Can You Legally Bet On Sports Online?

Bet On Sports

One of the essential things that you should know about an online sport before betting is its legality. Over the years, many individuals have fallen in love with the online game and sports betting online.

The country that has the most gamblers is in the United States, according to the American Gaming Association or (AGA) who also estimated that at least $50 billion a year gambled on sports in the U.S.A, and 97% are being illegally betted. 

Can I legally bet on sports online? Yes, there are states in the U.S.A that allow betting for sports online. Because of the help of the now-defunct law on sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA).

As you read on, you will learn more about the law, PASPA of 1992. We will also list some of the current states in the U.S.A that legally allow betting in sports.

And to better understand sports betting, I will be mentioning the most common sports that bettors play nowadays in this article.

What Is The PASPA Law Of 1992?

PASPA is also popular with the name Bradley Act. It was signed into law by the former President of the U.S.A. Bush in 1992. This law is set to prevent betting online sports-legal but with few exceptions.

Bill Bradley originally proposed this bill on February 22, 1991, but sad news came over last year in May 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down this act allowing online betting sports to be legalized.

This act may have been struck down. Still, some states in the U.S.A are free to pass laws about betting on online sports. Though it is a state-to-state matter now, some experts say that there are wide varieties of how fast or slow it comes to the licensing process.

And this year, there are 20 states in the U.S.A featuring sports betting, but it is still under some consideration. Here are the lists of the states that legalized sports betting online but has no betting yet:

  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Washington D.C.
  • Washington

Sports Betting: Explained

Sports betting is an activity where you better predict the sports results and place the wage on its outcome. Most sports betting includes American football, baseball, basketball, track, hockey, auto racing, cycling, boxing, and mixed martial arts.

You can bet on boxing both at an amateur or professional level. There are also sports betting on non-athletic events such as reality show contests and political elections.

On the other hand, there are also non-human race contests like horse racing, underground cockfighting, and greyhound racing.

Sports bettors can place their wages either through a bookmaker/sportsbook or on privately-run enterprises. Sports betting is considered one of the most popular forms of gambling because it is one way of exhibiting one’s knowledge of sports.

This activity allows the fans of the sports to show their loyalty to one team or a competitor. But still, some people believe that online sports betting has some ethical concerns.

Some of these concerns can lead to serious competition over the teams with the most gained betters. They also believe that though some players have a professionalism trait, it will diminish because of some gambling offers.

What Is The Most Online Betting Sports?

Ice hockey is among the most popular online betting sports, especially in the U.S. and Canada. Because this game gives the opportunities as it does to betters staking money in the American Soccer League or the National Basketball League.

The most popular ice hockey in the U.S.A is the NHL, which is the fastest sport globally. It’s because of its sheer speed and physical process that helped gain popularity compared to other thrilling sports.

Where Can Online Sports Better Place Their Bets?

Choosing the right bookmaker is one critical decision that bettors need to decide because their success depends on it.

They look for sites that offer the best odds and a variety of bets. You can find many websites and bookmarks for this specific sport, but you can also bet on these sports to one of these:

  • Telephone betting is where you can call a bookmaker and place your wagers
  • A bookmaking shop is a walking-in shop that accepts bets.
  • Casinos are always open to accepting your bets for online sports.
  • Online Bookmakers can be done in the comfort of your home. Log on to a website, and then you can place your bets. Popular sites such as Betway, Bodog, and 22Bets accept bets on ice hockey matches.

Common Bets Used In Ice Hockey Match

Like in any other sport, ice hockey has some terms that are being used. To know and understand more about it, you can check below some of it:

Favorite VS Underdog

Where you can place your bets on who will win the match, bookmakers will mark which team is the most favorite and the underdog team during the match.


Is what they define you placing the bet on the predicted margin of victory.

Setting The Lines

It helps you determine the amount you can bet and its return promised whenever you win the bet.

Outright Bet

Involves betting on the outright winner team or group in a tournament. For example, you can know who will make the NHL in a particular season, and you can bet which group won in the Winter Olympics.

Match Result

Is it where the bettors place their bets on a particular match, which involves betting on the match’s outcome in regular time? An example scenario is when the team won via a golden goal, which means you lost the bet.

Puck Line Handicaps

The wager is on the margin of the victory if you predict that a particular team will win the match by a margin of 2 or 3 or more goals.

Goal Totals

It is when you base your bets on the number of goals scored in a match.


In general, though the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA has already been struck down, you can still bet legally on online sports.

You have learned earlier what is a PASPA’s purpose in terms of betting sports online. You also learned that most countries that play online sports are betting in the U.S.A, and the most common sport is ice hockey.

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