is a game of luck, you also have to be aware of the many possibilities of winning the game by making up a decision and getting familiar with deck penetration.

Make A Basic Decision-Making

So when the house is losing advantage, you have to find another strategy to win the round. If you want things to be more favorable for you, then you have to maximize your play. You should always think of the odds statistically than depending that you are going to win even once.

Deck Penetration

You don’t have to select the continuous shuffle machines, because they tend to be ineffective. An online blackjack dealer will have to shuffle in the middle, after 4 to 8 decks.

Because of the wildest possibilities on deck penetration, the games were proven to be slow, while the professional ones can have about 100 rounds per hour.


Blackjack can be beaten depending on your motivation and mastery. If you want to have some advanced tips, then you can check many gambling blog sites to assist you with your gambling skills.

Eventually, as time allows, your skills will be nurtured until such time winning is just easy for you.

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