Be Careful Gambling On A Casino Cruise | Here Is Why

Cruise Casinos

There are many casinos on cruise ships, and nearly always, you will find it near the center of the ship. Making the casino inviting and easy to get to is one of the many reasons you rake in more cash for the cruise lines.

But if you are only a casual gambler, you might think that some funny business is happening there.

Are cruise casinos rigged? No, but there are some reported cases that cruise ship casinos are rigged. However, that is only because cruise ship casinos have bad payouts, and it is not a good return of investment to many gamblers.

In this article, you know why some casinos in many cruise ships are accused of rigged machines. It is also essential to understand how casinos in many cruise ships are operating. 

Cruise Ship Casinos Rigged

A lot of people have been reporting that some casinos found in cruise ships are rigged. You might be aware of the latest cruise ship casinos, which delight a very fond gambling person.

It can be a new form of having fun and entertainment if you are looking for different experiences in gambling. It is not exciting but refreshing at the same time.

The best cruise ship casinos and casino cruises online are like the Allure of the Seas, Carnival Cruise Ships, and the Royal Caribbean Casino free cruises.

These cruises provide you the best experiences for gambling, but there are reported cases where these casinos are rigged.

Some cases show that some casinos are rigged, not reported to be accurate, but people still insist on this issue. Casinos are said to be rigged so that the cruise ship casino management gets more from it.

The only difference is that when you decide to play in a cruise ship casino, it is always against you because that’s how they set the rules.

Cruise Casino Online

The number of odds is usually calculated separately for every player, but it might be rigged if you happen to encounter an issue in some slot machines. Many people have a lot of experience in many slot machines in cruise ship casinos.

In addition to this, some people believe that to have your own experience, you should at least go to some online casino. You can play an alternative in a cruise casino online, which can be the most significant opportunity.

How Cruise Ship Casinos Offer Poor Payouts

Cruise ship casinos are sometimes called rigged casinos because they offer some of the worst payouts of any casino you can find. As the only game in town, you cannot head off to another casino with a much better payout.

Casino gambling has been prominent in many places all around the globe. You placed your bet, thrown dice, and pulled slot machines without any issues.

It is considered widely known that the house always wins, and as a result, you will only find a cruise that heavily puts the advantage in the casino’s favor.

The advantage will always depend on the game, but here are some examples of bad bets in ship casinos that you will want to know before you bet your money:

Blackjack Rules Not In Your Favor

This game is among the most popular table games in any casino, either on land or on cruise ships. It is also among the games with the lowest house edge if you played under specific rules. It is happening to pay 3-to-2 on blackjack and have the dealer stand on all hands worth 17.

As a matter of fact, according to, some players can expect a positive return if they play with the most generous rules. It is at the same time while playing with an optimal strategy.

Just be mindful that all casinos on lands and cruise ships adjust those rules to put their advantage in their favor.

The most common rule change is found in many blackjacks paying 6-to-5 instead of the usual 3-to-2. If that does not sound like a big deal to you, imagine a $10 bet would pay $12 on blackjack instead of just $15 under the standard rules.

The 6-to-5 tables are rampant on many cruise ships, and it can lower the gambler’s expected return by about 1.5%. There are still 3-to-2 payouts, but usually, if you are playing with a higher limit more significant than $25 per hand.

Another rule commonly found in many cruise ships is that the dealer must hit on soft 17. When they show an ace and a six, this rule is actually to the casino’s advantage, and it increases the house edge by a mere 0.2%.

It might not be much, but if you combine it with other rules and lower blackjack payouts, it will add up.

Low Payouts On Video Poker

Suppose you are a Jack or Better video poker player; that might be because you are indulged by the fact that a 9/6 machine has a payback of 99.54% over the long term.

To explain it further, you need to play long enough, which is thousands of hands, and then you can expect to lose less than $0.50 for every hundred dollars you bet on this game.

The payout makes video poker one of the best bets in any casino, either on land or on cruise ships.

If you aren’t familiar with video poker, you can judge the machine’s payout by how much it pays players for a whole house and a flush.

This machine will be paying back nine credits on a one-credit bet for some full house, while it will pay six credits for a flush. For this reason, it is called a 9/6 machine.

These are the two payouts that the casinos can usually adjust to tweak and in line with their advantage. 

Believe it or not, it is extremely rare to find a 9/6 machine in many casinos, and you often find something like an 8/5 or 7/5 machine.

On many cruise ships out there, you will find most 6/5 machines which are very unfortunate. Jack or Better video poker pays back six credits for a full house and 5 credits for a flush.

It means that the expected return of 95.12% over the long term. In layman’s terms, you can expect to lose about $5 for every hundred dollars set.

Craps Games With Bad Bets

Some different tables and games are always busy during the night, and one of them is the craps table.

There are loud cheers no matter where you are and what floor you are on, but the table that goes cold can clear out quickly on the flip side. It is why most craps tables feel like it is a graveyard.

To keep more of your hard-earned clams, it is essential to know all the good bets at the craps table. It is also essential to know which ones are bad and what you usually find on the cruise ships are just minor tweaks that turn out to be poor bets.

The first thing you need to do is to the Big 6 or the Big 8 bets, and this large area pays money if there is a six or an eight rolled on the table. However, if you put the same bet with a dealer, you will earn 7-to-6 which is $7 on every $6 bet.

On many cruise ship crap tables, you will see a slight difference in payouts on the field bets. The field bets are the easiest bet on the table and place a bet, and if on the net roll the dice show 2,3,4,9,10,11, or even 12, you win.

All numbers pay back even more money with just the exception of 2 and 12. These traditionally pay double your money if a 2 is rolled and triple if the 12 is rolled.

For many cruise ship casinos out there, both 2 and 12 will be payable by double. With having a lower payout, the house’s advantage can jump up to 5.6% on any field bet. While it may not seem to like much, it is a massive difference in gambling in general.


To sum it up, cruise casinos are considered to be rigged by many because of their lowered payouts. For this reason, it begs the question if you should gamble in cruise casinos at all.

In a general sense, you can still gamble while you are on a cruise. This time, the only difference is that you play with a much different mindset than on land.

Aside from that, it is common knowledge that there is not just a house edge. The odds are stacked heavily against gamblers.

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